Soul Session’s

Astrology + Guidance + Encouragement

Soul’s Promise

A built-in support system sharing the language of the heavens and through the handwriting of god. It is an amazing tool to support your own unique journey in growth, development and resilience.

Language of the Stars

Astrology is a tool to enhance our inner work.

We connect with our transpersonal nature, which is beyond the self we currently know ourselves to be.

A process that encourages a deeper connection to truths within ourselves and the potential our life holds.

Soul Session

Gain access to new levels of understanding of your personal life experience by awakening to your soul’s promise. Each soul session strengthens your inner knowing, validates who you are and allows guidance to living authentically.

These sessions help you awaken to see more of yourself than you are able to alone. Your natal birth chart is a snap shot of the conversation that was occuring in the heavens the moment your were born. It provides an understanding of your soul’s journey where past, present, and future all co-exist.

Clarity of Purpose

Connect with Soul’s Promise

Inspiration to Live Authentically

Encouragement to Embrace Your Wholeself

Receive and affirm who you and the sacred journey you are living.

Validate your sense of self through encouragement and enthusiasm.

Allow for new perspectives regarding where you have been and where you are headed.

Understand the celestial influence of your life.

Bring more enjoyment, meaning and connection to your experiences.

Investment: $108


Choose the time that best works for you and celebrate your decision to make your light a priority.


Before your session begins, find a private and quiet setting. Have your journal so you can jot down insights and takeaways during and after your session.


These journeys provide you with new perspectives, compassion and understanding. These core concepts help to cultivate the subtle shifts that allow for radical transformation.

Inner Work

A process to connect with the truth of who you are.

Reserved for the courageous, committed and brave.

Essential to living a fulfilled and brilliant life.

Choose consciously and confidently as you put all the parts and pieces of life together.

Understand the timing of things. Emphasize your strengths. Get to know your inner workings. Live confident, clear, and connected.