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Understanding The Elements

When we understand the elements in life we can connect back to ourselves in a much better way. When we have a healthy relationship with ourselves then we tend to also have a healthy relationship with everyone else in our lives as well.

The last time I checked…I wasn’t the only one trying to live life.

The elements influence our perspective which informs our experience. Connecting to the basic energy of the elements we begin to live with more compassion, clarity and confidence. 

Yoga shares that there are five great elements – the Maha Bhutas and that these elements help us know ourselves. Without providing a discourse in philosophy or science even, the basic idea is that we are all made of the same ingredients. Ayurveda, a sister science to yoga, also orients everything to these 5 elements and Astrology, another sister science, looks to the 4 elements as the 5th is the space in which we exist.

If we look at these elements as archetypes, energy that is within all of humanity, we do two things. We shift our perspective and relationship we have with different types of behavior and we begin to experience a stronger interconnection to life. Oh wait, there’s a third – we strengthen our intuition!

To keep things simple, when we understand the symbolism behind these elements, then we understand they are our core ingredients. EVERYONE that is living on planet earth shares in these core ingredients.

Earth – This element has everything to do with the physical body, boundaries, the foundation of our experience, structure, order and systems, so in other words – highly dependable and reliable. This energy has the power to get things done, to bring spirit into form, make a plan, highly patient, and goal oriented. When misaligned this energy can be a workaholic and get stuck in a rut of no play staying too busy in doing rather than being, hoarding, stubborn, rigid and can get stuck in the mundane quickly. 

Water – This element has everything to do with relationship and the energy of connection, creativity, intimacy, highly sensitive, and natural healers. This energy has a warm soul, the ability to bring awareness to hidden emotions, they make sense of the human experience, soften edges and a strong imagination. When there is access of this energy their vivid imaginations can cloud their ability to perceive, they can drain other people’s energy quickly, manipulate, become possessive and are vulnerable to addictions. When in balance they understand the undercurrents of life, can nourish, love and are incredibly loyal.

Fire – This element has to do with the divine spark of the heart, the ability to digest (food and life), transform and nourish. The enthusiasm they hold for life is contagious, the trust in life is strong and is willing to take risks and live with spontaneity. When there is access of this energy the acting on instinct can appear reckless, think only of themselves, and can find a lot of resistance if always trying to take the shortcut. When in balance it is easy for to see the interconnection, be on the leading edge of new experiences and easily guiding others on the path of life.

Air – This element has to do with the nervous system, the mind, our perspective and the inspiration that comes from the connection we make with life. It is associated with all the synapsis firing in our brains and the oxygen that moves through our blood and lungs. The intellect is here as is communication, socialization, knowledge, curiosity and connection to consciousness. It is the energy that can help you break through old patterns and provides inspiration to lift you up and create the change you desire in your life.  When there is too much, the tendency to over talk, avoid emotions – or talk through rather than feel, too busy with ideas to take action or sleep. When in balance you remain curious, continue to learn, strong decision making and brilliance comes through insight and inspiration.

Ether – This element has to do with the environment in which we live, from the space of a room to the cosmos. It is the energy that sustains us and provides the depth, dimension and consciousness as a whole. It is the vibratory field that pulls us forward in our experience in life and the energy that is felt yet unseen. When this energy is out of alignment our experience is highly contractive, limiting, suffocating, and keeps us aloof, spacey and disconnected. When this energy is in alignment we are easily able to connect with the interconnection of life, honor all beings everywhere and tap into a potential that expands our conscious evolution.

The combination of these elements create different experiences. While this summary short hopefully you have glimpse to understanding how they influence you, your life and the way we connect to one another. 

Each day is charged with more of one energy than the other. Yep, the energy of the cosmos inform our daily experience. When we tune into these patterns on a daily basis we can refine our focus and show up for life with an awareness of the collective consciousness and co-create our lives and experience.

Here’s what’s even more cool, orienting our awareness to this perspective helps us align with our soul. This alignment allows for authenticity. Besides, we are just all Stardust anyway, right?

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Expand Your Potential

TIs the season to offer deep appreciation. It is also the season of long nights. A season of spreading good cheer and a time to connect with the energy that allows you to come alive. A season to nourish and tend to the soil of our hearts, those we love and clear the air of ill will so we can renew the energy that will carry us forward. A season to dream big, get out of our comfort zone and open up to new possibilities and perspectives.

Right now is the time to truly appreciate all that happened this year. The good, the bad, and the straight up confusion. When we get into a flow of appreciation it is easier to see the potential, to dream big, shift patterns, and expand the joy of our own lives for the greater good.

We can get into this flow and step into a greater version of ourselves when we are inspired. Being inspired is being in alignment with spirit, source or God – however you define it. Perhaps it is all divine unfolding that inspires and informs the experience of our lives. 

Personally, I believe we are each on a sacred journey where we are all invited to consciously co-create our lives with the energy of something bigger. Each breath is an invitation (and an offering) where we align with the larger energy of the universe and bring meaning into our lives. 

How often do you take the time to look at the bigger picture of life? Hold space to awaken to the cosmic abundance and get really clear on the ways you can bring your authentic expression forward.

Appreciating life is one thing, embracing yourself just as you are right here right now allows for more growth. Trusting deeply that you are becoming even more of who you are meant to be creates an experience of life that’s full of a heightened appreciation.

When we consciously co-create our life with the energy of mother nature and the rhythm of the heavens above we begin to live with what I call divine design. It is a way to remain in alignment with spirit and find inspiration, meaning and depth with our experience of life. To affirm the renewable energy of our own soul and stay in a healthy relationship with our own evolution.

As the days grow short and the nights get longer we are in a season of being able to reflect on all that has come to the surface and see how it can be of service as we move forward in our life. Not to live out a standard or an expectation but rather to participate for the greater good of humanity. The year is slowly coming to a close and the life of 2019 is slowly beginning to dissolve. 

Embracing the whole of you allows your light to selflessly shine and be of tremendous service to others. You are reading this so there is a strong likelihood that you have a genuine and deep desire to be of support to others, to serve the greater good of humanity, and to make a difference in the world.

Now it’s time to dream. Think big. Expand your potential in the way you can be of true support while remaining authentically aligned and living with a strong connection to the unconditional love of the universe. It requires a small leap of faith, a little effort in shifting patterns and a willing and open mind to experience the depths of your heart and soul. 

Try it out. Give yourself a moment to connect to the good of the year, appreciating when the heart strings were pulled. Honoring the pain and wounds of the heart. Now see the silver lining of these moments. Perhaps trust that there is more at work than your own efforts and see if you can also celebrate the triumph of light and love. That your nature is resilient as you are here still engaged in this offering. This is a practice that will keep your mind in more of the positive and inspired realm.

When we are in this space we are more inspired to give back to the world around us including the company we want to keep moving forward. It is also a practice that informs the energy that will keep you company as you move into 2020.

Now it is an exercise where you will want to see the areas in life where you need to make peace with what was and feel into the ways you can forgive so that you can truly release what energy is no longer serving you. It is in this time of closure that we make way for what is new. It is an exercise that helps us become more clear on the energy of you, the version of you that you want to bring forward and awaken to what is to come.

It’s like the end of a yoga class. The moment you finally lie down for savasana. Getting there as quickly as you can to enjoy, restore and assimilate. It is the time of year to not race to the finish line but rather take really sacred care of ourselves. When we reflect on what worked and what needs to be released we can clarify the boundaries and nourish our soul on a deeper level. 

When you come up seated at the end of that yoga class, there is a part of you that doesn’t want it to end and a part of you that is so deeply renewed that you discover you are ready to reengage with life. You are able to expand the joy and allow the goodness of life to be contagious. Your smile is genuine and it radiates from the depth of your being.

I will be sharing ways to align your soul with the energy of this season as I hold a genuine appreciation for you being you. Daily inspiration is happening in Mindfully You on Facebook.

The heartfelt gratitude I hold for both the stars in the sky and you are hard to define in words. My hope is you find a way to divinely design your life where your appreciation is elevated and heightened, your satisfaction expansive and the fulfillment fuels a greater sense of contentment. If there is something you would like to see from me, let me know in the comments bellow.

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The Sacred Journey of You

Chances are you are here because you identify with the energy of transformation. That despite all the challenges of life, the trials and tribulations, you have found a way to be triumphant! You are here because of your courageous nature and the sacrifices you make for the greater good. Even when the problems seem overwhelming, you find your way, your path, your strength.

Your bravery is admired and you are on a quest of great honor. A journey to overcome and move through the moments in life that hold great difficulty. You work incredibly hard to respect your enemy and realize being true to you is a path you remain highly committed to even with the chaos that entails. You are here as you are not satisfied with a surface level experience and are curious about the spiritual expression of life as a whole. I admire and respect you for being exactly who you are and appreciate you for being a great student of life, the body, mind and soul.

These are all qualities of the yoga student as well. You arrive on your mat hungry to move and connect to the deeper layers of yourself. To breathe into areas that feel restricted and contracted. You engage in moments that challenge you, stress you and perhaps even expose perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that then offer information regarding the atmosphere of your experience. Yet you remain steady with the practice as you know you return, revive and restore your true essence.

The time you spend on the mat allows for acceptance of what is and appreciation for your capacity to transform and realign with your values and beliefs. You gain powerful insight regarding your own experience and can then adapt to the situations of the life around you. The practice informs your behaviors, the way you show up and the feedback offered supports you. This support is welcomed when stepping forward as it provides  a strong, sacred sense of connection to your whole self. How amazing is it to feel inspired and know you will be guided in your ability to show back up for the greater good!?!

For me, Yoga provides the indisputable connection between our mind, our body, our spirit and our environment. We gain an awareness of how the one impacts the other. We connect back to the commonality that we are being supported by something greater and yet also support that something greater individually. Each time we practice evidence accumulates in the ways the internal world impacts the external and the external word impacts the internal.

When we make patterns with the body we reveal the patterns that are present in the mind. This discovery reconnects us to a part of ourselves that seems to be present and deserves some attention. This presence holds great wisdom and insight in the ways we can be exactly who we are while feeling united with the bigger picture of life and consciousness. This sense of belonging is a major source to draw inspiration, to bring meaning into our life and navigate the terrain of being human.  When we are in touch with this presence she calls at us to make a change, to positively improve and be of service to the greater good. 

Another aspect of yoga for me is that it asks us to surrender. We let go. We realize that there are patterns not serving us. Patterns in the body, the mind, and buried within the heart that are negating our experience of our truth and our life.

We pause to engage with our whole self and these subtle impressions of our past come to the surface. It is not always comfortable and can feel rather humbling. However when we work with our level of awareness and our intentions, we begin to cleanse and nourish which creates transformation. 

Our awareness grows and we discover the contents of our innermost self  informing our perception. We realize we can take responsibility to and create a level of change. We align with a willpower and experience subtle shift that transforms our experience radically. When this happens we find a deeper connection to our sense of purpose and find ourselves wanting to be more generous with our personal fortune. 

When we know this it is easier to move inward and do the inner work. We make shapes with the body and give direction to the mind. We step into the crevices of our essential self with honor and respect. We allow our awareness to align from a higher vantage point and evolve. Yoga provides a practice that integrates will, alignment and inspired action.

The will power that moves us forward resides in the depth of the heart. Being able to go inner ward and do the work is the real truth of the yoga student. The recognition that your will power is united or connected with the divine will of the universe gives you ground to surrender into. 

When you surrender you learn to lean into the source that is greater than you. Bringing your actions into alignment with this divine source, you are able to overcome the obstacle of you, the monster of darkness, make friends with the unknown, live in the mystery and be motivated in the search for identity and wholeness. We become a conduit to aid in life calling forward the good in humanity.

When you have found that the journey inward reveals your ability to be a hero to your own light, then you find you are ready to share this wisdom with others. You find your commitment to the path of remaining true, bringing forward the good in humanity, and want to share this self-transformation and bring this vision into the world. To bring your light to life.

The quest shifts and you realize a deeper call to inspire, uplift and help evolve communities, cultures and consciousness as a whole. You find your faith in a deeper alignment with the intelligent flow of life and you want to share, impart your wisdom to help people live life connected to their own potential and truth. 

To me this is the sacred journey from student to teacher. The practice of yoga allows you to remain an eternal student of life, your wisdom, body and essence. When you discover that you want to share, uplift, inspire and be a positive influence that has a valuable impact on the world around you, then you get curious about teaching yoga.

You get involved in a wisdom tradition that has historically helped humanity evolve and expand consciousness. You begin a new practice of connecting with the patterns of your body, mind and heart finding yourself ready, with compassionate guidance, to share this inspired perspective. It is a path, a practice and a sacred art that helps support individuals in their path of self-transformation and contribute to the innovation of the collective evolution. Simply put, you step into a role that helps people move and be moved. 

As we deepen our connection to our truth, there comes a time where we transition to sharing this wisdom with the world. If you are wanting to learn the art of teaching yoga, then join me in this next adventure!

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The Energy of You

Each one of us is unique, though we are all part of a bigger collective sharing in a universal experience. Yes, sounds a little complicated unless you break it down to the fact that we are all just energetic beings. Who else believes everything is energy?

What this means is that there are different frequencies of energy and different rates of engaging with this energy – but the best part is that energy is transformable. This means that if we decide we want to be a certain way or have a certain experience we hold an ability to do so. Yes sometimes it is as easy as breathing a little deeper and sometimes it takes just a little bit more work. Regardless, if we align with ourselves then we can step into a frequency that we approve of, accept and courageously bringing forward in the world.

Being able to become who we are is quite an opportunity, some people have said the opportunity of a lifetime which is a privilege available to everyone that chooses to engage more deeply. If that sounds too complicated, it really is about coming home to who you already are – an energetic being that has what it takes to come alive!

What would it be like for you to pause and celebrate life, on some level on a daily basis? Yes, a bit of an undertaking, but getting into a positive frequency makes it easier to create and allow for an enjoyable experience of life – even when it is hard or painful. (If doing it on a daily basis seems overwhelming what about a season or a cycle or even just a few days)? It would fill our ‘resilience tank’ which would then give us the capacity to handle adversity when it comes. For those living in daily adversity, then this is a free accessible tool to reconnect you to the potential that is available to access a new reality.

In the energy of being ourselves we have to allow ourselves permission to be who we have always wanted to be. (While respecting the story of where we have come from). It may take a change in habit and routine, but you can start buy honoring the energy of you. Could you take time everyday to really tune into your uniqueness, your talents, gifts, even your story? By honoring it on a daily basis you give it more energy which allows you to stand more fully in your personal power. It requires a little bit of vulnerability but if you approve of you it is easy to take a little risk and share your light with the world. Which by the way the universe is anxiously awaiting to see you come alive!

There are external energies influencing you as well. Some of them we can shift and change, and sometimes the reality of life seems so unbearable we aren’t certain we have the resources to even begin to make a shift. Pain and adversity is real and it heavily influences how we engage in our life. This engagement is the energy we bring forward to express our experiences. In my opinion there is no real way to get rid of the pain, but we can transform it back to peace. Back to a simple joy and choose to live from that connection which in time can help heal the wounds of our heart. (If you want help with this, please reach out, to me or someone you trust and value).

One thing we want to do is allow ourselves permission to enjoy rather than deny ourselves the connection to the simple celebrations of life. Being able to laugh, getting lost in the light of our hearts, and being able to appreciate the people that show up to support, love and connect with us in our life (or our dreams). Sometimes we just have to appreciate that the breath was there for us when our life depended on it.

When we compassionately engage with the energy of ourselves we know ourselves on a deeper level. This awareness connects us to the core of our being creating value, confidence, and authenticity. What I believe is that when we connect to our individual energy then we honor the energy of the collective. At the same rate if we honor and appreciate the collective it can be easier to step in and honor the energy of the individual.

If you find the energy of the collective to be discouraging, connect back to what inspires you and engage with this energy regularly so you can bring forward your gifts in subtle ways to make a radical difference over time. In the same effort if you are inspired by the energy around you, connect back to the energy of yourself that appreciates this reflection, engage with it on your own terms and add to the inspiration of the world.

What energy of life lights you up right now? What energy are you bringing to life? Tell me cause I love to know the energy of you!

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New Moon – New Cycle

Looking at life and aligning it with the lunar cycle is a practice I have engaged in for over 15 years now. Anyone that has hung out with me on the yoga mat knows that chances are I will bring up the current lunar cycle and practice in alignment with the phase of the moon. This love affair with the moon happened as a young child. I was absolutely fascinated. Then one day someone suggested watching the moon rise, and well, in my early 20’s I was out looking for the moon and now in my 40’s enjoy the magic of a moon rise while I eat dinner with my own family. When I took an astronomy class in college my understanding of how our universe operates expanded at a level that, well, rocked my limited perception permanently. There was no way I could ever ignore this potent aspect of life again. Then as a yoga teacher I discovered the power of practicing in relationship with the moon. It is a practice that the farmers use and has been around longer than any of us reading this post and holds great insight to attuning to a more authentically aligned life.

A quick little Lunar 101… The moon offers a 28-day cycle with four quarters. The new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waining moon. Each quarter offers an opportunity to both be reminded of the bigger picture, but also to reflect on where we are in our life and how we are consciously engaging. From a yoga standpoint the moon is the feminine energy where the sun is masculine energy. From a physical science perspective it is a rock that rotates around our earth as we rotate around the sun. The reflective quality of the moon and it’s impact on the bodies of water on our earth all align with the emotions that can surface individually at either a new or full moon. If you are new to a lunar cycle, just start to notice the days when aspects of your life surface. Honestly, today, I had a moment with tears. It was easier to allow myself to feel what I needed to feel, carve out a little space for me to allow and accept, all because I knew it was a new moon – full of energy encouraging us to re-evaluate – which then allowed me to be more clear as I moved forward.

This January 16, 2018 moon is a Capricorn moon. Are their any Capricorns in the house?!?  Capricorn is an Earth sign, qualities of the earth include foundation, rational, consistent, and even pragmatic. When I teach around the earth energy, not only do I acknowledge the ground in which we stand, I honor the vehicle in which we experience this life. Self care, self love, are key aspects. This moon is all about reevaluating how we are engaging through the actions we are choosing. You can think of the moon as a chance to pause, breathe deeply, reconnect, refine, and then return. It is a chance to connect to your vision you hold for the year, what plans are you making, how can you connect to ways of reengaging with daily practices so that you feel nourished. You get to decide on the theme for your own year. The message you want to bring forward – you know – how do you want your light to shine? Feeding your inner self and nourishing your whole self are essential in allowing your light to expand by the way. Paying attention to what comes up for you the next few days can reveal areas that can inspire you. It can also be loud calls to acknowledge what is requiring your love and attention as well. What could be nourished and supported? What is ready to come alive? Have I mentioned it is a good time to care for you – have some fun, seek an adventure – which can be as simple as going to the grocery store and truly enjoying the journey :). The moon being in Capricorn reminds us to be grounded and steady. My recent newsletter shares on the power of being grounded and gracious. Sign up here if you want to be in the know!

A theme for me this year which is really about remembering my own truth – my own light – and honoring the calls for help as well as honoring the gifts I have to share. One of those gifts is knowing from both intellect and experience that living in a greater relationship with the moon offers a greater engagement with life. This works for me and so I am sharing it with you. What works for you? How are you able to be disciplined in taking action to living the life you desire? Perhaps it is just about sprinkling fun into your life. Perhaps it is about going easier on yourself. Or maybe you are just in the process of being curious. If you are new to the lunar phase – welcome! If you are an old pro and want to share any extra insights, please do! One thing the moon reminds me – no matter what sign, season or year – is a deep and real sense of belonging. Anytime we can remember we are part of something magnificent – reminded how sacred our essential nature truly is – no longer feeling separate from our collective truth – is a miraculous moment no matter where you are on your journey.

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Showing Up for Yourself

Showing up for…You! Yes, so many of us are pleasers and want everyone to be happy, satisfied and keep everything ‘groovy’. I know so many people that would rather sacrifice or give up their own needs for others because this is the way we show our love. Not sure how this became the norm. And it use to be my normal too. Actually let me confess, I still have to work at it on a regular basis. I am also realizing it is a strange way of remaining ‘in control’. If I am dong all I can do to keep the peace (libra rising sign for my astrology friends) then I am fooling myself into thinking that I am actually in charge. Perhaps I can be in charge of showing up for me and then when I show up for others, I can actually be genuine and a pleasure to be around. This in of itself will probably serve others better. Think about it, if I say yes to something but I have meltdowns, get in arguments, walk around disgruntled, and snap at anyone that crosses my path (all of which I am known to do) what’s the point?

As a yoga teacher I regularly come to my mat for peace and salvation. Literally to remind myself of my true and natural state. Sometime ago I would come to my mat to learn, to create a new sequence, to explore therapeutic expressions all to help and support those I encountered. This all worked amazingly well and I was rich with insight, knowledge and strength, all qualities that contribute to my gift as a yoga teacher. I was taught that teaching yoga is being of service. How amazing! Being in service though does not mean sabotaging my own self care. While I feel I always kept it together as a teacher and member of a studio, the rest of my life was a little bumpy. Then in graduate school I am in a crisis intervention course, and in bold print the entire section of the book was entitled – Compassion Fatigue, Burnout and Impairment. As I read the details and severity of this I slowly awoken to my own engagement with all of them. It is almost addictive to help others and be of service. To be of service though doe not mean sacrifice your own wellbeing. The high one gets off of doing a good dead makes it easy to loose sight of one’s own self care and self love. Then the energy and quality of offering we bring is watered down, edgy and the authentic sincerity is deeply hidden.

You do not have to be a professional care giver to experience compassion fatigue, burnout or impairment, it is something any human engaging with the rest of the world can experience. It is just that those that please and provided loving care are more susceptible to it and tend to be educated on the early signs to prevent any challenge and pain regarding their profession. (Serious expressions impair people’s health and impact their relationships and financial stability). There are different ways to stay centered and aligned as we dance through life. The following four steps are things that I have found to be incredibly supportive.

AWARENESS of how I am engaging. How much I am saying yes to and how much energy or time or resources it is requiring for me to follow through. Does it really contribute to the bigger concept of what is most important to me or where I am heading in my life. Am I closed off to receiving support and help from other people? All of these questions start the conversation of reaming aware. The more aware we are the more we can self regulate.

ACCEPTANCE of what is discovered. We can tend to be defensive when we wake up to patterns and ways of engagement that are less than stellar. You know, quickly shut down what is really going to support, nourish and stabilize our radiance. What happens often is people blame others, that really does no good as it simply puts others in defense mode. Acceptance does not mean we allow others to walk all over our actions, it really is just accepting the situation you just observed and this allows us to take responsibility or ownership.

CARE because you have to take care of yourself! It is a basic survival skill but a little more complicated than that. Showing up for yourself is just that, seeing that how you are perceiving you life is in alignment with your wants and needs. If you are a caregiver this means you must put self care at the top of your list. Creating a lengthy self care list is something I guided clients to do so that when you are in a place of challenge or crisis or completely exhausted or overwhelmed, you have a list of resources. Self care can be a yoga class, a meditation, sitting outside enjoying nature or just stopping to watch the lavender dance in the wind.

CHOICE because this is how we make a change fast and for the best. The above steps are really just an opportunity to reflect and tend to the inner world and physical well being. Choosing to take action is essential if we are going to keep our hearts full. In street language, you work to make money so you can afford things like air conditioning, clean water, food, shelter and hopefully some fun. If you have ever run low on funds, it creates a messy and painful experience of life. Our ability to give and support others requires a deposit into our own personal account. Thus by showing up for yourself, you have resources that are authentic, genuine and what you bring forward holds so much more potency that people appreciate your offering that much more. To engage with the light and manifest more choices that turn you to your brilliance. When you can see, then you can be and this allows you to bring forward the passion, intention, and desires of your true self.

Now when I come to my mat or my meditation practice I show up for myself. It is all about me. Because in that 3-20 minute window I am making a deposit into an account for my children and family. When I show up to teach I also want to be certain I am present and provide value. When I work with clients one on one I require a level of emotional stability to hold space without judgement to foster positive growth. The way I am learning to live requires that I make myself a priority. There is no shame because I know what matters and what matters is what I bring and share with those I love.

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New Moon – New Phase

On the 23rd of June we are graced with a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Cancer. The moon, a rock that orbits our Earth as we orbit the sun, holds significance as it reminds us to explore the qualities we are aligning with and reflecting back into the world. Looking at the lunar cycle provides a rhythm and pulse that brings forward a deeper alignment of body, psyche and soul.

The guidance of a Cancer lunar cycle calls forth the energy of the divine mother, nourishment, self care and the water qualities of emotions, adaptability and intuition. All new moons invite us to call forward the seeds of our hearts. This cycle can bring tears, laughter, compassion, empathy, and the need to get clear and grounded. Tapping into the earths offerings and receiving the abundance she is providing each of us.

When turning to guidance for this lunar cycle there were 3 clear messages I received. The first is to remember to PLAY, have FUN and RETURN TO JOY. Celebrating all that you hold and are being offered. Pause to acknowledge the richness of life. There are numerous moments being offered that direct us to celebrate our joy. It just happens that this joy gets buried under complex patterns. Even if you are in a rut, celebrate the new moon and opportunity to start fresh.

The next clear message for this lunar cycle is to explore how JUSTICE is impacting your experience. Standing up for your beliefs requires you to be clear on your views and perceptions of life. Your beliefs can limit you and even those that you love. How are you treating yourself and those around you? This interaction with yourself is a reminder of how we are responsible for actions as they create our experience. Are you moving forward with integrity?

The final message reminds us to be open to the NEW OPPORTUNITIES that are being presented to us. Be original by following your hearts passions and this unique expression will guide you to happiness. The development of life is promising.

These insights are being shared with the highest good for all those that are concerned. Insights for you to connect and consider for the next 28 days. Celebration, Justice and New Opportunities. As you invoke and connect to your own ability to celebrate life, witness how your beliefs are informing the development and guidance towards being happy. Add a little originality and enjoy!

The full moon will rise as the sun sets on July 9 and will sit in the energy of Capricorn. Guidance on this moons impact and relationship to the play of celebrating and being guided toward happiness. More insights will come as we remain aware of our alignment of our beliefs and how we are doing our sacred spark justice.

If you feel your emotions being a little more of a roller coaster ride, you are not alone. Creating a daily act of celebrating that is aligned with your highest good while being original and taking steps to develop more happiness in your life will help with the ebb and flow of our feelings. We all will feel lower energy from time to time, for me it is around the new moon almost always. Our angels just want us to have fun and bring more love to our life.

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Unpacking the Pose

 Yoga, for most all of us, starts as a practice that helps us physically, right? It’s so cool and really challenging being a yoga teacher and practitioner. But I get to see people show up and ask for poses or help with different areas of their body, like their back, hips, feet, neck, shoulders. It’s so powerful in the maintenance of our physical state. Yes, some traditions speak on not being our body, my experience is more aligned with a tradition that says our body is a temple, so let’s honor this. My experience of my body has also included chronic pain that has blocked my ability to stay connected with my highest light and I’m not certain how I would have the strength to keep moving forward if it wasn’t for the physical practice.

 Before I became a yoga teacher I was curious about spirit and expressions of the divine. Sure I’m that girl that’s been spiritually curious since my earliest memories. Grace has been revealing herself to me in many power ways since I was super young. So in college, of course, I was ready to drift away from what I had been exposed to thus far. This is what college is and it just so happens to align with a psychological development of understanding our persona. This was further supported by being in an environment that was built on a desire to do it differently. What I encountered was so many different ways the divine spirit surfaces and an opportunity to sign up for a semester long yoga class. It was more about diet and the pose versus the spirit, but it was everything for me! A place to explore myself through movement. Considering I danced for most of my childhood yoga was perfectly aligned. That was in 1996, haven’t stopped doing those poses….dang almost 20 years ago!!!

 So I am going to start to create a serries for you all where I ‘unpack the pose’. Be patient with me as I am going to have to fight my tendency to be perfect. It’s also just a chance for me to share what’s supported me for so many years. But this is where I’d love your help….what aspect of the poses challenge you? For example you have a hard time with backbends or balance poses? Your wrists hurt or you have knee trouble. You deal with anxiety or waves of enthusiasm that fades as fast as it shows up (this can start to be supported in the physical practice but will be addressed in another offering I’m going to be sharing soon called ‘Embrace Yourself Fully’. But what I know for certain is that just being able to do a pose like pigeon where I understand the ways it can support where I am in my journey as well as allowing me to connect more clearly to a respectful relationship with my body, the temple that houses the sacred light, is something I want to share with you. My hope is that it helps you unpack your practice and show up more fully both on and off the yoga mat. 

 But I can only support you if you let me know what your looking for. You can post in the comment section below. If that’s too much, then email me (I won’t reveal you and respect your brave decission to ask for support). My email is my full name -notice spelling on url –

 Your practice provides amazing support. By showing up to your practice you support this fabulous life enhancing instrument. This is here to help you get more when you are at the studio, workshop or retreat. Or at home and needing to realign with your highest self.

Much love & light,


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Showed up for Savasana.

When the universe, cosmos, guiding spirits know you need to take a moment and rest deep, there is a sweet organization that has you escaping traffic to arrive at the studio with plenty of time before you sub a class. While all parts were put in motion, including everyone that was there enjoying class, the studio's existence and the regularly scheduled teacher galavanting  through France, and your friend is teaching in a language that speaks to your heart could have resulted in me just sitting there waiting for my turn to teach or it could have resulted in me unrolling my mat to enjoy the best part of class. I chose to boldly enter class focusing on the final 15 minutes rather than the other 60 I had missed. Man, it was one of the better decisions I had made all day and to be honest it was all my being could take.

That moment gratitude flowed through every cell, a deep sense of renewal & ease embraced my reality. Mind you I did setubandha sarvangasan (bridge), then a little twist, supta pada angustassna (reclined hand to foot extension) and a sweet little pranayama (breath expansion), but there she was, the part of my home practice I don't really enjoy too well. Yet today was different because there was a subtle shift that was especially powerful. 

My day included seeing my osteopath, the one I've been fortunate to see since I was 13, and taking my son to also receive a treatment. Both sessions provided great release & big shifts in a non-aggressive manipulative way. The conversation I had with my doctor included the usual anatomy, subtle body, review of past trauma, the somatic imprint of emotions not being released, how there is momentum to see the body, mind & spirit as united rather than separate, the difference of intellect & embodiment & of course how osteopathy views the body of holding an intelligence where the work done my the doctor is not trying to fix but rather be a catalyst. Yes a catalyst!

CATALYST ~ something that causess an important event to happen.

As I melted in Savasana every cell of my being smiled. This pose, the one where you lie there, eyes closed, on the floor 'playing dead' is a major catalyst..agent…generator…transformer…creator. It shows you what was already there. By relaxing at the very end, you settle in & allow the pace of your life, the energy of your groove, it slows down. The thing or idea of savasana is to remain aware, witnessing your own body shift into a greater state of ease…moving from doing to being. This expression differs greatly from snoring through savasana or figuring out how to do that darn pose that that one girl made look so easy. It's also different from wondering how much longer or who else is in the room. It's rather where you settle in and watch, see, experience your body's ability to be wrapped up in pure harmony, delight & grace.

It ain't easy let me tell you. Usually I'd rather move a lot & try out some pose that rewards my physical & intellectual in order to have a level of exhaustion. So to just show up for Savasana, took a lot of alignment, but it took me opening up to what was already there. The gratitude, ease, delight were just waiting to reveal themselves.

Thank you yoga for once again helping me wake up to what was there. To aiding my journey into greater healing, heart connection/expansion & inspirational action. What pose wakes you up with the least amount of exertion?

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Spacey kind of mood

From time to time, more than not, when I have a small window of freedom, that is total time to myself, all I can do is stare out into space and breathe into the pause. No real deep thoughts, no profound inquiry, no motivation, no hesitation, it’s a wild void that I have never known before.

It’s quiet and I can hear the world continue to pulsate around me, moving forward in time. Yet, I feel as though I am experiencing a deep pause. In all the years I have meditated, believe it or not, I would actually feel more of an acceleration, an alignment, even an absorption with the bigger pulse of the world. So, to sit in a ‘spacey kind of mood with complete stillness’ well, I am not use to it, not one bit.

Perhaps it is the lack of sleep my current situation is offering up, or maybe there is a part of my brain that needs that spacey moment to recalibrate and truly withdraw, to pull away from the outer element and breathe deep with my innermost self and be completely present.

This idea of withdrawal in yoga is found in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The Yoga Sutras offer a framework, if you will, to the path of yoga, of connecting to self, or sometimes called self-realization. It is an 8 fold path with this particular aspect, pratyahara is the idea of withdrawal, specifically the senses.

(By the way, I am way simplifying this concept). Fortunately, before my brain needed these moments of spacing out, I spent a lot of time contemplating, or spending great amounts of energy inquiring about the teachings of yoga. On a daily basis I have immense amounts of gratitude to those past 19 years of searching as it allows me to keep my s**t together now.

Part of that time contemplating brought me to the idea of when we move with intention and breathe to expand our awareness of the amazing force of life, then we are invited to turn in and acknowledge the beauty, light, grace, spirit, (fill in the blank) that sits within each of us. Sounds great, and it is…so it amazes me, in a different way, that the current experience of withdrawal is actually one of stillness. Yes, this is what a majority of people teach, but up until now, it has never been my experience.

But here’s the real deal…the Yoga Sutras and the 8 fold path guide us to a place of absorption, enlightenment, or super consciousness – that’s the idea right. But this is my latest inquiry, with times of just spacing out in the stillness how do we then return to our everyday life? Because I am not interested in escaping my life completely. (By the way, I am not the only one asking this question).

How do we take these amazing practices and live them? In those years of contemplation I had an idea to use the 8 fold path in reverse, yep! This then takes you from this place of samadhi, enlightenment to the first concept of ahimsa which gets translated as non-harming in thought, word and action. You see, we all contain enough. Wild right? We actually already contain the ability to stand in our own light, but what is hard is to find harmony (or no harm) in our lives.

So this is where I re-enter my current world, with kindness and care in my thoughts and actions regarding my own abilities right now. Yes, it’s as simple as recognizing those moments of staring off into space are harmless. Besides our inner and outer experiences are in constant change and fluctuation so being aware of how we participate with the constant transformation is a major practice and skill.

So ‘duhh’ my responsibilities have shifted so it’s a new practice. Being okay to just breathe and be with the stillness, that’s all good. It’s the transition from the movement to the pause and back to the movement again, the coming and going, learning to ride the waves of change with a greater sense of  ease and awareness while still able to be present to all of it…  I have to laugh because it really is hard to transition from taking care of so much to returning to just me.

It’s a dance move that I am brand new to and well, haven’t found the skills yet to be graceful with the flow. My window of freedom just ended and it’s time for me to dive back into the reality of my life. This time with more harmony, more awareness, more permission to enjoy the pauses however they appear.