Awareness – Movement – Episode 39

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Awareness is everything…especially in the practice of yoga!

Moving with strength and the breath requires intention and connection. This is only available when we tune into ourselves through the practice of being aware. This practice is a bit longer in length with challenging standing balance flows, heart openers and a short but sweet savasana. It is going to awaken the inner body to feel good. Get your blood flowing and call your attention to how you engage with yourself on your mat.

It is not about doing to poses just right, but rather showing up, paying attention and deciding if you want to do anything about it.

To help the flow and build your awareness there are little video snap shots on the Sacred Essence Facebook group. I’ll be doing more videos in the future to support this podcast, so if you have not joined in now is the time. It is a closed group to protect your privacy, just ask to join and I will lovingly welcome you!


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