It’s a rainy afternoon. The trees are planted. The boys are all asleep with one on my lap, one sitting next to me and the other at my feet. The rhythm of my life offers more introspection and having these moments allows for me to be sharp, steady & clear when it’s time to step out into the world. I’m grateful though it sometimes feels I’m missing out on all the action of the world. Or I’ll miss the deadline with assignments from graduate school. Yet the growth that’s a result of many hours of inquiry is priceless. The supportive energy of those also on this journey (way too many to list) has been the best company. Though there have been many challenges as a mom, I’ve never been more fulfilled and satisfied in all areas of my life before. There’s adversity/challenges and there’s resilience/opportunity. I’m starting to feel resilience surfaces when you’re aligned with your own inner wisdom more than performing at a level that generates outward success. Maybe it’s because I’m into yoga, counseling and coaching all avenues that facilitate awareness, balance and harmony. Or perhaps it’s just the experience my life has provided that I’ve remained open to. But on this stormy afternoon, I’m hanging out in deep gratitude that I have slowed down and developed a stronger relationship with myself that’s allowing me to also connect more authentically with those that I care for and engage with in my life.

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