Calling of your heart

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On June 24, 2013

When I was little, it was difficult for me to see differences, but at the same time I remember that things would get blurry if I didn’t understand. (Now as an adult I should ware glasses as things really do get blurry the further away they are, but I choose not to ware them unless I am driving). But I have thought on this idea in relationship to my heart’s vision. What I am able to see clearly and what is still a little foggy.

Do I know exactly what my heart wants and or cares for, yes and no. There are parts that I know are not satisfying like violent movies and guns. (I get people hunting, but I don’t get people killing from fear or hate). There are also things I don’t do well with like awkward humor. That is when you make someone else feel small for a laugh ~ it’s just not worth it to me. I also know that my heart wants every being to realize that it is totally worth it and that this life is completely worth it and that all God, the Divine, the Universe, whatever you call it, wants you to LOVE. Recently I have wondered if really it’s about an inward love, peace and joy rather than an outward one. (By the way – I am not talking about the love we see on TV but rather unconditional love).

We could have a conversation about do you have to love out in the world to know love on the inside or do you have to first love yourself to love others, but I think it is both, you can’t have one without the other and well, it’s your life that is going to influence where it begins ~ not mine. So just think on where you are coming from and respect where others may begin.

Me, I am a pleaser and am surrounded by a ton of pleasers, but I am learning that being a pleaser isn’t honoring my own heart’s call or anyone else’s around me. This is a real hard thing to swallow so I am getting some help and am also expanding my ways of helping others. One thing I am doing is looking at how others are saying the same thing, whether it is in the texts of yoga (which are really really old), teachings from when I was a child, or modern day perspective on timeless considerations. (I mentioned this a while back). One spot I found myself to was Maston’s ‘The Daily Love” who is doing a free week long online course that is doing just what I mentioned above…yes I love the cosmic secretary and there is no way I will be able to listen to everyone, but I am working hard on listening to my heart and my heart is looking for the dots of connection to the universal love that helps each of us feel connected, fulfilled and completely worthy. Perhaps, honoring our heart’s song is the ultimate purpose even if it is scary, blurry or crystal clear.

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  1. gmcushing

    Amazing! I was thinking about connecting the dots this morning on my way to work. In reconnecting with some old friends I have been wondering just how close our paths have been over the years and how we ended up where we are today. I know love is a key factor in the decissions that we make and the paths that we chose. When I was young, I didn’t love myself and I seldom reached out to others. These days I do love myself for the most part and I am changing the rest. And along with that I reach out whenever I can to others to let them know that someone cares and there is love in the world. Everyone needs love. I love your yoga class. I feel connected to life and to others when I am in the moment. I guess we are all dots that need to be connected.


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