Those that I have worked with share how my unshakable devotion and loving guidance awakens a natural beauty from the inside out bringing forward a certainty in their own light. My gift is to guide with compelling and tenacious light while still being delightful, supportive, encouraging and healing for your mind, body and soul. I strive to make it easy to be vulnerable by holding the space free of jugement while offering powerful wisdom that is motivating and moving.

Thank you, thank you! The event is over, company gone and I am very much at peace knowing I handled it with love and grace. You helped me redirect from fear, drama and chaos so we could focus on the love that exists. Happy dance! ~JD

In great part to your guidance, reassurance and methods, my fantastic future is now my reality…wow! Before coaching I was so overwhelmed by the clutter of my thoughts that it left me mentally exhausted and no closer to resolve. With Teresa’s guidance I began to sort & filter the specifics, discover my reasoning behind it, and then plan which direction I wanted to move in. I possessed the tools, but it was Teresa’s tactics that aided my production. Our coaching calls made clear which paths I wanted to take and directed my steps in order to put my goals within reach. ~Darian

There are some challenging times, some tough transitions which seem like you will never make it to the other side. Reaching out to someone who can guide you through effectively and with great care is the light at the end of the tunnel. Working with Teresa helps you realize the light was there with you all along. ~Kim

I came to Teresa because I felt stuck in sadness after the loss of several loved ones. Her sweet, compassionate guidance and wisdom has made me feel supported enough to go and dig deeper inside. The trust in her has allowed me to develop the tools to support myself in this endeavor on a daily basis. She was able to help me not only break thru my sadness and inertia, but to help my true self shine brighter. It has been an incredibly valuable experience to work with Teresa and my trust in her and her wisdom is complete. Her coaching has been life changing and has left me with tools to help guide me through my everyday life. Others in my life have noticed the changes in me and have responded positively to my calmer, happier self – who wouldn’t want that in their life?  ~Mary Gerstle

There is so much that I am grateful for what Teresa does and continues to do.  The invaluable tools that she makes available to help me shift to a positive self awareness of mind, body and spirit. She has helped me overcome obstacles and self-doubt directing me towards my innate ability to succeed. She has helped me see the value of connecting to my emotions, expressing myself without shame or self-consciousness. Taking ownership for my feelings without guilt, self-consciousness and bottling up anger and frustration is a major accomplishment that is radically shifting the way I engage with life. My perspective has shifted, I reflect on my options and now respond from a place of peace and love. The process has been beautiful and natural that I am amazed and fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.~Diane

Every year, I set a resolution to slow down. Life is so busy. I’m just going through the motions. Surviving and not thriving. This year, I allowed Teresa in to my life. She has helped me to realize I actually like myself! So basic!!! I can connect with this wonderful, gentle person at any time. She’s always been there, but she’s been weighed down with baggage. Baggage I had no idea I was carrying around that weighed heavy in my mind and body, impeding me from allowing joy in my life. I am confident. I make decisions from a place of inner me. People like me. I like myself. I see this now. I’m more in touch with the real me. It’s my goal to bring her forward more and more each day. In the past, I’ve made outward changes to get what I want. I realize this only gets me so far. It is in connecting to my true self that I find peace and calm, and it’s always available to me. I now see people every day through a lens that they too could become awakened. I wish everyone could enjoy this process and with Teresa’s guidance, discover their true selves. ~Sheila

I have been blessed to have Teresa as my coach. Words limit my ability to convey the expansive experience. She helped me recognize the freedom and build the confidence to move forward in my life journey. Supported by her amazing ability to understand exactly how to meet my needs in every moment. Her support, encouragement and intuition lead me to exactly where I needed to be providing healing and connection to embrace my heart’s desire. I am forever grateful for her generosity and guidance as my life has transformed after completing my coaching package with her. Today I feel much more happy, confident, focused and free. Thanks to her I continue to take the actions and integrate the tools to continue to experience deep joy in my life. ~Florencia Fuensalida

Thank you for recognizing my need to search a little deeper and take the time for myself.  I think I hadn’t realized how burned out I was getting.  Through our exercises together,  I am reminded of the simple things that are important to me.  I am also better aware that I need to make myself present to focus on them.  I appreciate the individualized discussion that we shared and exercises to take home with me.  Slowly but surely, I am adding calm and a presence in the world to my day! ~Ellie Oakman

When I first came to Teresa I was missing something. Through her guidance she helped me look at all aspects of my life and was able to help me visualize what could be. Her soft smooth voice supported me and guided me through meditation and relaxation. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make their life better. ~Rachel Davies

After experiencing a life-threatening illness, surgeries, debilitating treatment, and a slow recovery, I felt unmoored as I moved back into some sense of the ‘new normal’. My highest priorities, caring for my young family and maintaining my remission through a high level of self-care, clamored for my now limited energy. I felt paralyzed by the vast amount of work needed to even start living my life fully again. Although a measurable goal eluded me, I trusted partnering with Teresa would clarify and focus my thoughts and actions. Teresa created a safe space with well-planned exercises and individually crafted body-centering activities that met me where I was in the moment. My primary need was balancing how to give to myself with as much effort and intention as I do for others. Because Teresa integrates the body-mind-soul with skill, intuition and kindness, I was able to move out of a place of confused fear into one of effective empowerment  ~KP, Mother & Cancer Survivor

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