Meditate – Serving Your Soul – Episode 24

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What does it mean to honor or serve your soul. Meditating provides a change to go inward and trust the insight, thoughts and inspiration as actual messages from our higher self. However it can be confusing as we have also been told information and had experiences that ‘clouds our vision and ability to truly hear’. One of those stories is that trusting our inner voice as a valid source of grace rather than some silly crazy concept. Honoring your soul means you have to realize you have been told an alternate story along the way. A story that has repeatedly said…listening to the soul is silly or crazy talk. If this is how we create this relationship…well then there are some blocks in the way. This meditation is an opportunity to go inward and connect with the whisper of your heart by honoring what might be standing in the way. It’s a chance to go dig around and clear out the obstacles and inner blocks that discounts your highest self. When we clear out an amazing opportunity presents itself and the ideas and messages we receive can guide us to trust in ourselves courageously.

That place of meditation is introspection increasing your ability to listen, hear God’s message, your intuition, your guides, your soul. To move past limitations that come at you. A spiritual time out where you just pause, going inward to receive, breathe and tune in. What happens is an integration with the whole system, your whole being. Igniting a higher perspective aligned with your truth so you can align internally and in your life. Finding a rhythm to engage in the world that is awaken and authentic because of the discovery of trust, confidence and trust.

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