Cultivating Clarity – Meditate – Episode 32

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The idea of cultivating clarity is powerfully supported with a meditation to support and guide each of us. Meditation provides an amazing opportunity to strengthen our inner knowing. This knowing allows us to stand fully in the belief of our hearts. Yet it still allows us to bend and move with fluidity as we show up in our lives and lead with love and light. When you come back to the practice again and again, you will know, without a doubt, that all your needs are being met and all is well. This does not mean you sit on the couch, eating ice cream, expecting the dreams of your heart to flourish…that is a bit foolish. Rather you have the strength and conviction to put your best foot forward each step of the way because you have cultivated a relationship built on trust. Trusting how much you are being supported and the guidance you are receiving to unfold with potential and joy.

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