Mindful Living

Mindful – it is a word that happens to be everywhere these days. Want to know what is really exciting – you are already part of that tribe and club of living a mindful life. Yoga, you see, if that is how we know each other, is one of the most amazing ways to begin to live mindfully. Mindfulness is all about being present to this moment without the judgement. We are asked to become aware of our own awareness – what we are paying attention to and where our thoughts are leading us. Are we moving in the direction toward more commotion, strife and stress, or in the direction of more peace, gratitude or enjoyment? Sure you want to layer in the concept of releasing judgement – clearing out the direction piece that is. But this is where I personally differ a bit from the master teachers. I respect them fully and grateful they graced my path at such a young age. Except there is another layer to being present and inform the quality of your life.

First off, I truly believe Jon Kabat-Zinn (and many more) have brought forward an awakening in our modern day approach to life. Reducing stress and returning to spirit is the process of getting out of our heads to not be pulled, swayed and informed by the commotion of the mind. When we are in the present moment so much more becomes available that will nourish our life positively and optimally. This is so powerful and this practice informs my life and I continue to celebrate how much science demonstrates the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Second, being mindful puts the power back on the individual. This then depends on the individual’s relationship with life. You know, free will or predetermined. Mindful Living though for me requires us to tap into our spirit and go further than just be present. Because when I was first learning these practices here is what my inner child said: A peaceful life might be as simple as being present … and then what. (Yes, I realize that imposes a bit of judgement).

I believe we are being pulled forward by an amazing source greater than any of us but the same as all of us so the ‘then what’ is part of the process. Mindfulness based practices do offer the tool of if this is what it is then what am I going to do with it”. The practice brings us to the moment where we can slow down long enough to be present to ourselves, but then the big questions sits there – who am I , what am I here for and where am I heading. Well those questions right there can send us back into the stress and commotion of our life unless we have the tools to know our center, trust our center and move from our center. When we find our center, we find our hearts, we create a strong and healthy relationship with our true self. The one that is happy, the one that is enjoying life, the one that shines brightly, the one that knows how to get back on track when you get a little derailed (or a lot). Mindful living is truly about infusing the present moment with direction in relationship with your highest self. Cause at the end of the day, at the end of it all, what are we left with…our own articulation of life. What are we living for is a deep question and when you know you have a true self, the one that lives with joy and excitement for life while still being actively present, you trust more of the fact that life is happening for you rather than to you. Being mindful puts us in a relationship with choosing our life. I prefer to choose from my truth. For me our truth is that we are unique expressions of the divine – a source greater than you and I. This source is in each of us and that collective light is a beautiful and miraculous gift. Being able to lean into a tool kit that returns us to our center is what allows us to restore our connection to the enjoyment of life. This is what I will be sharing in the audio course FIND YOUR CENTER that begins in June. To learn more visit www.teresaphelpsmartin.com/events and if you want more clarity – take action and connect!

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