Marvel – Introspection – Episode 14

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Inner wisdom is the power of introspection. For some of us this wisdom is easily accessible and has always had a strong presence in our lives, for others it is still mysterious and perhaps even doubtful that you contain such a relationship with yourself. Everyone possess an powerful force of love within, it is just a whisper if that, so if there is all kinds of commotion, cacophony, swirling, or just so freaking busy, it is hard to tap into. This month I unpack how valuable this process of pausing and not being so hard on yourself as you shift you mindset. Because as you slow down and reflect you gain powerful insight. We won't have certainty in our choices, but we can cultivate clarity which in turn provides certainty in the choice as it came from a deep place of inner guidance and wisdom. Learning to listen to the call of love….reveals your sacred essence.

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