Alignment – Manifest – Episode 45

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On October 23, 2017

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In the conversation of alignment there is so much that can be said. From the angle of bringing the body, mind and spirit into a whole optimal package it is a little complex even. But this universe that we live in is also complex so my hope is to allow this practice to be as easy as possible. You see so much is already in alignment for you to be here, reading this, listening, and honestly living your life. The universe is not conspiring against you but rather is in working in your favor to provide you an amazing opportunity…but we, well, we get in the way. Our incarnation as a human being creates a lot of challenges except we are so miraculous and hold so much potential there is an opportunity to take action and engage with life aligned with the highest version of ourselves.

This requires then for you to believe that you hold this potential. That you are here living life with a devotion or at least curiosity to be the best version of you. Alignment in the practice of manifestation comes back to what your beliefs are as this informs how you are engaging with life. Believing the universe is mean, hostile and dangerous will create the conditioning to be constantly under threat, surviving. Now I realize this is the reality for some people. Let’s face it, there is an enormous population that is living in an environment that is threatened, repressed and hostile. If you are like me, compassionate, you care about helping and supporting the whole so that more people can live in freedom, and that requires you to come back to yourself and live with congruence. How can you possibly support anyone else if you are living with inner turmoil but share that you can be of service to others.

When we want to manifest more alignment we can begin to notice evidence of how life is supporting us and our endeavors. Take the sun rising everyday. The sun is ever present and constantly exploding to illuminate our daily process of life. Our entire life revolves around the sun – literally, but if we have a week of clouds we can forget that this ball of light is the center of our existence. We forget that the light sits behind the clouds until the weather pattern changes and we are back in the grove with what we love most – a beautiful day. As soon as we can start to notice all that is working out for us, the faster we can see and believe that our life is in alignment with the highest expression of ourself.

If manifesting on the theme of alignment is resonating with you, then listen for the practice on the podcast and share what evidence you see appearing or revealing itself to you in the comments below or over on the Sacred Essence Facebook page.

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