Action – Movement – Episode 47

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As we take action in our life it helps to have awareness and alignment in the process. When we bring all of this together we create direction in our life. Sure it is not entirely up to just our individual action there is an entire collective energy at work as well. Hence why Awareness truly is everything. Our intention is so powerful but if we just wait around we are going to be disappointed. The other piece is that action is not a place of control but rather discipline. This is where yoga holds so much as the practice in of itself is discipline. You have to decide to show up for yourself, slow down, breathe, connect to your whole self and allow for the union of the body, mind and spirit.

This week’s episode is all about movement which of course is action in of itself. Poses that will surface in the flow included standing forward fold, lunges, triangle, down dog, cobra, bridge pose, reclined twist and legs up the wall. What!?! So when you practice you will want to practice in a way where you can have wall space to put your legs up. Please note you are responsible for the actions you take! If you need guidance on what the pose looks like you can visit the Sacred Essence Facebook page for a little tip on how to get into the pose.

Next episode will guide you inward which wildly holds so much action even though it appears we are doing nothing more than closing our eyes. But for now, grab your mat and connect your breath with your movement!

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