Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On May 6, 2013

This sunday was a day where the sun was concealed. The clouds were thick and every so often it would just pour down rain. The weather affected my intention for the day, but then I found myself cleaning house and watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, which I’ve only done one other time. On the show was Brene Brown who I had never heard of before. I know, I was like almost the 10 millionth person to watch her TED talk.  Then all the sudden, here is another dot in the bigger picture of living fully for me.

When the yoga world and community I was a part of leader lost any sense of displaying integrity, I decided to look outside of the yoga world for inspiration. Which by the way, he isn’t the first yoga teacher to be super human and not uphold a code of ethics. Regardless his actions and the community inspired me to look outside of the world of yoga in order to say it differently. I wanted to be open to seeing, as my friend would say, the universal truths. Now in graduate school to diversify my means of helping people enhance and empower their lives and have academic credentials to do just this – yes, also inspired by the on going fall that happens in the yoga world. I’m realizing how everyone is saying the same thing on a certain level, it really is universal. Though I am only in my 8th month of a 3 1/2 year program, I’m collecting information for the research I want to do post graduate school. Then, thanks to Oprah, I am introduced to someone else who has done a great bit of research, academically, but is also pursuing the spiritual, which means there is a lot of support already established for what my heart cares so deeply to bring forward.

Here is the interesting part… my recent contemplations have been on the idea of worth, connection, and being enough. No longer pretending, bullying yourself (myself, as I am way to hard on me) or alienating from the bigger picture. Dropping the stereotype and expectation and instead believing and being. Committing to this 108 days, which is a long time – what the bleep was I thinking – has lead me to a whole lot more inspiration that is fully aligned with all that I have been contemplating with no yoga mat insight.

When you start to pay attention your realize the divine will surround you with what you need. Being aware of these winks from the universe you discover there is an entire spiritual entourage with you day in and day out. Letting the divine flow through you and working with the offerings of grace, amazing things begin to happen…you know it’s safe to set your heart free. Or in the words of Brene Brown, to live wholeheartedly!


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  1. Greg Cushing

    Excellent post Theresa. I have been pondering something similar in my life recently. When we ask/pray for answers in life many people resign themselves to the belief that prayers aren’t always answers. In other words there isn’t always an answer in the universe for questions we have. I am learning however that those statements are false. There is always an answer and a clear path for us to follow. The problem is that we as humans are stubborn and don’t want to accept the path laid before us. We think we know more than the universe. So we make our own path and then discover we went the wrong direction. Yoga is opening a whole new world for me and I sincerely thank you for being a part of that awakening.

  2. Teresa Phelps Martin

    Greg, it’s great to hear that yoga is part of your awakening or opening. It is funny that we humans can think we know more than the universe, and sometimes the answer we are seeking comes in a form that we weren’t able to recognize. You might be interested in one of Brene Brown’s books as she speaks about being vulnerable to feel worthy and be great. Keep on pondering!!!


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