Marvel – Yoga as the Entry Point – Episode 2

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A simple offering of how the power of yoga begins to integrate the body and mind to elevate our experience of life. It only makes sense to begin the podcast with a pondering and exploration of how yoga helps us handle the complex nature of being. A simple unpacking of yoga and it's process to understand oneself as a physical manifestation or embodiment of love. Give yourself a moment to consider what you use yoga for and how it is integrating different areas of your life to move toward wholeness and optimal living.

2 thoughts on “Marvel – Yoga as the Entry Point – Episode 2

  1. Love, Love, Love this. So blessed by you once again. Thank you for sharing your insight and wisdom. Looking forward to taking this journey with you.

    1. teresaphelpsmartin December 7, 2016 — 12:15 am

      Shelly, it means so much that you’ve listened and are ready to navigate this relationship with me!!! It all comes from my heart and I am excited to share. XOXO

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