Manifest – Yoga as the Entry Point – Episode 5

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Manifesting…that is what is so powerful about our sacred nature…is that we can bring this quality to life!!!

This particular aspect of the podcast gives you an opportunity to bring the practice to life and put your awareness into motion. If you only think about an elevated relationship with you…well it is a total start. When you being to integrate it and work with it in the day to day, your relationship with life starts to be elevated. You discover all the blessings and miracles that surround you. Your interest and commitment to that which is positive and uplifting might seem like work at first, or so simple you are reluctant to make a commitment, yet, when you do, it becomes easy, second nature. It goes from your unconscious, to your conscious and then you opporate with your subconscious connect to the call of love, able to listen and see the ability to hold more happiness with what you contain and have in the here and now. By just making a commitment to being in a healthy realtionship, you know get to know and live with this perspective of self, you will begin to see a simple yet radical shift. Come over to the Facebook group – Sacred Essence – and share your commitment. We can support each other and enjoy the journey together, collectively elevating ourselves and the world in which we live.

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