Manifest – Celebrating the Easeful – Episode 9

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Talking – or listening- to why it's important to live with more ease is one thing, taking action is what this weel is all about! The only way you can reprogram your inner reality is by embracing where you are and how that inner world opperates. Taking notice and then getting inspired to live with more ease. Sure at first it will feel like work, but then it will become second nature. Who want's to live aggitated and overwhelmed – or always so busy!!! When you begin to reflect on the powerful shift that comes with reflection and journaling in your essential nature seeing, embracing and engaging with the way you opperate internally….your experience in life elevates and well, you just feel so much better. Schedule some time in your day to reset and renew!!!! If it is really uncomfortable at first, you are not alone, so take note of the discomfort and dig a little deeper, your future thanks you as do all the people you engage with in your life.

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