Handling the tricky aspects of life.
Handling the tricky aspects of life.
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Lighting Up Your Life

Here we are in the USA celebrating our freedom. It is also a time that is incredibly complicated and intense. Personally I find myself in a place of deep commitment to emerge daily connected to that which sustains and supports me. To awaken in the morning, regardless of how much shit I have to deal with :), thanking my guides, angels and god. We all have our own articulation of spirit and being in touch with this can remind us again and again that we can rise above. Aim high. Live your best life. To be completely honest though, it sometimes disappears before I even get to my first cup of water, before I even get out the door, or somewhere along the days adventures it seems the clarity I ignite gets fogged, confused and lost. Fortunately I have a strong memory to return to the clarity and love which may not bring immediate relief to the situation, but it eases the complexity allowing me to redirect the energy of the moment....to emerge with more love and authenticity. It requires getting in touch with your authentic self.

Be In Touch. We all have feelings, even if you choose not to feel...that is just your intellect denying your truth and it shows up in other ways...believe me. When you are in touch with the your feelings, yes the emotions of life, you can then honor the reality of your experience and share or express yourself lovingly to those around you.

Honor the Hardship. Life is tricky, but no one wants you to live in the place of pain and confusion. Even when it feels like everything about life is denying you your light...where you feel completely stuck...there is something or someone that you can turn to that will light you up again especially if you are in touch with your emotions, you can continue to tap into a place of appreciation that can then redirect you from hardship to hope and project this onto your reality.

Dig In. Opening up to and connecting with your depth will reveal a powerful state of trust and truth. The truth that you are radiant, powerful, successful and intelligent. Allowing this to shine through to the surface and be of greater service to the world and those you love.  You will be able to see past the complexity as you believe in your own beauty. If you see it in others...please see it in yourself.

Please know that this is not hear to tell you that life is going to get easier and that if you are deeply challenged or stuck right now this is a quick fix. Rather it is a reminder that there is a highest good. That you do not have to do this alone. When you are in a place of connecting regularly to an inner peace, the richness, the potential of an awesome reality. then your convection banishes the fear, worry and doubt from driving the ship. Emotions fluctuate and finding stability is a personal practice. What you find stability in is the truth of your heart. As much as life comes at us emerging and exposing your authentic self becomes vital and reveals an attractive nature. To hear more on the power of Cultivating Clarity, CLICK HERE for this weeks podcast as I deepen this conversation. You are beautiful, awesome and amazing. You also remind me of how much I appreciate this life and certainly you being a part of my life.

With deep love, Teresa