Manifest – How We Choose To Participate – Episode 13

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Well, if you are just leaping in…here's the deal. This month I have unpacked the idea of your inner reality determines your experience of life. Yes, what is going on behind the scenes, you know that world, the private inner world of you, this is what dictates your experience of life. Not what is happening all around you. What you value, what is most important to you is going to inform your choices. Why? All kinds of research in the mental health field tells us that our beliefs inform our thoughts which inform our feelings which informs…our choices and behaviors. Those choices and behaviors, well, that is what makes up your life. What you value the universe reflects back to you. So listen up, if you want to be happy, make a list of what you are doing and a list of what makes you happy, then adjust accordingly. I also suggest listening to the episode and taking time to journal, write it down. Then you are communicating, better yet, demonstrating through your actions your interest in you. Invest a little time. It certainly won't hurt you…and as a valued student said to me…'it just might actually help'.

Want a worksheet? You can find it on the Sacred Essence Facebook Group page!

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