Awareness – Meditate – Episode 40

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Going inward can be one of the most powerful things you do each day! How exciting that science is researching the power of meditation…but you probably already new this as this is why you are here. Or perhaps you are here because you listened to a calling or a curiosity. Whatever reason, you are here and this is a inquiry based practice to strengthen your awareness of yourself and how you engage from the inside and step outward into your life.

This practice, especially when it follows movement, will light you up! It is not always some firecracker sort of display internally, but your cells celebrate that you are showing up for you. There is a valuable nature to each of us and when we begin to be more aware of this and tuned into our Sacred Essence we begin to be more courageous and determined to live a powerfully amazing life!

Go ahead, get comfortable, hit play, and navigate with more grace, joy, and gratitude.

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