New Moon – New Phase

Written by Teresa Phelps Martin

On June 23, 2017

On the 23rd of June we are graced with a new lunar cycle with the new moon in Cancer. The moon, a rock that orbits our Earth as we orbit the sun, holds significance as it reminds us to explore the qualities we are aligning with and reflecting back into the world. Looking at the lunar cycle provides a rhythm and pulse that brings forward a deeper alignment of body, psyche and soul.

The guidance of a Cancer lunar cycle calls forth the energy of the divine mother, nourishment, self care and the water qualities of emotions, adaptability and intuition. All new moons invite us to call forward the seeds of our hearts. This cycle can bring tears, laughter, compassion, empathy, and the need to get clear and grounded. Tapping into the earths offerings and receiving the abundance she is providing each of us.

When turning to guidance for this lunar cycle there were 3 clear messages I received. The first is to remember to PLAY, have FUN and RETURN TO JOY. Celebrating all that you hold and are being offered. Pause to acknowledge the richness of life. There are numerous moments being offered that direct us to celebrate our joy. It just happens that this joy gets buried under complex patterns. Even if you are in a rut, celebrate the new moon and opportunity to start fresh.

The next clear message for this lunar cycle is to explore how JUSTICE is impacting your experience. Standing up for your beliefs requires you to be clear on your views and perceptions of life. Your beliefs can limit you and even those that you love. How are you treating yourself and those around you? This interaction with yourself is a reminder of how we are responsible for actions as they create our experience. Are you moving forward with integrity?

The final message reminds us to be open to the NEW OPPORTUNITIES that are being presented to us. Be original by following your hearts passions and this unique expression will guide you to happiness. The development of life is promising.

These insights are being shared with the highest good for all those that are concerned. Insights for you to connect and consider for the next 28 days. Celebration, Justice and New Opportunities. As you invoke and connect to your own ability to celebrate life, witness how your beliefs are informing the development and guidance towards being happy. Add a little originality and enjoy!

The full moon will rise as the sun sets on July 9 and will sit in the energy of Capricorn. Guidance on this moons impact and relationship to the play of celebrating and being guided toward happiness. More insights will come as we remain aware of our alignment of our beliefs and how we are doing our sacred spark justice.

If you feel your emotions being a little more of a roller coaster ride, you are not alone. Creating a daily act of celebrating that is aligned with your highest good while being original and taking steps to develop more happiness in your life will help with the ebb and flow of our feelings. We all will feel lower energy from time to time, for me it is around the new moon almost always. Our angels just want us to have fun and bring more love to our life.

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