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In Service of Your Light

When we are asked - what is your purpose or your mission - the answer is honestly so simple. We are here to BE. To BE present, tuned in and...

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The Energy of You

Each one of us is unique, though we are all part of a bigger collective sharing in a universal experience. Yes, sounds a little complicated unless...

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The Involvement of Growth

On the path of life there is the invitation to live grounded in the peace of our true self. Holding this intention is known as Sankalpa in yoga. In...

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The Boundary of the Moon

Life is full of different view points, perspectives and experiences. A common ground though is that no one is immune to the experiences of life....

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A Fresh Start

A fresh start..sounds good to me. So, first, thank you. If we are going to start anew - it is worth a pause and creating the space for clarity. This...

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Returning To The Dance of Life

Well, I'll be completely honest - I have had little free time to write this and it has been a draft for a number of days. This is the dance of life....

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