Manifest – Sustenance – Episode 21

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Our life is a manifestation of the eternal that sustains us all. Obviously these short pod casts introduce some powerful and potent concepts. This is a life long conversation for me, but introducing you to this can radically shift how you participate, engage in your life. It can help you be clear as you are in relationship and support you to make more optimal choices to enhance your reality in subtle but profound ways. As soon as we recognize what we are co-creating with we stand in our light with greater alignment. This is something major to celebrate as you then can navigate the world in which you live with grace. This then not only sustains the great light within you but illuminates the path for those around you as well. Knowing what sustains you and embodying this is the opportunity for this weeks episode. You can get the worksheet and be part of a great community on the sacred essence page over on Facebook. You can also comment in the comments on the website to gain support regarding your own personal articulation.

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