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Awakening to your true self and allowing yourself to ground your life in this light is an amazing opportunity that is available to everyone. Yes you will have to embrace your whole self – even the parts that are not so pretty, yet you discover a life of meaning, purpose, satisfaction and fulfillment. While I offer 2 main one on one programs each offering is individualize to assist you in optimal growth. You gain self awareness, customized tools and the ability to navigate life with Grace and JOY because you live from a space of internal peace and harmony.

Working together is a process of embodiment and connects you to your resilience. This will require reflection, refinement and leads to clarity around what you are going to give energy to in your life. The result – a heightened appreciation of life because you are living your best life. You will be asked to take responsibility for the choices you are making in your life. This requires an exploration between your beliefs and your actions as this is what creates the results you want in your life. Showing up for yourself is an extraordinary invitation. You will receive emotional support, healing and guidance as well as positive regard and accountability.


Are you curious about the process of coaching and wondering if this is right for you? Enjoy a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discus more about the process and receive life skills to immediately begin experiencing the power of living with more fulfillment and satisfaction. Everyone deserves to live with more abundance, including you.

CONTACT TERESA directly to schedule your complimentary session now.

IGNITE YOUR HEART: Get Grounded To Rise Up

This 3 month journey allows you to honor your inner wisdom and allow her to take the lead. It is all about making yourself a priority so you want can be of service to those you love and beyond. The ability to receive support is a key element to living life with more grace, certainty and confidence. During the 3 months we 5 individual sessions. Sessions always confidential and fit your lifestyle. You’ll receive a private bi-monthly energetic guidance to support you on your journey, customized meditation and VIP access to any additional offerings that surface during our commitment.  The customized practices are tailored to your lifestyle and you will experience powerful shifts within the first month. This relationship is an invitation to step inward and release tendencies to sabotage your life and instead connect with the potential, passion, and possibility to live confidently with honor and certainty.


SERVE YOUR SOUL: Live Your Best Life

This 6 month journey is a deep dive into the matters of your heart where you will be able to live aligned with your heart and soul experiencing tremendous harmony and satisfaction. You true self will courageously come forward and through the radical acceptance of our ability to co-create our life you will no longer live from a place of feeling limited, left out or overwhelmed. Rather you will feel confident, clear and full of convection to show up fully. Waking up to your potential is all that life asks of you. In our work together you will be able to prioritize what is most important, gain more energy, release limiting patterns and be a magnet for greatness. During the six months we have individualized sessions every three weeks. You will receive bi-monthly energetic guidance to help you feel momentum in the work you are doing as well as customized audio practices that anchor the inspiration you are aligning with in life. Your purpose will become clear and your ability to serve your soul will light up your life.


Each package provides emotional support, guidance, accountability, and presents an opportunity to measure your growth and integrate your ability to live with deep purpose. Crossing the threshold from chaos to clarity. If you just want a taste of this work without any obligation, schedule a clarity session or even just email me to start the conversation. The world is anxiously awaiting you to come alive – authentically!

CONTACT TERESA directly to start the journey.

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