Meditation – Yoga as the Entry Point – Episode 4

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Well, this is my favorite part…just kidding they all are. But the meditation aspect, well, that is where it all starts to connect at a level that really starts to create clarity and allows us to be grounded with great intention. You can listen to this as you are driving after you have practiced with it a few times and your body will tune into a level of peace and calm that usually isn't available when we are traveling through life. Please though, give yourself permission to sit in a space where you can close your eyes and be free of distraction to enjoy the practice. You might even find that you only have to listen to the guided meditiation once and then you find yourself connecting to the energy meditation brings each time you close your eyes and deepen the relationship with your breath. If not, no worries, we are just getting started on this journey and I am so proud/amazed that you are here taking the time to truly go inward and say hello to your sacred, loving truth!

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