Marvel – How We Choose To Participate – Episode 10

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The power in how we perceive or how we see our life then informs how we choose to participate in life. Recognizing that you do have a say so in your life and you get to choose and choose again requires awareness and the that awareness is empowerment. We all are sacred expressions of divine light in my opinion. We each have opportunities to engage in a limitless level of potential, except some of us have access to these opportunities that don't require as much work as others. This then means we all have a responsibility to bring forward the highest good. How you are relating with the climate of your life determines the climate of your life. Investing in limiting thought patterns will quicly create a limiting experienc of life. Your choice is a powerful vote for the life you are interested in living. 

This month I will unpack this basic concept. I personally feel this is an aspect of life that we all can benefit from no matter where you are in life presently. Deciding to do this podcast is a choice I have made with the intention of supporting your own personal growth. But it is all up to you what you want to do with it…

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