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Understanding The Elements

When we understand the elements in life we can connect back to ourselves in a much better way. When we have a healthy relationship with ourselves then we tend to also have a healthy relationship with everyone else in our lives as well.

The last time I checked…I wasn’t the only one trying to live life.

The elements influence our perspective which informs our experience. Connecting to the basic energy of the elements we begin to live with more compassion, clarity and confidence. 

Yoga shares that there are five great elements – the Maha Bhutas and that these elements help us know ourselves. Without providing a discourse in philosophy or science even, the basic idea is that we are all made of the same ingredients. Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, also orients everything to these 5 elements and Astrology, another sister science, looks to the 4 elements as the 5th is the space in which we exist.

If we look at these elements as archetypes, energy that is within all of humanity, we do two things. We shift our perspective and relationship we have with different types of behavior and we begin to experience a stronger interconnection to life. Oh wait, there’s a third – we strengthen our intuition!

To keep things simple, when we understand the symbolism behind these elements, then we understand they are our core ingredients. EVERYONE that is living on planet earth shares in these core ingredients.

Earth – This element has everything to do with the physical body, boundaries, the foundation of our experience, structure, order and systems, so in other words – highly dependable and reliable. This energy has the power to get things done, to bring spirit into form, make a plan, highly patient, and goal oriented. When misaligned this energy can be a workaholic and get stuck in a rut of no play staying too busy in doing rather than being, hoarding, stubborn, rigid and can get stuck in the mundane quickly. 

Water – This element has everything to do with relationship and the energy of connection, creativity, intimacy, highly sensitive, and natural healers. This energy has a warm soul, the ability to bring awareness to hidden emotions, they make sense of the human experience, soften edges and a strong imagination. When there is access of this energy their vivid imaginations can cloud their ability to perceive, they can drain other people’s energy quickly, manipulate, become possessive and are vulnerable to addictions. When in balance they understand the undercurrents of life, can nourish, love and are incredibly loyal.

Fire – This element has to do with the divine spark of the heart, the ability to digest (food and life), transform and nourish. The enthusiasm they hold for life is contagious, the trust in life is strong and is willing to take risks and live with spontaneity. When there is access of this energy the acting on instinct can appear reckless, think only of themselves, and can find a lot of resistance if always trying to take the shortcut. When in balance it is easy for to see the interconnection, be on the leading edge of new experiences and easily guiding others on the path of life.

Air – This element has to do with the nervous system, the mind, our perspective and the inspiration that comes from the connection we make with life. It is associated with all the synapsis firing in our brains and the oxygen that moves through our blood and lungs. The intellect is here as is communication, socialization, knowledge, curiosity and connection to consciousness. It is the energy that can help you break through old patterns and provides inspiration to lift you up and create the change you desire in your life.  When there is too much, the tendency to over talk, avoid emotions – or talk through rather than feel, too busy with ideas to take action or sleep. When in balance you remain curious, continue to learn, strong decision making and brilliance comes through insight and inspiration.

Ether – This element has to do with the environment in which we live, from the space of a room to the cosmos. It is the energy that sustains us and provides the depth, dimension and consciousness as a whole. It is the vibratory field that pulls us forward in our experience in life and the energy that is felt yet unseen. When this energy is out of alignment our experience is highly contractive, limiting, suffocating, and keeps us aloof, spacey and disconnected. When this energy is in alignment we are easily able to connect with the interconnection of life, honor all beings everywhere and tap into a potential that expands our conscious evolution.

The combination of these elements create different experiences. While this summary short hopefully you have glimpse to understanding how they influence you, your life and the way we connect to one another. 

Each day is charged with more of one energy than the other. Yep, the energy of the cosmos inform our daily experience. When we tune into these patterns on a daily basis we can refine our focus and show up for life with an awareness of the collective consciousness and co-create our lives and experience.

Here’s what’s even more cool, orienting our awareness to this perspective helps us align with our soul. This alignment allows for authenticity. Besides, we are just all Stardust anyway, right?

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Expand Your Potential

TIs the season to offer deep appreciation. It is also the season of long nights. A season of spreading good cheer and a time to connect with the energy that allows you to come alive. A season to nourish and tend to the soil of our hearts, those we love and clear the air of ill will so we can renew the energy that will carry us forward. A season to dream big, get out of our comfort zone and open up to new possibilities and perspectives.

Right now is the time to truly appreciate all that happened this year. The good, the bad, and the straight up confusion. When we get into a flow of appreciation it is easier to see the potential, to dream big, shift patterns, and expand the joy of our own lives for the greater good.

We can get into this flow and step into a greater version of ourselves when we are inspired. Being inspired is being in alignment with spirit, source or God – however you define it. Perhaps it is all divine unfolding that inspires and informs the experience of our lives. 

Personally, I believe we are each on a sacred journey where we are all invited to consciously co-create our lives with the energy of something bigger. Each breath is an invitation (and an offering) where we align with the larger energy of the universe and bring meaning into our lives. 

How often do you take the time to look at the bigger picture of life? Hold space to awaken to the cosmic abundance and get really clear on the ways you can bring your authentic expression forward.

Appreciating life is one thing, embracing yourself just as you are right here right now allows for more growth. Trusting deeply that you are becoming even more of who you are meant to be creates an experience of life that’s full of a heightened appreciation.

When we consciously co-create our life with the energy of mother nature and the rhythm of the heavens above we begin to live with what I call divine design. It is a way to remain in alignment with spirit and find inspiration, meaning and depth with our experience of life. To affirm the renewable energy of our own soul and stay in a healthy relationship with our own evolution.

As the days grow short and the nights get longer we are in a season of being able to reflect on all that has come to the surface and see how it can be of service as we move forward in our life. Not to live out a standard or an expectation but rather to participate for the greater good of humanity. The year is slowly coming to a close and the life of 2019 is slowly beginning to dissolve. 

Embracing the whole of you allows your light to selflessly shine and be of tremendous service to others. You are reading this so there is a strong likelihood that you have a genuine and deep desire to be of support to others, to serve the greater good of humanity, and to make a difference in the world.

Now it’s time to dream. Think big. Expand your potential in the way you can be of true support while remaining authentically aligned and living with a strong connection to the unconditional love of the universe. It requires a small leap of faith, a little effort in shifting patterns and a willing and open mind to experience the depths of your heart and soul. 

Try it out. Give yourself a moment to connect to the good of the year, appreciating when the heart strings were pulled. Honoring the pain and wounds of the heart. Now see the silver lining of these moments. Perhaps trust that there is more at work than your own efforts and see if you can also celebrate the triumph of light and love. That your nature is resilient as you are here still engaged in this offering. This is a practice that will keep your mind in more of the positive and inspired realm.

When we are in this space we are more inspired to give back to the world around us including the company we want to keep moving forward. It is also a practice that informs the energy that will keep you company as you move into 2020.

Now it is an exercise where you will want to see the areas in life where you need to make peace with what was and feel into the ways you can forgive so that you can truly release what energy is no longer serving you. It is in this time of closure that we make way for what is new. It is an exercise that helps us become more clear on the energy of you, the version of you that you want to bring forward and awaken to what is to come.

It’s like the end of a yoga class. The moment you finally lie down for savasana. Getting there as quickly as you can to enjoy, restore and assimilate. It is the time of year to not race to the finish line but rather take really sacred care of ourselves. When we reflect on what worked and what needs to be released we can clarify the boundaries and nourish our soul on a deeper level. 

When you come up seated at the end of that yoga class, there is a part of you that doesn’t want it to end and a part of you that is so deeply renewed that you discover you are ready to reengage with life. You are able to expand the joy and allow the goodness of life to be contagious. Your smile is genuine and it radiates from the depth of your being.

I will be sharing ways to align your soul with the energy of this season as I hold a genuine appreciation for you being you. Daily inspiration is happening in Mindfully You on Facebook.

The heartfelt gratitude I hold for both the stars in the sky and you are hard to define in words. My hope is you find a way to divinely design your life where your appreciation is elevated and heightened, your satisfaction expansive and the fulfillment fuels a greater sense of contentment. If there is something you would like to see from me, let me know in the comments bellow.

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The Sacred Journey of You

Chances are you are here because you identify with the energy of transformation. That despite all the challenges of life, the trials and tribulations, you have found a way to be triumphant! You are here because of your courageous nature and the sacrifices you make for the greater good. Even when the problems seem overwhelming, you find your way, your path, your strength.

Your bravery is admired and you are on a quest of great honor. A journey to overcome and move through the moments in life that hold great difficulty. You work incredibly hard to respect your enemy and realize being true to you is a path you remain highly committed to even with the chaos that entails. You are here as you are not satisfied with a surface level experience and are curious about the spiritual expression of life as a whole. I admire and respect you for being exactly who you are and appreciate you for being a great student of life, the body, mind and soul.

These are all qualities of the yoga student as well. You arrive on your mat hungry to move and connect to the deeper layers of yourself. To breathe into areas that feel restricted and contracted. You engage in moments that challenge you, stress you and perhaps even expose perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that then offer information regarding the atmosphere of your experience. Yet you remain steady with the practice as you know you return, revive and restore your true essence.

The time you spend on the mat allows for acceptance of what is and appreciation for your capacity to transform and realign with your values and beliefs. You gain powerful insight regarding your own experience and can then adapt to the situations of the life around you. The practice informs your behaviors, the way you show up and the feedback offered supports you. This support is welcomed when stepping forward as it provides  a strong, sacred sense of connection to your whole self. How amazing is it to feel inspired and know you will be guided in your ability to show back up for the greater good!?!

For me, Yoga provides the indisputable connection between our mind, our body, our spirit and our environment. We gain an awareness of how the one impacts the other. We connect back to the commonality that we are being supported by something greater and yet also support that something greater individually. Each time we practice evidence accumulates in the ways the internal world impacts the external and the external word impacts the internal.

When we make patterns with the body we reveal the patterns that are present in the mind. This discovery reconnects us to a part of ourselves that seems to be present and deserves some attention. This presence holds great wisdom and insight in the ways we can be exactly who we are while feeling united with the bigger picture of life and consciousness. This sense of belonging is a major source to draw inspiration, to bring meaning into our life and navigate the terrain of being human.  When we are in touch with this presence she calls at us to make a change, to positively improve and be of service to the greater good. 

Another aspect of yoga for me is that it asks us to surrender. We let go. We realize that there are patterns not serving us. Patterns in the body, the mind, and buried within the heart that are negating our experience of our truth and our life.

We pause to engage with our whole self and these subtle impressions of our past come to the surface. It is not always comfortable and can feel rather humbling. However when we work with our level of awareness and our intentions, we begin to cleanse and nourish which creates transformation. 

Our awareness grows and we discover the contents of our innermost self  informing our perception. We realize we can take responsibility to and create a level of change. We align with a willpower and experience subtle shift that transforms our experience radically. When this happens we find a deeper connection to our sense of purpose and find ourselves wanting to be more generous with our personal fortune. 

When we know this it is easier to move inward and do the inner work. We make shapes with the body and give direction to the mind. We step into the crevices of our essential self with honor and respect. We allow our awareness to align from a higher vantage point and evolve. Yoga provides a practice that integrates will, alignment and inspired action.

The will power that moves us forward resides in the depth of the heart. Being able to go inner ward and do the work is the real truth of the yoga student. The recognition that your will power is united or connected with the divine will of the universe gives you ground to surrender into. 

When you surrender you learn to lean into the source that is greater than you. Bringing your actions into alignment with this divine source, you are able to overcome the obstacle of you, the monster of darkness, make friends with the unknown, live in the mystery and be motivated in the search for identity and wholeness. We become a conduit to aid in life calling forward the good in humanity.

When you have found that the journey inward reveals your ability to be a hero to your own light, then you find you are ready to share this wisdom with others. You find your commitment to the path of remaining true, bringing forward the good in humanity, and want to share this self-transformation and bring this vision into the world. To bring your light to life.

The quest shifts and you realize a deeper call to inspire, uplift and help evolve communities, cultures and consciousness as a whole. You find your faith in a deeper alignment with the intelligent flow of life and you want to share, impart your wisdom to help people live life connected to their own potential and truth. 

To me this is the sacred journey from student to teacher. The practice of yoga allows you to remain an eternal student of life, your wisdom, body and essence. When you discover that you want to share, uplift, inspire and be a positive influence that has a valuable impact on the world around you, then you get curious about teaching yoga.

You get involved in a wisdom tradition that has historically helped humanity evolve and expand consciousness. You begin a new practice of connecting with the patterns of your body, mind and heart finding yourself ready, with compassionate guidance, to share this inspired perspective. It is a path, a practice and a sacred art that helps support individuals in their path of self-transformation and contribute to the innovation of the collective evolution. Simply put, you step into a role that helps people move and be moved. 

As we deepen our connection to our truth, there comes a time where we transition to sharing this wisdom with the world. If you are wanting to learn the art of teaching yoga, then join me in this next adventure!

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Doing Your Light Justice: Being of Service

There’s this thing that happens when you do yoga, you know, you want to be of service. You want to make an impact on the world or community or life you are living. When you are on your mat and move your body mind and spirt, you connect to a deeper sense of hope for humanity and well you want to bring it to life and make it real. You want to share it with the world around you.

Yoga reminds us of our own potential and we want to share that potential with those we love, those that are in pain, those that are lost, those that want to share in the triumphant energy of life as well. 

Tell me, have you ever talked about how much yoga has impacted your life and told someone about it? (Regardless if they choose to come or not – you were inspired to share). That inspiration came from within and when you show up for yourself, you’re doing your light justice.

When we show up for our light, when we choose to live in a more intimate relationship with the truth of who we are we begin a sacred relationship with our essential self in a way that allows us to be of service and have a beautiful impact on the world around us. We are capable of leaning into a layer of courageous willingness and open our heart to the beauty, peace and potential in the world around us because we decided to step into a deeper alignment with our sacred essence. Choosing to live from our center and doing our light justice we realize what we hold within inspires the world world around us and our relationship with life is profound and inspiring.

Perhaps you just go to yoga to help you and your low back, to hang around like minded people, to get a good work out. All those are valid and each of those put you into a healthier relationship with yourself. Whatever reason you decide to step into a yoga pose and breathe you wake up to the transformative practice of renewing the connection to feeling good, connected and supported. 

Sometimes though our ability to connect to our innermost self gets hidden from us and it can seem like the practice and experience of life is deceiving us, causing more harm than good. It happens when we don’t step inward and rather bypass what the unflattering, limiting aspects of ourselves that simply want to also be seen, healed and supported. It happened to me, and I know it has happened to others, it happens to all of us.

We get comfortable and want to stay in the energy of peace and harmony. We forget that we are here to evolve, to gain awareness, do the inquiry and discover the path of transformation (physically, mentally and emotionally) so that we grow more fully into who we truly are meant to be. There are many reasons why it happens, but not being ready to make a shift, or because our intellect inhibits our ability to feel, or because the individual guiding us is also in the same pattern of denial making it easier to deny the pain, wound and scar that simply wants to be set free. When we show up knowing that we have imperfections and this makes us perfectly human, than it is easier to tend to the wounds of the heart and do our light justice.

Just to clarify, our light that I am talking about is that tiny sacred spark within that calls to us, that gets us out of bed, that wants to live and experience life. You might call it your soul, your spirit, your heart, your essence, call it what you like, but it is you, it is bigger than you, and for me it is in all of us – yes every single one of us. It just seems that over time it has been asked to not shine so brightly, to shrink, it’s been abused and neglected. No one’s fault, we are highly sophisticated and a soul-centered life is not for everyone.

When we choose to live a soul centered life we are hungry to put ourselves in a position to see our light and embrace our whole self. We are reminded that there is something pulsating within us calling us forward. There is a sensation that all is well and when we breathe a little more deeply and move with greater intention, we feel so much more alive, capable and connected.

To me this is yoga, it does our individual self justice so that we are inspired to share our beautiful light with the world. The practice of yoga reminds us that we are all sharing in the sacred breath together and we are here to support one another. Yet learning how to support one another without sacrificing our own integrity and essence is a little more complicated. We have to learn how to do our light justice, remain anchored in our truth, and attune to the ways we can truly be of service. When you choose to do your light justice here are 3 concepts to consider.

You Are a Work in Progress. At your core you’ve always been the same, your essential self is here to live, explore, and evolve. What that looks and feels like is up to you. You always hold authority over how you want to be in the world. That being said, who you were ten years ago and who you will be 10 years from now is shifting. The light within you is consistently present, the way you value your light will shift. Your needs do, as do your desires. So give yourself permission to grow, evolve and experience more of your own authentic light.

Live From Your Center. Being able to know your light and that you are a work in progress will help as you adapt and live with more harmony. The deal is that life ebbs and flows, waxes and wains, so knowing our center and staying anchored in this authentic and genuine experience of our inner self will keep us steady as we navigate the challenges and cycles of life. Bonus is it keeps you inspired and helps you be clear in your purpose or the impact you want to make with your life.

Our Inner Relationship Informs Our Outer Relationship with Life. This is a big one, choosing to orient our experience based on our inner condition, our inner awareness, our divine spark the experience of our life shifts radically. It shifts to one that leaves a us feeling more satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment as we choose to engage with confidence. Confidence that comes from our core. It requires intentional pauses to get to know our innermost self at a whole new level. The pause gives us room to listen more deeply, feel more fully, to heal what needs healing, to become slightly vulnerable, remain accountable, and allow our intuition to reveal the wisdom she holds deeply.

All of this is a lifestyle choice and when we choose to live this way, we become more clear and connected to the inner ways of our heart and we discover so much more peace and connection to the way to live our life. Not because everything is fair and we are free from any kind of pain, but rather that we show up for the truth of who we are. We become a disciple of our light as we discover that we are one magnificent expression of the great light that shines for us all. When these practices are a part of our life then sharing our light becomes essential, necessary and we bring more natural beauty into the world

How do you do your light justice? How do you show up for yourself so you can show up for the world you live in? How are you honoring the sacred relationship with your truth and allowing others the opportunity to show up for their own light? The next time you are out in the world, whether you are out of your comfort zone or feeling deeply supported and held, remind yourself to connect internally, find your center, know that you are a work in progress, and you in the process of doing your light justice so you can bring more integrity and inspiration to the world around you.

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In Service of Your Light

When we are asked – what is your purpose or your mission – the answer is honestly so simple. We are here to BE. To BE present, tuned in and conscious of our own great light and it’s ability to shine. By BEing we then can Bring our gifts to life and BE of service.

We each hold a unique gift that is in service of something greater. You might find you need to dig deep to understand what it is you are hear to share, but by Being present with yourself your true gifts reveal themselves. Whatever your gift is, it is here to be shared, embodied, and when you are aligned this are unique offerings that support the highest good for all those concerned.

If you are gifted at listening to loved ones, then honor your ability to hold space for them. If you gift is to make amazing meals and share them with hungry souls, then please feed them. If you gift is cleaning up the rubbish and hauling it away to make spaces more beautiful, then please don’t let it all pile up because you are waiting for the right device to haul it all away. If your gift is to discover how to cure cancer, then please just begin!

Showing up for life requires us to just begin and discover. Be with yourself, compassionately, and trust that you hold a perspective, talent, offering, and the world is waiting for you. No need to wait for the perfect moment or time but rather open yourself to the higher energy that sits deep within and kindly ask it to come forward. 

Our intuition is always ready to guide us and is not interested in the right time or place. This deep wisdom wants to flow forward and guide our way in life and be of service. Over thinking and analyzing can paralyze any action and kill a beautiful gift that the world needs. Trust your gut and take action from this grace filled space. Letting go of the expectation that it is supposed to be some grand explosion of an idea and offering and rather enjoy the fulfillment of showing up for yourself and engaging with a sacred expression of you. 

When we have allowed for a recognition of our authentic truth, we will want to organize, align  and embrace this sacred beauty so when we share we are actually in service of the highest. Here are four ways you can choose to engage with your unique offering. They are here to help you feel a level of ease amidst the vulnerability of bringing your beauty forward.

Ground Your Beauty. As we navigate and make our sacred expression visible for the world to see, we want to lean into the supportive energy that is unconditional. What grounding means is slowing down, being more intentional, even writing out your dream or vision is a means of grounding. Eating food that is of the season to feel nourished and supported will also keep our energy more grounded, supports our digestive system and allows us to rest well. All of this creates a sense of clarity and connection so we can receive the compassion.

Create Healthy Boundaries. When we realize that our unique perspective on the world is going to be of service by sharing our authentic expression to support the collective consciousness, it can be easier to be just who you are just as you are. The anxieties and insecurities that surface can inhibit our ability to make a genuine contribution. When exposing our sacred beauty having clear boundaries will keep us feeling safe, supported and also bring forward a sense of freedom. Boundaries are ways of containing the energy and holding space for your sacred light.

Awaken Your Spirit – Daily. When we want to bring our light forward we will want to connect to our spirit on a daily basis. Yoga, meditation, nutritious foods and supplements, self care, journaling, are all examples of holding space for your higher self to come forward on a daily basis. Connecting in simple yet disciplined practice awakens the energy and inspiration connected to our soul that then guides us to integrate our intuition into our lives. What is amazing is that this is a practice that will continue to ground your beauty and create healthy boundaries.

Value Your Light. You are already enough and contain all you need. By allowing presence into your life on a daily basis you may discover that there are wounds that are calling to be healed. Everyone has areas that require healing, it’s part of our humanness. Our imperfections are what make us human. Fortunately, the healing reveals more of your potential and perfection. By valuing who you are you can easily share with the world because you are in a space to receive the support, recognition, and love that comes with connection. 

When we decide to put our feet on the ground, bring order to our dreams, tend to the details and take real good care of your health – inside and out, then it is easy to connect with what matters most which is seeing your light come to life. Being able to be of service without becoming depleted is the energy of this season. Give yourself the room to connect with your intuitive intellect. Receive the love and beauty that is around you.You get to design your life so  being able to co-create with your connection to the valuable nature of your light you’ll discover your dreams are aligned with your soul.

What ways are you bring for the layers of yourself that sit deep within forward to share with the world?

What will keep you motivated on a daily basis to spark joy?

What core values can you acknowledge and let them be the foundation of your boundaries?

What grace filled growth is surfacing that is bringing your sacred beauty to life?

Yes there will be moments of ‘now what’ and the need to clear the clutter, but by staying connected to the above suggestions and contemplating the questions you’ll find renewed enthusiasm that crystalizes your light. Moderation is always a good practice and expanding your perspective while doing the research and investigation regarding the deeper layers of your being will put you in a place of strength, ambition and inspired action. 

Share with me the ways that knowing yourself more deeply through a practice of presence has been of service to those you love.

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The Energy of You

Each one of us is unique, though we are all part of a bigger collective sharing in a universal experience. Yes, sounds a little complicated unless you break it down to the fact that we are all just energetic beings. Who else believes everything is energy?

What this means is that there are different frequencies of energy and different rates of engaging with this energy – but the best part is that energy is transformable. This means that if we decide we want to be a certain way or have a certain experience we hold an ability to do so. Yes sometimes it is as easy as breathing a little deeper and sometimes it takes just a little bit more work. Regardless, if we align with ourselves then we can step into a frequency that we approve of, accept and courageously bringing forward in the world.

Being able to become who we are is quite an opportunity, some people have said the opportunity of a lifetime which is a privilege available to everyone that chooses to engage more deeply. If that sounds too complicated, it really is about coming home to who you already are – an energetic being that has what it takes to come alive!

What would it be like for you to pause and celebrate life, on some level on a daily basis? Yes, a bit of an undertaking, but getting into a positive frequency makes it easier to create and allow for an enjoyable experience of life – even when it is hard or painful. (If doing it on a daily basis seems overwhelming what about a season or a cycle or even just a few days)? It would fill our ‘resilience tank’ which would then give us the capacity to handle adversity when it comes. For those living in daily adversity, then this is a free accessible tool to reconnect you to the potential that is available to access a new reality.

In the energy of being ourselves we have to allow ourselves permission to be who we have always wanted to be. (While respecting the story of where we have come from). It may take a change in habit and routine, but you can start buy honoring the energy of you. Could you take time everyday to really tune into your uniqueness, your talents, gifts, even your story? By honoring it on a daily basis you give it more energy which allows you to stand more fully in your personal power. It requires a little bit of vulnerability but if you approve of you it is easy to take a little risk and share your light with the world. Which by the way the universe is anxiously awaiting to see you come alive!

There are external energies influencing you as well. Some of them we can shift and change, and sometimes the reality of life seems so unbearable we aren’t certain we have the resources to even begin to make a shift. Pain and adversity is real and it heavily influences how we engage in our life. This engagement is the energy we bring forward to express our experiences. In my opinion there is no real way to get rid of the pain, but we can transform it back to peace. Back to a simple joy and choose to live from that connection which in time can help heal the wounds of our heart. (If you want help with this, please reach out, to me or someone you trust and value).

One thing we want to do is allow ourselves permission to enjoy rather than deny ourselves the connection to the simple celebrations of life. Being able to laugh, getting lost in the light of our hearts, and being able to appreciate the people that show up to support, love and connect with us in our life (or our dreams). Sometimes we just have to appreciate that the breath was there for us when our life depended on it.

When we compassionately engage with the energy of ourselves we know ourselves on a deeper level. This awareness connects us to the core of our being creating value, confidence, and authenticity. What I believe is that when we connect to our individual energy then we honor the energy of the collective. At the same rate if we honor and appreciate the collective it can be easier to step in and honor the energy of the individual.

If you find the energy of the collective to be discouraging, connect back to what inspires you and engage with this energy regularly so you can bring forward your gifts in subtle ways to make a radical difference over time. In the same effort if you are inspired by the energy around you, connect back to the energy of yourself that appreciates this reflection, engage with it on your own terms and add to the inspiration of the world.

What energy of life lights you up right now? What energy are you bringing to life? Tell me cause I love to know the energy of you!

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Sacred Self Care: Settling into Your Soul

Long days are so nice, especially when you have a little reprieve from the busy days of the rest of the year. I know for some of us nothing really shifts, we work year round. But what does shift there is more daylight, warmth, fresh fruits and veggies, flowers, and nature is vibrant and visible. 

What the moon does is remind us that we can find ease this time of year. All the digging, the clarifying, the honoring, the deeper work we have embarked upon, well, we can truly receive at this juncture.

When there is a new moon there is new energy, it’s a reminder to begin again, get clear, have a new focus, and attend to the needs of our highest self in living our fullest life. We can settle down, tune and and attune to what our hearts are calling for and clarify our vision, believe in it’s possibility and see it as true. You down?!?

This month the moon sits with the sun in the sign of Cancer. Cancer energy is all about the inner contemplation, like how are you taking care of your inner world. It is a beautiful opportunity to know ourselves more deeply, to explore the energy that defines the core of our being but it is energy that is unseen, misunderstood and even unexplainable on some level.

What makes this such a remarkable time (I am biased by the way, my moon is in cancer, and well, it also sits in my professional house of how I like to take the lead in my life in order to lead others). Cancer is associated with the divine sacred mother and reminds us to make our light, caring for, tending too and making this sacred self care our highest priority.

Give yourself a moment on July 2nd to think on what will allow your light to flourish. Some good hints that are inspired by the current energetics of the cosmos – patience, love and care. Part of what will help you grow, take risks and feel secure though we are incredibly vulnerable is inner reliance.

Letting your inner self, your innate wisdom, know that you are listening and allowing your highest self be seen, heard and appreciated. This self assurance will take you far as even when you take a chance and it doesn’t go as planned, you are at peace as you were authentically aligned.

Another part of this cycle is feelings – emotions and needing to feel them all. The good news is they can guide you in the best way you can care for yourself. No need to fear your feelings, but rather enjoy this time to feel deeply so you can tune in to your potential more fully.

Your intuition, or inner compass, will help you in a major way. Yes digging into the deeper layers of yourself can seem a bit much, but when you are showing up to support the parts of you that are hungry for a change will reveal to you easily. This inner wisdom sweetly waits but is always hoping you will trust in your own potential to come home to yourself.

While you might have to get a little uncomfortable and vulnerable in order to settle into yourself, it is possible when you decide to slow things down. By being gentle with yourself you will find you are more willing to receive a life with more ease and support. If you can be comfortable in your own skin, commit to sacred self care, align with your soul, honor the deeper layers of your being you’ll be able to make radical changes.

Another interesting note is we will also be experiencing a total solar eclipse (only visible in South America). Eclipses are a little bit complicated, but strangely aligned cosmically. They inform the individual and the collective. It makes it a powerful time to evolve and step into a new way of being.

One thing I am doing is letting go of the need to have everything figured out before showing up and rather trusting my instinct and that feeling of wanting to run and hide once I take action of leaning into that space of vulnerability and give myself room to feel the pain, fear, and uncertainty.

So will you join me in envisioning a life that takes care of you? Where the energy flows effortlessly because you are honoring your innermost self, tending to her, nourishing her, caring for the deeper layers of you? It requires a bit of trust, the willingness to slow down, relax, and take action when our gut inspires us rather than when it is convenient, logical or even practical.

Come join my Facebook Group to embark on a 28 Day Sacred Self Care Journey. There will be inspiration, guidance, encouragement, community, accountability, fun, education, invitations and a deeper understanding of the work I do. The journey is free though I will be sharing information on ways you can take better care of yourself through Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, and Plant Based Supplements. In total transparency, I am completely over my head, but hey, I am trusting in the unknown and what matters most to me. Having you there will help me take this big leap – so PLEASE, come on! We get started July 2!!! Who knows if I’ll ever do this again!

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The Involvement of Growth

On the path of life there is the invitation to live grounded in the peace of our true self. Holding this intention is known as Sankalpa in yoga. In order to experience the great light of our true essence we have to also honor the wounds that need healing. These imprints on our soul are called Samskara. With the consistency of the practice we nourish, heal, and hold space to honor our whole self.

Being consistent with our practice is essential if we want to heal. If we hold the intention to at least just show up, regardless if we are feeling amazing or are struggling deeply, we make a shift back to peace, Shanti, and hold more confidence in our ability to stand in our light, Samadhi. These are the core elements that I lean into as a yoga practitioner, teacher, mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter. It is all really amazing and can help us grow or evolve at a soul level.

When people show up on their mat I ask these questions consistently… What do you standing for? What motivated them to show up? Will they allow themselves to honor the effort it took to arrive? Inviting people to show up for their own light requires a level of courage – the courage to see the value of their own worth.

I am going to come clean though, in over 20 years of a deeply committed yoga practice that definitely saved my life, along the journey I realized that it just wasn’t enough. Yep, true confessions of a yoga practitioner that is devoted to her spiritual practices that includes meditation. Becoming a mom made it even more apparent. Before I go any further, I hold a high standard of what it means to stand in my light. I am not fulfilled if I am not evolving and growing. It is evident in how much I have invested in trainings to help, serve and heal. This can be exhausting and expensive, but it is what nourishes me and keeps me engaged in my life.

Motherhood is an amazing opportunity that I consciously choose and had to fight for and stay committed too. There are moments where I find myself in a stark contrast to all that I stand for and it has thrown me into the deepest and darkest layers of myself. I have so many tools yet I have to keep finding more tools. Thankfully this search keeps me open to receiving guidance.

That guidance directed me to take care of myself at a core level on a whole new level. I added supplements to heal my gut with Plexus and sought out the best therapist that does EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is because of my commitment to being my best self through a WHOLISTIC approach that I was able to tune into the alarm clock of stress. When certain things I do really well and with ease aren’t coming together as clearly, sharply or easily, I go inward to seek guidance from my soul and well, this is where I found myself – doing more work to heal the deeper layers of me.

When I shared with a client of mine that I was going to commit to a deeper level of healing (I prefer to be transparent) she said to me “you are… rather involved”. It warmed my heart that she noticed, was curious, but really just holding space for me too. Holding space for each other is what another client says is living in diversity. I love my clients as they know firsthand that this life, to really live it to your best, to be in a strong healthy relationship with your higher self, requires growth which requires your commitment. Consistently remaining in a relationship with your own light. Your most satisfying and fulfilled life is an inside job that keeps you involved with your own evolution.

There’s so much taboo, and stigma around needing therapy or wanting a coach. Yet being able to ask for help is essential. People love to help as I am sure you do too. There are so many people that are afraid of being alive – but that is an entirely different subject and if you are reading this – that is not you. Fearing our own light is an example of how much pain we hold inside and it is evident in the ways people keep knocking other people down. Not honoring the pain is one thing, being ok living in pain is another, both of them are examples of being afraid to live.

Choosing to do deep trauma work comes from honoring my anger, fear and fact that I can’t do all that I desire to do and be the version of me that I know is there but she seems hidden from time to time. It might sound weird to say that going to those dark places, sitting in the pain, letting tears flow and being ok with being deeply lost is so powerful but I can because going there allows the opportunity for transformation. Now I can talk about it, fell lighter, have more energy, feel more enthusiasm for life, sleep better and have a stronger belief in my own worth. I feel more peace and hold a greater vision for myself and those that are with me in this journey of life. So my hope in sharing this is that maybe talking about the darkness will bring more light and make it easier for you to do the deeper work.

Seeing that yoga is like therapy for so many, so why would you just stop at the mat? Yoga had a stigma a while back, when I first started teaching, but look how that has shifted with so much evidence of how it helps nourish your soul.

Ever notice how in a group class, workshop or retreat is so much more fun when there are people practicing with you. When we are in a community we can grow together mainly because we are reminded we are not alone. Our wounds are unique but there is a commonality in being human.

If you think that we can do this life alone and without any kind of growth, you just might be killing your soul.

You do want to drop into the deeper layers of yourself and receive the guidance or your higher self. To come home to your truth. It is a process of releasing and renewing. And while meditation appears to be a practice of sitting alone with yourself, you are actually inviting in the great light of consciousness, god, spirit, source, however you call it. It is the process of holding space for yourself. So you realize you are not alone. It strengthens your ability to acknowledge what are you willing to be involved in and align with your truth. When you work with someone trained and experienced in facilitating healing you are inviting in an energy that holds you in a higher regard, keeping you accountable for your own worth.

To think that we can do it all on our own is living from a limited perspective and shutting out spirit no matter how you believe. The paradox in this is that I teach self-reliance and how one can advocate for themselves. This is also one of my weaknesses. I can still be too reliant on my own self, too full of pride or righteous. I am highly skilled you know, and that in of itself is what takes me down and why I am sharing that even I have pain, struggles and have learned to ask for help in the deeper healing of my own soul’s light.

Knowing your tendencies and triggers is where the power of transformation resides. I tend to be the hero, the helper and the one always taking care of everyone else’s needs. Thanks to the general nature of being in relationship to life requires an involvement in the relationship with oneself.

Being committed to my highest self layered with my eternal quest to always go deeper and seek more clarity has lead me to the understanding that it is essential for me to receive – like my life depends on it. All our lives depend on it, it is a universal truth. Showing up for the deep work can be uncomfortable. But that discomfort is short term and the peace and joy is always waiting on the other side.

Even when I am not certain I have it in me, I show up for my light every day. I’ve learned that I have to make my life a priority and be involved in my growth if I’m gonna be any kind of light for anybody else. Showing up for the light of our own heart, our own heartbeat, the people that we love, the community we live in, the humanity that we engage in this life with, it’s essential that we show up for our own self. Showing up means we have to be involved with the deeper layers, the soil of our soul.

The involvement of growth is more than just being positive, thinking good thoughts and always having the most elaborate self-care list. Actually it is about honoring the wounds, practicing forgiveness, cultivating compassion and allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to allow other people to hold space for your own healing.

When you show up for your highest light you want to remember you are human, and every human holds an imprint on their soul that is going to require an involvement with healing. This samsara will work with your ego or your dark side and try really hard to hide your truth. Living authentically aligned means to your willing to love on your weaknesses. It makes it easier to make decisions around wanting to wear deodorant or not. To engage with your highest might cause a little ripple of discomfort to get back to the peace and joy. What comes is clarity. Being clear in where you invest your time and your energy is priceless really. The involvement of growth brings so much more freedom to your life.

Please know that I am a highly functioning person who has a lot of trauma.  I feel incredibly blessed with all my experiences that my resilience has always been strong. Trauma is trauma. It happens every day and because it happens a lot when were young does not mean we deserve it or that it is ok. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t have access to people holding space for their own transformation. Maybe by sharing a little bit of my own pain and struggle it will give you permission to no longer be haunted by your own darkness.

Those moments of heartache are nothing to be ashamed of but rather embraced, respected and nourished. Because all of us have wounds and this is what allows us to be compassionate. These wounds teacher us to the wisdom of our own hearts that can guide us on a daily basis. Getting involved in your own evolution and personal growth brings forward freedom where you can stand in your light with more ease, more comfort, more peace and more enjoyment for life as a whole.

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Allow Yourself To Grow: Aligning with Your Soul

Life is a a beautiful cycle that has a beginning a middle and an end. We might live in the world of ‘my way or the highway’ or we might live in the world of ‘you win some, you loose some…so we live and learn’. If you are interested in living life with more satisfaction and fulfillment, putting forward the effort to face the challenges of life becomes totally worth it when we are grounded in a belief that we are wired to grow. The main purpose for each of us, in my opinion, is we are here to enjoy the ways we can ever expand the light of our soul.

Since I am in the business of celebrating the great light of consciousness in each individual and supporting their sense of potential through their soul’s desires, a core belief of mine is that we are wired to grow! Simply put with a small amount of effort we can shift the way we engage in life, support our brain, support our relationship with life and heighten our appreciation not just for ourselves but with those we love as well.

What goes on in our minds impacts what goes on in our life. When we can approach our challenges with enthusiasm you discover the effort required brings greater mastery with our own relationships the ability to spark joy. Our souls know exactly what we are here to do. It is our mind that can cause harm and inflict unnecessary pain. When we get stuck we tend to give up not living up to our potential. Bringing our soul to life offers so much fulfillment but requires time and attention. 

You have to be willing to take a chance, to mess up, to fail and still appreciate the opportunity. Willingness to tune into your own unique wisdom, plant a seed, tend to it, support it, offer it up and release the expectation of your efforts while allowing for gratitude as the opportunity to even take a chance to have surfaced. Choosing to stay comfortable sounds kind of nice, it’s easy to say ’that’s just the way of things’ but our enthusiasm and motivation for living in general gets short changed and joy quickly gets sabotaged.

Yet have I heard anyone start their day begging for it to royally suck. Praying that they piss everyone they encounter off. Or hoping that they go to bed with great remorse and regret. 

Now the motivation or enthusiasm for life might be rather dim, but if you take the time to look at your own mindset and realize the brain is wired to expand and improve (neural plasticity) well then the effort that is required can come more easily. Here are four steps to support your soulful life.

  1. Self Development through Inquiry. Yes, ask questions. Get curious. Who am I? What am I here for? What is my soul’s purpose? Do I have a soul? What do I believe? What do I want to do today? What do I want to do with life? What did I come here to learn? Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy? What am I passionate about? (These are just a tiny handful). Investigating and investing time into your own nature builds more confidence as you foster your own worth. This process allows you to find value and the courage to go out into the world. Inspired action surfaces from this introspective energy.
  1. Aligned Strategies and Actions. Through the process of inquiry you are able to show up for life. It’s not about doing it smart or doing it right, but rather just going for it, staying the course, embracing completely and releasing the patterns, thoughts and energy that keep you dull. When you take action based on a strong sense of purpose, you are inspired to create from this vantage point, to roll the dice, take a risk, and experiment with what is out in the world all the while owning your own skills. – seeking meaning to feel a greater sense of belonging. It is not about how much you accomplished and if it was good or not but rather satisfaction comes from the effort put forward. Embrace the vulnerability while you own your skills- it’s worth it!
  1. Nutrition and Sleep. One would think this is a no brainer. You are what you eat and well you can not properly function with out rest. It is the way we are created physiologically. When we live with a growth mindset we can achieve so much more as we respect all that which sustains us. In order to grow we must nurture and allow room for rest and renewal. It is simple basic self care.You are not just feeding your body, but rather feeding and nourishing your soul..
  1. Release Past Expectations. The mind can get hung up on the way it is supposed to be rather than allowing for the life that awaits us. Letting go of the life we think have been conditioned to believe we want and welcoming the life we are meant to have. I requires noticing what gives you energy and what drains you. This allows for evolution and a greater alignment with the soul’s journey. When something doesn’t go your way it does not mean you are a failure but rather it is a sign that you are evolving.

Each step feeds and supports the next. We are constantly being presented with moments of renewal. In that space of renewal we can give ourselves the time and space to look within and listen for the voice of our highest self our soul’s desires. What we find is not just meaning.  We gain energy by living every day engaged with body, mind and spirit. A sense of belonging within our selves. As we explore and expand our horizons we might get bounced around, but what a fun ride it can be. 

Allowing yourself to grow requires a commitment to self discovery, and recognizing you are worth it that you deserve it! We align with our soul to see the inner map that guides us to a life anchored in our truth and authentically aligned. We discover the effort required to grow brings our soul’s light forward with ease. Ultimately, our best life is a life filled with the best version of ourselves coming straight from our soul.

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Core Health: 10 Reasons to Love On Your Gut

While I am a huge advocate of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and holding space for our highest self, this comes through making conscious choices to support our inner world. Being dedicated to a lifestyle that involves the body, mind and soul it only makes sense to be mindful of what one feeds themselves – literally and figuratively. Being able to physically strengthen ourselves from the inside out in our thoughts and actions comes from our core. Our core values guide us in the decisions we make and our gut supports our minds in the clarity it seeks. Being clear in the ways in which you show up comes from a healthy integration of the whole.

What’s cool is the more and more we show up for ourselves the more we know the ways to support those we love. Being able to live with a little more balance grounded in clarity fueled by love isn’t just a pretty way of putting it, it’s how I choose to live – every day and encourage clients both those that show up on the mat and those the choose to trust me as a guide on the side.

Our life impacts us, stress is real, no one is immune to the challenges of being human. All that I have studied reminds me again and again how connected everything is so making healthy lifestyle choices influences not just my experience but my health and longevity as well.

From a physical stand point diet and exercise is essential. What science is demonstrating is that real health starts in our gut. Then there is the emotional piece. You know that feeling in your belly, that heaviness in your heart, the enthusiasm for the season, the joy we love to spark, and the peace that keeps us steady. We are wired to respond to our environment and when our mind is clouded by stress, relationships and poor habits we can find ourselves misguided and exhausted. Our emotions are influenced by our hormones and our hormones are informed by the chemistry of our gut. All the more reason to focus on Core Health.

These 10 little tips (inspired by my friend Eric Stoneberg) are regarding probiotic and microbiome benefits that come from supporting your gut. By changing your diet to eat foods with probiotics and prebiotics you will begin to support the flora, bacteria and microbiome. You will also want to cleanse the GI track to fully absorb the nutrients. What’s exciting is that it is totally possible! Even better, while the evidence is still building, the risk to try it for yourself is incredibly low. Committing to your health at a deep level is a commitment to your light. The world wants you to radiate your light!

1: Winter Blues

Taking a daily probiotic has been shown to increase vitamin D levels – well known to be low during the winter months (by more than 25%) and to modulate the area of the brain responsible for mood. While spring is on her way as I write this, winter is guaranteed to return again so being proactive for a good mood next winter has even more benefits. Improving gut health especially through a microbiome you help reduce depression.

2: Mood 

Are you aware of how well connected the brain and the gut are? Research indicates that maintaining a healthy gut flora can help to reduce anxiety and lower levels of brain activity linked to emotional pain while increasing activity associated with decision making. Your gut is home to your second brain that has a direct line to your main brain called the gut brain axis. This communication highway can be improved to heal digestive issues associated with mental illnesses like anxiety and depression and when the bacteria is good your mood is too. This won’t make it easier to balance your bank account but it can help you make choices that support your bank account. Clarity in the brain to make daily lifestyle choices supports our overall enjoyment of life and mental health.

3: Fatigue 

A lack of energy arises when you aren’t getting the vital vitamins and nutrients from your food needed to keep you functioning at your best. If your digestive system is sluggish or even over active our energy levels are directly impacted. Carrying around extra shit just isn’t motivating and slows us down. A multi-strain probiotic helps to sustain healthy levels of good bacteria, which in turn helps you absorb the goodness from the food you’re eating. It’s like your gut thanks you for eating healthy by supporting you with more energy. A healthy gut flora also aids in the production of extra B vitamins, which are essential for energy production throughout the body.

4: Sleep 

The gut is largely responsible for the production of the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin, which is needed to make the ‘relaxation hormone’ melatonin. Taking a multi-strain probiotic can boost the production of these hormones to help you sleep more soundly. Hormonal balance layered with solid sleep is a win win!

5: Weight Loss 

Cutting edge research shows that dysbiosis (more bad than good bacteria in our guts) plays a significant role in weight gain. 70% of adults in the USA are thought to have dysbiosis. Ensuring that you are getting lots of good bacteria alongside a healthy diet and fitness regime can help to reduce excess weight.

6: Allergies & Your Immune System

Allergies are said to be a malfunction of your immune system or a sign that your immune system needs some love. With 70% of the immune system lying in the gut, maintaining healthy gut flora can help to manage the various symptoms of allergies. This is where we fight viruses and molds. Our autoimmune system can also attack our bodies rather then support our system, riding the bad bacteria that inhibits healthy gut flora creates a healthy optimal environment. To keep us healthy we need to keep the bacteria healthy.

7: Stress

Stress disturbs the mixture of bacteria in our gut and increases production of bad bacteria. Stress has been shown to irritate or aggravate a range of diseases. Probiotics encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria which support healthy immune functions. Layer this with having a more clear mind you quickly begin to reduce stress more effectively.

8: Bloating 

It is the bad bacteria in the gut which produces gas (stinky toots) and cause bloating. Sugary and processed foods feed this bacteria, helping it to multiply. Eating fermented foods and taking a multi-strain probiotic tops up the beneficial bacteria to prevent an imbalance in the gut and reduce the effects of bloating. Yogurt, kambucha, pickle juice, sauerkraut all help this as they are fermented as does adding a powerhouse system that includes an anti fungal and digestive enzyme.

9: Sex 

Serotonin is the primary neurotransmitter that determines if you feel happy, have energy and yes—if you’re in the mood to have sex. Serotonin is involved in controlling and enhancing blood flow to different regions of your body, especially the genital regions, which further explains its vital role in libido. And while we may automatically think neurotransmitters such as serotonin that “turn on” sexual arousal are produced in the brain, research shows closer to 90% of serotonin is, in fact, produced by gut microbes.

Overall happiness, energy levels and sex drive begin with a healthy digestive tract. Reducing and eliminating pathogenic yeast from the gut can rebalance beneficial gut flora to improve sexual function for all genders.

10: Irritable Bowl Syndrome

About 60 million people — that’s 20 percent of Americans — have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). They struggle with miserable, often disabling symptoms like bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and pain.

The surface area of your small intestine, where food is absorbed, is about the size of a tennis court. That area also houses about 70% of your immune system.

This sophisticated gut-immune system is just one cell layer away from a toxic sewer; that is, all of the bacteria and undigested food particles in your gut. When that lining breaks down, your immune system will be exposed to foreign particles from food, bacteria, and other microbes.

Simply put, your gut microbial ecosystem must be healthy for you to be healthy. When your gut bacteria are out of balance — when you have too many pathogenic bacteria and not enough healthy bacteria — you get sick. In addition to making healthier food choices, repopulating your digestive tract with good bacteria while eliminating pathogenic bacteria can reverse the symptoms of IBS. Reducing anxiety is also a way to reduce IBS, leaving a strong connection to how everything is connected.

Physical and mental health go hand in hand. Our decisions literally come from our core both physiologically and energetically. Trusting your gut energetically and physically will only improve your experience of life giving you a heightened appreciation and supporting your over health and well being. If you want to learn more or are ready to take action to feel better from the inside out CONTACT ME. Bellow are some links to back up the statements above. Evidence is still building but there is little risk to conduct your own research CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED.