Making Friends – Marvel – Episode 34

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We each hold a powerful energy within that is source, creator, God, consciousness. You hold a sacred spark and are invited to begin the conversation with your higher self. Different people call it different things and being in a relationship with this divine presence is one of the most fabulous journeys of your life. The practice of yoga can hold the space for you to get to know this version of you and has been the most amazing vehicle for me to BELIVE in this power. Now there are so many other tools I have integrated, but when you accumulate numerous experiences that expose this divine presence repeatedly…there is a conviction that is fierce. However there is also a side of each of us that is in stark contrast to this energy most commonly called the Ego. The ego gets such a bad rap and is usually being asked to leave, to destroy and dismiss. However it is part of us and we are created from the same source…there was no extra ingredients when we came into physical embodiment in this life. Yes it is complicated and yes the story of your life is where the identity assembles…and so we want to focus on the story that is expansive and vibrant versus exhausted and overwhelmed. I am kind of passionate about this subject and stumble a bit to remain aligned in my articulation. Hope it invites you to also make friends with your whole self and enjoy the ride!

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