Action – Marvel – Episode 46

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While we have been on a journey with Awareness and Alignment it only seems logical to continue with the next phase which is Action. This idea of action comes from the simple idea that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. Yes, EVERYTHING! There is nothing that is not energy, it may appear that things are not moving like a rock or perhaps they move so fast that we cannot see the movement like sound, but everything is energy. With energy this reminds us that everything is in action. What pace is another topic. The action we take comes from both our awareness and our alignment.

Emotions, thoughts, all energy. The beating of our heart, a consistent (ideally) beat that expands and contracts. So not only is everything energy it is also either in a place of expansion or contraction; fast or slow; supportive or restrictive. You getting the picture now? What is really cool, our life also holds energy and we get to direct that energy – up or down; forward or backwards; side to side; and help collaborate in what direction we want to move.

The topic is a bit broad and so it is complicated and my intent is to just plant a seed and watch it bloom. The awareness we bring and the way we align combine to give it momentum, direction and the result, expected or desired is another story, but there is a result. I am not going to go all scientific on you, but there are even laws of motion that govern how we exist in this life. Gravity is an energy that keeps our feet on the earth, but the energy of our minds can easily keep us ungrounded and this in of itself brings us out of alignment and thus the action we take can create more pain that keeps us more stuck in our life. Listen to go deeper with me and enjoy this month’s Sacred Journey!

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