Embodiment…experience & knowledge

The ability to deliberately elevate my own existence as well as those around me is perhaps the best thing ever. Please know that I'm not interested in making all the sorrow, heartbreak, loss and grief disappear…but when you realize that life happens and you discover you can choose how you want to respond…that's one fabulous way of living! In the past few months I've been digging deeper & deeper to connect with a more…to live with more wholeness while being brighter, lighter…vibrating higher.

Holistic living is an invitation of experiencing life not just from the mind, but in a more dynamic relationship of body, mind, soul, emotion, & energy. There's great respect for life & the 'divine paradox' that is our nature. At least for me. Since you can't have a shadow unless there is a light being cast upon you. There can't be moments of heartache unless there were moments of the heart swollen with joy. The list of 'divine paradox' goes on for-ever. But when you begin to accept the miraculous relationship of all things there is more prosperity. At least this has been my experience of living holistically.

My meditation teacher would say a lot :). But a main focus of his offering is that your ability to be the highest version of yourself required both knowledge & experience. This by the way is an incredibly paraphrased version of his deep & rich teaching. 

Motherhood right now is a perfect example of this play of knowledge & experience. Being a nurturing person I always got it, where the source of love, connection & sentiment came from. There are many amazing people that offer motherly guidance without ever having their uterus expand beyond comprehension. But now that I have knowledge based on experience and experience based on knowledge regarding fertility, pregnancy, delivery, parenting…I have a whole lot less to say about it. Seriously! It's been the one journey I've committed to where I've learned first hand…you do what's best for you!

What does this have to do with embodiment, holistic living & vibrating higher…? You really have to do what's best for you…and give people the space to do what is best for them. Simple & easy…except when we want people to do what we think is best for them…right? Yet if we are living not just from our mind but more integrated with the body, mind, spirit, energy & emotion, then we begin to understand how giving others room to do what's best for them allows you more of the same room. I do want to clarify that this conversation is built on the premis that we respect each other. A key element is energy, it's contagious, transformable, and it is found in everything…everywhere. Thus by taking knowledge from the experiences of others from a larger world view while connecting to our own direct experience, you begin to recognize you have a beautiful opportunity. To live an embodied life connected to the wholeness of being human, to no longer project but rather be deliberate about your own actions. To me this is liberation, freedom, pure joy. You aren't going to dodge any close calls or escape a disruption in the ease of living. However by getting to know your thoughts, physical nature, heart's calling, the tidal rhythm of being human while energetically connected to all things you can integrate a level of awareness & consideration of others that elevates yourself while elevating the world around you.

Yes, embodied experience and knowledge can get uncomfortable but it'll continue to lead you into abundance, success & pure delight. So the next time you are going to hang out with people think of how you want to feel at the end, focus your thoughts and allow your body to stand with this expression while giving others room to have their own experience. Just by being true & committed to your experience while considering the bigger picture, you might just discover more satisfaction afterwards & it may have very well enhanced someone else's experience. What is not being suggested is hold your view higher or at the cost of other's enjoyment. Rather keep focus on what is most important overall. This then becomes a tool, knowledge base that you can utilize in different areas of your life.

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