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The Boundary of the Moon

Life is full of different view points, perspectives and experiences. A common ground though is that no one is immune to the experiences of life. Some of us will have moments where we are in a deep dive of darkness. Some of us have moments that elevate us at a level that assures us that life is full of joy, love, and serenity. Some of us won’t experience much more than what sits on the surface. Some of us will disassociate from all that is being offered. Some of us will experience things I can not even comprehend. Some of us will embrace this wild dance and stand on the ground of deep trust and continue to rise regardless of what life is offering.

Whatever experience you are perceiving will be deeply impacted by the inner and outer world. For me, establishing clear intention boundaries fueled from your own light deep within your heart or essence allows us to traverse these sacred grounds.

If you went to the dictionary to look up the definition of boundary it would give you two perspectives. One on the side of indicating a line of limitation and another explaining the greatest possible degree of something. Evidence that duality can sit in the eye of the perceiver. Sometimes we need boundaries to limit, protect or insulate our engagement and well, sometimes we need boundaries to remind us of our amazing potential. Bottom line, boundaries keep us safe, insulated and allows us to create optimal relationships with our life and those with whom we live.

We have the boundary of our home, walls and a roof, some windows, all to house our intimate engagements in life – eating, sleeping – you know, basic survival needs. Then there is the boundary of the year that we frame our life – anyone celebrating another year of life this year? Our birthday marks the moments we entered this world relying on our own ability to receive the breath of life. Each year is marked by a journey around the sun with one accumulating after another. In addition you can break it down into seasons, months, weeks, days, even breaths. The boundaries give us a point of measurement to reflect back and have a direct experience with what we are perceiving, conceiving, even believing. Our skin is even an amazing boundary as it keeps all of our insides inside. What’s happening on the inside is part of the whole and determines what pulls us or calls us to step forward in life. When you initiate that path with the light of your innermost intrinsic self having clear boundaries and practices to support your souls light and growth will guide your way on in a way that feels aligned and inspired, bringing forward meaning and a sense of purpose.

While we tend to measure and schedule our life based on the light of the sun, the moon is also a deeply potent way of connecting to the experience of our life. The moon reflects the light of the sun and orbits around the rock we know as Earth (thank you Dr Dukes for that astronomy class back in college and the handsome boy that asked me if I had ever watched the moon rise) and also gives great evidence of the ability to renew our energy.

The sun is a big ball of fire constant in our sky, steady, ever present and allowing for the creative expression of the sustainability of humanity. Humanity orients its engagement with each other based on the vitality of the sun alongside the fluctuation of the sacred breath. The Earth continues to orbit around the sun because of so much including a powerful steady rock. This rock is the moon which symbolically reflects our own potential in a great vibrant display of pure beauty. The moon reminds us that when all is deeply aligned you can be can guided through the darkest night. Living with the lunar rhythm is the boundary of the moon. Her cycle is the line in which we can contain our great capacity to expand and renew our sacred essence.

There are some great teachers that I have studied with over the years. What they have all reminded me is that the moon is the reflection of the inner light, and each phase provides reflective guidance in the ways we can tune in and remember and express own potential.

The great astrologists will look to the moon to understand how to anchor your emotions and understand how you love, nurture and care for yourself and this life. In my own life the moon fascinated me from the first moment I saw her in the sky. Always traveling with me and I spent many a nights talking to the moon long before I ever knew all I know now. Now, here I am sharing with you how much I orient my life with this rhythm in the hopes that you can tune into a cycle that honors you, and allows you to stand in your light as well.

The many different examples of life that parallels the cycle of the moon. A women’s menstrual cycle, the food seasons, the gestation of a human being, even our breath. All of this is just more evidence in the renewability. The way to attune our life to a rhythm that provides purpose, productive, pause and poise is reflected in the cycle of this rock that keeps our planet encircling the steady fire that provides life itself.

If we are willing to allow the cycle of the moon to create boundaries and direction based which surface every month, through every season, again and again so deeply consistent, your life will radically transform with a greater purpose, sense of fulfillment and deep satisfaction. You won’t feel so lost or confused as there is always guidance to lean into to help guide you in the moment, so you can stay the course.

This intentional way of living gives you space to step inward and tune into the light and guidance within you comfortably as you can trust you are being held and guided by a source greater then all else. We find more patience and ease with the ways life fluctuates and in the moments that appear so dark we know we are actually being held by the great light of consciousness. This cosmic guide book is available to anyone and everyone that is interested in grounding their light in the daily unfoldment of the mundane. I deeply believe that the universe is the handwriting of God and am incredibly grateful for the night sky as it has helped me on so many occasions.

One of the biggest results I have experienced in living this way, the seeds I plant in life come to fruition in a way that bears great joy and also allows me to honor closure, good byes all the while tending to my own sacred soil and those around me. Farmers plant this way with great success as well.

These words barely begin to convey the renewal of energy that becomes available to you. It only taps on the surface of how much more aligned your life becomes and really is just an introduction. But if I keep unpacking all that is possible living with this rhythm, I mine as well write a book!

There are 8 phases of the moon but for simplicity and manageability we will start with just the four major points of a lunar cycle. It is easier to conceive and usually parallels our regular weekly flow making it easier to incorporate into daily living. The universe holds so much depth but lets just start by paying attention and mindfully noticing the great beautiful light of love guiding your way on.

Aligning with the boundary of the moon: New, Waxing, Full, Waining

New: When the moon is traveling with the sun in the sky. It rises with the sun and sets with the sun so we are unable to see the moon at all when it is new. It marks the beginning of a cycle and assures us that when we take time to care for ourselves, slow down, rest, and tune into our own sense of vitality and source that sustains us, all will be well. It is a beautiful time to not engage as much with the world as all the external distractions block the whisper of our hearts. Tuning into our own innate wisdom at this time will create a powerful intention to guide us for the next 28 days (and six months, and sometimes depending on the lunar season years to come). Each month we are reminded to get clear on what matters most to us and breath newness into any area that is calling for change, shift or transformation.

Waxing: This is where the moon stays its course and creates distance from the light of the sun. You can catch the waxing crescent just after the sun sets which is the perfect time to anchor and clarify any intention for the cycle. Many years ago this moment was greatly celebrated as it promised hope of renewal seeing as the moon could not be found the night before. Each night the moon will linger in the sky a little longer assuring us the great light continues to be steady and our own expression of this light is being supported to stand on it’s own. In this phase you have the waxing crescent, first quarter and waxing gibbous. Each of these remind us to stay the course regardless of the bumps we encounter, hang out with those supporting and encouraging our dreams, reflect on what is and isn’t working, adjust accordingly without loosing sight of what matters most – right now, this cycle so that you can enjoy and receive all that is coming into alignment. As the moon moves towards FULL the energy just before is really charge. It’s like the moon is being cheered on by all the other stars in the sky as it is about to reach the deep depth of it’s journey.

Full: When the moon rises at the exact same time that the sun sets and will then set at the exact same time the sun rises. You probably have been struck by a moon rise at some point in your life when it speaks boldly to even the biggest skeptic. It is when the earth stands between the sun and moon and the moon is far in the sun’s shadow illuminating the dark night in a very sweet, soft and radiant way. Talk about alignment. Receive all your efforts, the powerful breakthroughs, and that you are at the peak of creativity for this cycle. Because the moon reflects our inner being, is associated with the emotional landscape, what ever emotion is strongest right now will dictate your experience. You may not be out howling at the moon, but people tend to do things without thinking them all the way through or creating enough space to feel what sits beneath the surface in our unconscious and well, you just might end up in jail or in a puddle of tears on the dance floor or your bathroom. It is a beautiful time to celebrate, honor, offer up deep appreciation on all that has come to fruition in this relatively short time and embody all that you are in this moment – feel all the feels, nurture deeply and lean into your intuition! This culmination offers powerful insight to what is wanting to be celebrated and then in it’s full radiance gives deep insight into want wants to be healed.

Waining: The moon almost gets sleepy rising later and later in the night and lingering in the early morning. You have the waxing gibbous, third quarter and waxing crescent in this phase of the cycle. When the moon begins to fade, the energetic momentum begins to slow down calling us to a space of renewal and nourishment. During this phase the energy of the moon reminds us to ease up on any expectation, forgive ourselves and others, surrender to the greater flow of life and renew. The moon after all reflects the way we love, so this is a serious time for self love, self care and nourishing. You were able to feel all that you needed to feel and now it is time to heal all that needs to be healed. Rest, relax and renew some more so that you can remember the great journey you’ve embarked. This will help you own what is holding you back and how you are engaging with that energy. It is an invitation to release what is no longer working, reorganize, see what you have gained and how you want to grow and evolve moving forward. When the night appears dark once more you can deeply trust in your intrinsic worth and that you have been invited once again to be held in the great light of your own heart and the great light of consciousness. This is a beautiful time to clean up, see the opportunities for growth, ease up on your schedule and know that so much more is working in your favor though it appears the cycle is coming to a close.

Void of Course: The moon travels through the different signs of the zodiac every lunation. Yes all 12 signs, always the same pattern every year, and within the cycle it travels through each sign as well every 2-3 days. It is really really fascinating, incredibly abstract and totally logical, but I am not going to unpack that right now. Rather just know that the moon every few days invites us to turn in as we are on the journey regardless of what phase we are in. Commit to getting quite, listening to the wisdom within and intentionally choose to not overly engage beyond basic needs with the world around you. Meditate, shower, read, journal, sleep, dream, spend time in nature, create some art – regular renewal sessions that support you as ultimately you hold authority in the way you dance through life.

When we look at the moon and these four basic aspects we see a beautiful song to dance to in our life, we create emotional awareness that feeds our own emotional intelligence. These emotions reflect the song of your heart and the boundary of the moon allows you to honor your own rhythm. It creates a sense of belonging and a path back to peace.

Wildly it is incredibly scientific and deeply spiritual at the same time. Many religions orient holidays around the cycle of the moon. Easter, for example, happens after the first full moon of the astrological calendar, this is why it is different every year. Rosh Hashonah happens on a new moon to mark the Jewish New Year and there are many more examples as well. If you were to look at your astrological birth chart, your own moon sign can even hold more insight than the commonly discussed sun sign. While I am a Gemini Sun (I love to communicate!) I am a Cancer Moon (I love to nurture and guide with deep love) which is why I have always looked to the moon to remind me of the great love in life.

By being in a stronger dialogue with the moon’s phases we can feel a boundary to feel safe as we engage with our own inner light. What I am so deeply committed to is helping you trust in your light at a level that you can own the sacred essence you are, embrace the miracle of life and elevate the deep appreciation of being true – being you!

If you want to join me in a journey of the moon this month I’ll be sharing lunar updates in the facebook group MINDFULLY YOU. Come join this private group and feel deeply supported on your journey of life. You are also invited to email me and even leave a comment regarding what you love about the moon bellow.

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A Fresh Start

A fresh start..sounds good to me. So, first, thank you. If we are going to start anew – it is worth a pause and creating the space for clarity. This lets you focus on what you want to show up for this month, cycle, phase, season, this moment. This is the energy influencing my own intention for this new cycle: Pausing to cultivate clarity layered with focused action creates effective productivity that remains aligned with my heart. It feels good to have direction that still allows for spontaneity, fun, and authenticity.  

There is such an excitement for newness, the freshness, the possibility and the potential within and for all of us. Shoot the birds were even singing this morning. It can also be overwhelming and a bit daunting – if you aren’t anchored in your own clarity…connected to the truth of your heart.

This time a year ago life was happening fast – all good stuff, and there was a huge momentum to it. Things in my personal life were shifting at a rate that I was conscious of but not able to comprehend fully the impact it was going to have. It felt as if everything was coming together smoothly, with conscious effort, until it didn’t. When the ease got intense, it honestly felt like a major jolt to the system. You know, when your car shifts from 4th gear straight to 1st gear. That feeling when the transmission and engine rev up with intensity, the car jerks, and you wonder if you messed with the infrastructure. Then everything slows down drastically while the oil pressure light goes off and things don’t smell so great. Then before you know it your at the mechanic investing in realignment. Not the worst thing, just could have potentially been a little more prepared if you had been more present to the energy of the operator…

Been there before? Can you relate? The bumps and the hurdles have been doable but coming fast and sometimes just out of left field. Knowing that stuff surfaces in life, and we have this beautiful capacity to grow and attune to our deeper essence that is sacred (all of which sounds pretty and really is just uncomfortable) I decided to show up and dig deeper. Yep, invest in my own realignment.

My tool kit was strong, and I found that even my growth was bumpy and I was getting exhausted quickly. I took my first solo trip as a mom, joined a group of woman that are invested in living a more energetically aligned life, showed up to the energetic currents in the cosmos and created a lot of room to dig, honor and nourish at a whole new level. 

What happened, all kinds of evidence surfaced. Which it seems to do frequently when you listen to your heart and lean into the guidance of the highest. What comes forward and through is amazing especially if you are a bit patient. A little glimpse of the evidence…a potent year of growth, radical acceptance, grace-filled clarity,  and a renewed enthusiasm to be the light I am authentically aligned with and allowed to be. In terrestrial terms, a beautiful family, wonderful home, opportunity to be a mom with a side gig, and a strong connection to the abundance available to us all.

One of the ways the good fortune surfaced without playing the lottery or gambling on horses… with all the wild energy of last year I stayed with my intention which was to teach via the lunar cycles – every class honoring the phase of the moon and how that show’s up on the yoga mat and in our life. While it sounds a bit out there it actually is a very grounding practice as it continued to anchor my heart and give me direction when I would choose to see things differently – again and again. Full disclosure there were quite a few times where I just didn’t want to have to f’in choose again. But the moon’s cycle waxes and wanes, hangs out with the sun and sits in total opposition. Trying to keep it linear only made it worse. But the only way I could work with this fluctuation was it meant I also had to pay close attention to the emotional quality of my life as the moon reflects the cycle of our emotions. When you tune into the aspects of the sky you end up tuning into all the other amazing planets as well.

Teaching this way is something I learned early in my teaching journey, and if you know me from way back when you probably remember.  Deepening this intention of looking to the sky’s pattern, so much became potently ‘crystal’ clear. Studying the planets, welcoming the depth of the moon’s influence and aligning more of my work with this energy, specifically mom and guide on the side. Dang – let me tell you one more time (my sun sign is Gemini after all) – the clarity is soul satisfying.

In rekindling my study’s of the cosmic influence (celestial energy) in relationship to my life and those I engage with regularly – both on and off the mat so much made divine sense. The bumps came with more ease and I began to pick up on a lot of energetic patterns that were similar even when everyone’s experience of it was unique and individual. It also gave me permission to guide with more supporting, loving, commitment – starting with my self.

One more thing that happened is I remembered how renewable our energy is if we slow down and allow. I like to think of it as mindfulness embodied, where you actively focus on scheduling more time to renew then take charge. I also call it sacred self care. I had to eliminate what wasn’t on my top 5 priority list. (One reason I haven’t written in a while). I still showed up and presented classes on the power of building resilience, the importance of slowing down, being present and living from our center, and being able to ask for help – which I think is the biggest accomplishment. More on that later.

I continue to teach yoga classes based on the collective energy and witness powerful transformation for those showing up. I am watching my one on one clients experience amazing shifts. It’s the subtle ‘baby’ steps that create radical transformation. They are shifting are based on personal reflections of how to back off, reassess, release, restore and ultimately feel renewed, re-inspired and ready to rise up. So no one is stopping with the engagement of life, rather showing up to honor their sacred light and honor those around them.

Here’s the fresh start that comes with all this reflection. As I write we are entering a new cycle. A new moon, even the Chinese Lunar New Year, and the sun and moon sit together in the sign of Aquarius. Just real quick – I am not an astrologist – it’s just that the Sky is my Altar – always has been. 

Each planet represents a part of ourself – there is nothing to be afraid of – and each sign represents an aspect of our life. Looking to the sky is like checking the weather before heading out for the day – you get to decide how you want to engage with the forecast and are invited to live with greater harmony, coherence and authenticity. Besides we are star dust anyhow.

Looking to the stars we can tune into the energy that is operating within us. The cosmos always give you free will as you still get to choose how to engage. It’s almost as if they wink at you and whisper ‘you can be skillful or unskillful’. 

This Aquarius Lunar Cycle reminds us that our vitality sits in the company of an individualistic concept that’s interested in looking to the future and improving humanity.  Translation – the only way we can improve humanity is if we sit and improve the relationship within our own self. Reminder – I am a long time yoga teacher, graduate student of mental health and a transformational coach that is focused on Grace Filled Growth. Pause and remind yourself what you are showing up for and how it is influencing those you engage with on a day to day basis.

A new moon happens when it aligns with the sun in the cosmos. It’s as if they are one and that ball of fire is hanging out in the sign of Aquarius. The sun travels through each zodiac sign at the same time every year. Making it the perfect opportunity to recommit, renew, and return to what matters most to you. It’s an embodiment of the idea that in the dark night, you can welcome the light and be guided by the great love that sits deep within. Honoring the lunar cycle you gain clarity and know that there’s a bigger picture guiding you forward, a greater energy that is cheering you on, cheering us all on and calling humanity forward. The Aquarius energy reminds us to honor our own way and allow others the room to find their way as well.

With the winter solstice I created a year long intention to be a stronger guide in helping people come home to their hearts. To understand what it means to drop into their heart, the ways you can tune in and the energy it does take to pause, while also holding space for a direct experience in the powerful ways it enhances your overall appreciation for life. While I have being doing it on the mat and with my clients, I am finally here writing it out and sharing it with you. Being able to know how to tune in gives us an understanding in the way we can live in relationship with the highest version of ourselves, the way we can engage while we are on our yoga mat, the way we are in relationship with those we love and the ways we allow others to also find their way. The result – an opportunity to deeply enjoy the good fortune we all hold.

Thank you for allowing me the space to renew on a much deeper level. To gain clarity, focus and be a bit more efficient in this offering.

I am excited to begin this conversation again, to feel a clarity of my own focus that can potentially help you show up for the brilliance that you are as well. I will be articulating more on the influence of the stars, the power in shifting to a life that is cyclical (you already are living it FYI – we all are) and sharing more potent life skills that can support the authentic alignment within your own heart and reduce the commotion that can confiscate your joy. 

If you are interested in learning ways you can live from your heart’s light, ways to track the energy for yourself and tune into your inner landscape, embracing, engaging and enhancing your experience of life…comment bellow and let me know. We are all collectively being invited to gain even more clarity, more focus, and the great heart/light that shines for all of us.

From my heart to yours – XOXO

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Returning To The Dance of Life

Well, I’ll be completely honest – I have had little free time to write this and it has been a draft for a number of days. This is the dance of life. It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with being human, everything to do with being me. Being human means there are moments where it appears to all unfolds brilliantly and then the moments that appear to be in contrast and contract from the vision you held for yourself. All of this is a beautiful and divine dance that allows for this sacred essence of life.

This past year I have taken a little space from my professional offering to allow for a loving integration of our family life. (We have gone through lots of beautiful changes this past year). In addition to the space of my profession I have given a whole lot more energy to myself personally – to my soul. While committing to the deeper healing work that allows me to show up authentically to life I am so grateful to the room to integrate the healing. Yep, I gave myself permission to make myself a priority and tend to my family this summer. Taking this break from my professional offering in the form of a newsletter, blog, podcast, welcoming new clients even teaching yoga has been the best idea I have had for a while. It may appear as a serious contraction but in all honesty it’s been a time of renewal. Now I can return to the greater dance of mom, wife, and professional more centered, healed and whole.

First, life allows for more order and structure permitting me to share. Second, I am excited, full of inspiration and creativity, with a renewed sense of purpose. There is room in my life to manifest the inspiration and bring a little momentum to what matter’s most – SOUL LOVE! Third, moving from a place of renewal has me open to engaging with more like minded souls.

Sure being able to be in a space to nourish my soul and create choices that cultivate expansion and life enhancement sounds like a privilege. I’ll be honest with you, it is. It is also an opportunity and requires a deep commitment. There is also this confession that my kids have depleted any additional juice I have had and this is not a bad thing as they are one of my greatest teachers right now. Being able to give them the extra love they deserve is one of the greatest opportunities and part of my soul’s love. They continue to reflect back to me my promise to bring my best self forward and in this reflection – it is not always pretty. 

Being 42 with 2 young kids where I get to support my husband and his professional journey while tending to the home is a privilege but also contains a lot of sacrifices. There is so much that is on hold right now. Like I told my 16 year old nephew – missing out on what you want to be doing is Life School 101. Then I realized I am not missing out at all, actually it’s a process of being more true, more real, more present and more aligned. What appears to be a sacrifice is really the art of surrendering. As Kate Northup says, I have been in the fertile void. I have been doing a ton of research, being financially savvy, and investigating how to make myself more visible integrating the awareness and authenticity that has come forward. So here I am sharing and ready to be a bit more vulnerable to be of greater service.

If you didn’t know, my heart is always hungry to share the deeper reflections of life and share the tools that keep me inspired even in the moments of adversity and challenge. This is how I want to be of service – to provide tools to help others navigate the sacred journey of life. Exploring the soul crushing elements of trauma, limiting patterns, judgement and shadow may not be for everyone – it’s a journey that is so sacred and requires a little bit of a departure from some of the engagements in the world also known as healthy boundaries. Yet everyone experiences it and if I do not show up to be a witness to my own stuff then there is no way I can be any kind of leader that moves forward with integrity. This is available to everyone as long as we realize and honor our own pace. It is also key to living with resilience.

For me sharing my heart’s wisdom is motivated by the call to live integrated with my truth. To see the light within myself, live it and embrace my entirety in order to bring my highest self forward. This is the only way I feel I personally can turnaround and share it in a way that can support other souls on the path of life. My kids, you and beyond. Wanting others to feel free and shine brightly, to thrive in the chaos requires me to stay committed to my own growth and integrating it into my life. Then I can hold the space for those that are also interested and committed to living from this vantage point. You too deserve to see your own light and embrace the radiance of life. Everyone, in my opinion, deserves to set their light free!

To set ourself free we first have to honor where we are and then step inward. It doesn’t mean we stop living – hardly that. We just consciously look at how busy we are keeping ourself to avoid what needs to be tended too. What are you needing right now to expand your light so you can be the kind of energy that lights up the room? What can you commit to releasing so you can restore and return more centered and more true? Doing the deeper work it is easier to choose to live with deliberate intention and bring offerings forward that support your unique and sacred journey as well as your fellow soul companions. Your light matters to the world around you. My hope is you give yourself permission to also love your soul and to live authentically you know – be you.

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Mindful Living

Mindful – it is a word that happens to be everywhere these days. Want to know what is really exciting – you are already part of that tribe and club of living a mindful life. Yoga, you see, if that is how we know each other, is one of the most amazing ways to begin to live mindfully. Mindfulness is all about being present to this moment without the judgement. We are asked to become aware of our own awareness – what we are paying attention to and where our thoughts are leading us. Are we moving in the direction toward more commotion, strife and stress, or in the direction of more peace, gratitude or enjoyment? Sure you want to layer in the concept of releasing judgement – clearing out the direction piece that is. But this is where I personally differ a bit from the master teachers. I respect them fully and grateful they graced my path at such a young age. Except there is another layer to being present and inform the quality of your life.

First off, I truly believe Jon Kabat-Zinn (and many more) have brought forward an awakening in our modern day approach to life. Reducing stress and returning to spirit is the process of getting out of our heads to not be pulled, swayed and informed by the commotion of the mind. When we are in the present moment so much more becomes available that will nourish our life positively and optimally. This is so powerful and this practice informs my life and I continue to celebrate how much science demonstrates the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Second, being mindful puts the power back on the individual. This then depends on the individual’s relationship with life. You know, free will or predetermined. Mindful Living though for me requires us to tap into our spirit and go further than just be present. Because when I was first learning these practices here is what my inner child said: A peaceful life might be as simple as being present … and then what. (Yes, I realize that imposes a bit of judgement).

I believe we are being pulled forward by an amazing source greater than any of us but the same as all of us so the ‘then what’ is part of the process. Mindfulness based practices do offer the tool of if this is what it is then what am I going to do with it”. The practice brings us to the moment where we can slow down long enough to be present to ourselves, but then the big questions sits there – who am I , what am I here for and where am I heading. Well those questions right there can send us back into the stress and commotion of our life unless we have the tools to know our center, trust our center and move from our center. When we find our center, we find our hearts, we create a strong and healthy relationship with our true self. The one that is happy, the one that is enjoying life, the one that shines brightly, the one that knows how to get back on track when you get a little derailed (or a lot). Mindful living is truly about infusing the present moment with direction in relationship with your highest self. Cause at the end of the day, at the end of it all, what are we left with…our own articulation of life. What are we living for is a deep question and when you know you have a true self, the one that lives with joy and excitement for life while still being actively present, you trust more of the fact that life is happening for you rather than to you. Being mindful puts us in a relationship with choosing our life. I prefer to choose from my truth. For me our truth is that we are unique expressions of the divine – a source greater than you and I. This source is in each of us and that collective light is a beautiful and miraculous gift. Being able to lean into a tool kit that returns us to our center is what allows us to restore our connection to the enjoyment of life. This is what I will be sharing in the audio course FIND YOUR CENTER that begins in June. To learn more visit and if you want more clarity – take action and connect!

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Baby Steps

Anyone out there ever have an idea or insight into their life, a dream, a way to change the world, a way to just help others feel better? It’s such an amazing insight or you’re so inspired yet the gap of where you are and where you want to be seems enormous. Even if the distance is small maybe there are so many obstacles in the way. So you get defeated or derailed because it doesn’t seem to happen fast enough. That sense of urgency is FOR REAL as I feel there’s a strong force pulling you in the direction of making the dream a reality. But the urgency is also what can derail us! The gap gets filled with self doubt that connects you to a life that negates the vision altogether.

What would happen if you committed to just taking baby steps to get there? Wouldn’t it be nice if all those baby steps supported the manifestation of your dreams coming true? Especially if each step along the way happened with your conviction that it is happening. Not to mention each step was building a strong foundation for others to also move in the direction of more joy, more peace, more connection to a better way of living. By living your dream you inspire others to do the same! (I’m assuming if you’re reading this your dream/vision is in alignment with allowing more people to live with more joy, peace and freedom). Here are three baby steps to help get you started.

1. Write It Down. We receive ideas and guidance all day long. They pass through our thoughts and awareness like clues towards a treasure. But they are fleeting which is a good thing as we might get overwhelmed. Giving yourself permission to just take note makes the idea 95% more likely to manifest. Think of a place you visit everyday and put a pen and paper there. Or use an app on your phone. Before you know it you’ll be receiving more guidance and support making this baby step an enormous leap in the right direction.

2. Listen. Taking time to quiet our outer world so we can tune into our inner self is the baby step that offers direction. We are always being guided and when we tune in, breathe and just listen, we find ourselves being directed towards the people and places that are eager to contribute to the vision. That contribution shows up in all kinds of ways. Actively listening helps us receive the support accelerating the possibility of your dream coming to life.

3. Engage. Watch your relationship with the inspiration as it’s a sacred deserves to be nourished. When we have an idea that’s going to help the world be a better place well, it kind of follows you. It may show up looking different, disguising itself so perhaps you’ll pay attention, or resurfacing in other people’s conversations. This is just affirmation that your insight is hungry and wants to come alive. Engagement may look different every day, but if you schedule time to hang out and feed the potential, each day you’re a step closer and aligning more fully.

These baby steps are really essential when we are moved to bring something to life. When I think of where I was when I started this blog and where I am now, it’s radically different. When I think of the clients I’ve worked with individually they’ve experienced major shifts. Looking back they’d probably tell you they got where they are faster than they imagined. Having a vision to live a fulfilled life that nourishes their hearts and others is not a fleeting concept. The baby steps they’ve taken which include the above 3 (and 1 more…commitment) have brought them radically closer to living with more joy and happiness.

Imagine if we all took three baby steps together on a daily basis? There might be a collective momentum of uplifting each other. Even if our steps only uplift one other person, that energy is contagious and inspiring!

The live course I’m offering, Find Your Center, is also a baby step. By committing to 4 Sunday’s over the summer you’ll illuminate tools that will begin to sustain a relationship with a life that’s full of inspiration, connection and support. You can find more information at

If 3 baby steps seems overwhelming just try this shortcut…write down 1 idea and listen to how much the universe wants to support you!

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Living From Your Center

Chances are you do yoga. Perhaps it’s been awhile and maybe you even find it hard to get your mat. Maybe you are just mad that you show up and the teacher you were wanting took the day off for some reason. But more than likely, if you are reading this, there is a 90% chance you have a relationship with yoga cause you have a relationship with me! (Thank you too by the way – it is such an honor really),

What I have realized in the past few months with all the transition we have experienced as a family – both joyous, hand selected and well heart breaking – it can be so hard to remain true to myself, communicate my needs, emotionally restore and just straight up stay centered. SO I find myself in a constant state of gratitude and appreciation for the tools I have gathered and chosen to implement. But then it hit me – most of us don’t even know where our center is and how to align with it, live from it and truly embrace it – true story. But when you know your center you know when you have drifted and you are able to return much more quickly. This gives you a powerful tool in managing the challenges and adversity that surfaces in life depleting us and devouring our heart’s intention. (Just in case – intention is living with a vision, holding space for your own self, and engaging in behaviors that supports this vision).

Our center is our own inner horizon that allows you to navigate life with a commitment to your true state (joy, love and peace) versus your false state (fear, anger and shame), It is a point of measurement that helps us take responsibility for our own life while still having fun, create healthy boundaries and live with healthy relationships as we have an understanding of the harmony between our internal and external experience of life.

Understanding your center is one piece and finding your Center may come easily. The beautiful thing is that it is available to everyone and allows you to live with deep authentic intention. Living this way brings more meaning, purpose and fulfillment to life. You know where you are happy, enjoying the ebb and flow but still showing up with integrity for yourself and the world in which you live. Since life requires you to be the pilot of your own journey you want to contain instruments that can guide you when the world looks fuzzy when you are not able to see the external horizon. You know when you are lost, confused, depleted or just plain stuck. Being able to come back to your Center provides the tools you need in order to always know what to do in your life. Being centered is an invitation to release the regret and be at peace with life. It allows you to be excited for where you are heading while also be in the present moment. Once you find your center you discover a safe space within that will reassure you, offers a wellspring for your own inner guidance, faith and will support the beliefs you live by that create the biography of your life.

What defines you and differentiates you from everyone else out there boils down to the choices you make. Sure our external environment influences us however honoring our own light, worth and life is entirely up to us. Side note, it is very helpful to keep good company. Being centered allows each of us to be more aware which improves our ability to choose consciously and intentionally. We recognize how to focus our attention and allow that to turn into aligned action. One of the greatest benefits is that it helps you to pay attention, see what is swirling around you and how you choose to contribute or redirect. Your center is the space where you can connect with spirit and dwell with the wholeness and goodness of who you are. It offers the highest version of yourself and you discover that everything you are looking for is contained right within yourself. Pretty freaking amazing if you ask me. It’s so amazing I’ve been inspired to share a beautiful process with you. If you are interested head over HERE to learn more.

If you already live from your center. I would be honored if you shared bellow in the comments how it has served you. One piece I know without a doubt is that it really is the only way to live where you can access inner peace, joy and love no matter what is going on around you. If you are interested in Finding your Center and Living with Intention, head over HERE. Sign up before April 28 and receive a bonus valued more than the training itself!

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New Moon – New Cycle

Looking at life and aligning it with the lunar cycle is a practice I have engaged in for over 15 years now. Anyone that has hung out with me on the yoga mat knows that chances are I will bring up the current lunar cycle and practice in alignment with the phase of the moon. This love affair with the moon happened as a young child. I was absolutely fascinated. Then one day someone suggested watching the moon rise, and well, in my early 20’s I was out looking for the moon and now in my 40’s enjoy the magic of a moon rise while I eat dinner with my own family. When I took an astronomy class in college my understanding of how our universe operates expanded at a level that, well, rocked my limited perception permanently. There was no way I could ever ignore this potent aspect of life again. Then as a yoga teacher I discovered the power of practicing in relationship with the moon. It is a practice that the farmers use and has been around longer than any of us reading this post and holds great insight to attuning to a more authentically aligned life.

A quick little Lunar 101… The moon offers a 28-day cycle with four quarters. The new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waining moon. Each quarter offers an opportunity to both be reminded of the bigger picture, but also to reflect on where we are in our life and how we are consciously engaging. From a yoga standpoint the moon is the feminine energy where the sun is masculine energy. From a physical science perspective it is a rock that rotates around our earth as we rotate around the sun. The reflective quality of the moon and it’s impact on the bodies of water on our earth all align with the emotions that can surface individually at either a new or full moon. If you are new to a lunar cycle, just start to notice the days when aspects of your life surface. Honestly, today, I had a moment with tears. It was easier to allow myself to feel what I needed to feel, carve out a little space for me to allow and accept, all because I knew it was a new moon – full of energy encouraging us to re-evaluate – which then allowed me to be more clear as I moved forward.

This January 16, 2018 moon is a Capricorn moon. Are their any Capricorns in the house?!?  Capricorn is an Earth sign, qualities of the earth include foundation, rational, consistent, and even pragmatic. When I teach around the earth energy, not only do I acknowledge the ground in which we stand, I honor the vehicle in which we experience this life. Self care, self love, are key aspects. This moon is all about reevaluating how we are engaging through the actions we are choosing. You can think of the moon as a chance to pause, breathe deeply, reconnect, refine, and then return. It is a chance to connect to your vision you hold for the year, what plans are you making, how can you connect to ways of reengaging with daily practices so that you feel nourished. You get to decide on the theme for your own year. The message you want to bring forward – you know – how do you want your light to shine? Feeding your inner self and nourishing your whole self are essential in allowing your light to expand by the way. Paying attention to what comes up for you the next few days can reveal areas that can inspire you. It can also be loud calls to acknowledge what is requiring your love and attention as well. What could be nourished and supported? What is ready to come alive? Have I mentioned it is a good time to care for you – have some fun, seek an adventure – which can be as simple as going to the grocery store and truly enjoying the journey :). The moon being in Capricorn reminds us to be grounded and steady. My recent newsletter shares on the power of being grounded and gracious. Sign up here if you want to be in the know!

A theme for me this year which is really about remembering my own truth – my own light – and honoring the calls for help as well as honoring the gifts I have to share. One of those gifts is knowing from both intellect and experience that living in a greater relationship with the moon offers a greater engagement with life. This works for me and so I am sharing it with you. What works for you? How are you able to be disciplined in taking action to living the life you desire? Perhaps it is just about sprinkling fun into your life. Perhaps it is about going easier on yourself. Or maybe you are just in the process of being curious. If you are new to the lunar phase – welcome! If you are an old pro and want to share any extra insights, please do! One thing the moon reminds me – no matter what sign, season or year – is a deep and real sense of belonging. Anytime we can remember we are part of something magnificent – reminded how sacred our essential nature truly is – no longer feeling separate from our collective truth – is a miraculous moment no matter where you are on your journey.

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Action – Manifest – Episode 49

Everything is Energy and everything is sacred. Yes, powerful statements brought up this month. Now let’s layer in the idea that by slowing your action down we actually gain momentum. What have you discovered so far?

By taking time to tune in we then bring forward awareness and an opportunity to align in a way that will bring forward our best offering. This is what we call INSPIRED ACTION. Being inspired 100% of the time is not the idea. Being able to tune into the progress and level in which you are participating is.

This weeks offering includes tools to check in with the momentum or lack there of in your life. If you are stuck or reluctant in your life right now this will be powerful. For those of you on the fast track to HAPPINESS, well, this will only encourage the speed in which you are moving.

I am going to tie this episode back to elements of yoga as well as a pattern of cultivating optimal thoughts or at least restoring your thoughts to be more uplifting and helpful in finding answers to the best steps forward. It is a practice that will help you take inventory of where you are and where you are heading and redirect you into the flow of fun…that is if you are interested in moving through life with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″ placement=”bottom” theme=”mini”]

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Action – Meditation – Episode 48

One might believe that stopping or pausing to meditate is the opposite idea of taking action in life. But this is where we get tricked. When we slow down we connect to so much more energy. Think for a moment of a time when you have not slept well how productive are you? It can be so hard to take clear and conscious action that supports the greater vision you hold for your life when you are depleted, stressed or just plain exhausted.

This meditation guides you inward to reconnect, renew and remind you of the power of slowing down. It’s like plugging in to a universal outlet that recharges you so that you can take aware, aligned and inspired action![podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″ placement=”bottom” theme=”mini”]
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Action – Movement – Episode 47

[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″ placement=”top” theme=”mini”]

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As we take action in our life it helps to have awareness and alignment in the process. When we bring all of this together we create direction in our life. Sure it is not entirely up to just our individual action there is an entire collective energy at work as well. Hence why Awareness truly is everything. Our intention is so powerful but if we just wait around we are going to be disappointed. The other piece is that action is not a place of control but rather discipline. This is where yoga holds so much as the practice in of itself is discipline. You have to decide to show up for yourself, slow down, breathe, connect to your whole self and allow for the union of the body, mind and spirit.

This week’s episode is all about movement which of course is action in of itself. Poses that will surface in the flow included standing forward fold, lunges, triangle, down dog, cobra, bridge pose, reclined twist and legs up the wall. What!?! So when you practice you will want to practice in a way where you can have wall space to put your legs up. Please note you are responsible for the actions you take! If you need guidance on what the pose looks like you can visit the Sacred Essence Facebook page for a little tip on how to get into the pose.

Next episode will guide you inward which wildly holds so much action even though it appears we are doing nothing more than closing our eyes. But for now, grab your mat and connect your breath with your movement!