Action – Manifest – Episode 49

Everything is Energy and everything is sacred. Yes, powerful statements brought up this month. Now let’s layer in the idea that by slowing your action down we actually gain momentum. What have you discovered so far?

By taking time to tune in we then bring forward awareness and an opportunity to align in a way that will bring forward our best offering. This is what we call INSPIRED ACTION. Being inspired 100% of the time is not the idea. Being able to tune into the progress and level in which you are participating is.

This weeks offering includes tools to check in with the momentum or lack there of in your life. If you are stuck or reluctant in your life right now this will be powerful. For those of you on the fast track to HAPPINESS, well, this will only encourage the speed in which you are moving.

I am going to tie this episode back to elements of yoga as well as a pattern of cultivating optimal thoughts or at least restoring your thoughts to be more uplifting and helpful in finding answers to the best steps forward. It is a practice that will help you take inventory of where you are and where you are heading and redirect you into the flow of fun…that is if you are interested in moving through life with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.[podcast src=”” height=”90″ width=”450″ placement=”bottom” theme=”mini”]

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