Standing In Your Light – Manifest – Episode 29

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Standing in your light is the practice of manifestation. Manifest is connecting to the expansive energy and invoking or bring it forward into your present experience…showing up for yourself with a greater awareness of yourself and your potential. Showing up and deciding to stand in your own light, regularly, is the practice of manifesting. Your light is already there, you just have to show up and receive it. It sounds simple, but you have to engage with it to make it last. So this episode invites you to go on retreat and take it all in, allow yourself to pause and stand completely immersed, connected to the great enlightenment that is available in your everyday life.

2 thoughts on “Standing In Your Light – Manifest – Episode 29

  1. Great message from you to start my week……..I feel burned out for sure. Love that there is actually a name for a condition called compassion fatigue. I feel a little bit of this. Along with some other issues I’m working on! Here I am at 60 trying to do still figure out the balancing act of family and myself. What is a little unnerving is that my opportunities at “family” are a lot fewer these days. But they still exist. Thanks for your wisdom

    1. Perhaps we spend most of our life figuring out the balance. When I learned about compassion fatigue it made a lot of sense. Happy to hear that my words provide insight and that you still have time to be with family!

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