Without A Doubt

There are not many moments we enter where it is easily said….without a doubt. But there are moments and these moments affirm the certainty which than carries us through uncertain times. Trust, faith and conviction all help as well as having practices and tools that keep us integrated to our center. Aligned not so much with the chaos but the mystical potency our highest being holds. There are things for me that I know to be true without a doubt. That every single one of us are sacred at our core. Yes, even the ones I might not agree with completely. That love is real. My vision and clarity of where I am headed aligned with faith in the present moment is much more serving and supportive than questioning everything. That the sun's light is steady and that somehow things always work out…you know…everything is going to be ok. There is an energetic forecast that reveals a heightened intensity for this month. (Personally I feel I have been in this intensity and am so grateful to those from whom I turn to for healing, growth, inspiration & support). Being able to care for yourself daily in ways that keep you in tune, grounded and clear are essential. If you have been in a place of surrender, ecstatic expression, challenge, sad, on fire, it's going to continue to be extreme. Freaking out won't really help anyone, thing or yourself so recognize how you are choosing to participate. Cultivating practical processes that keep you connected to your highest expression of love & light will feed the faith that banishes doubt. This months podcast theme is all about sustenance, so perhaps its time to be committed to personal clarity so we can be supportive of the collective.

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