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The Energy of You

Each one of us is unique, though we are all part of a bigger collective sharing in a universal experience. Yes, sounds a little complicated unless you break it down to the fact that we are all just energetic beings. Who else believes everything is energy?

What this means is that there are different frequencies of energy and different rates of engaging with this energy – but the best part is that energy is transformable. This means that if we decide we want to be a certain way or have a certain experience we hold an ability to do so. Yes sometimes it is as easy as breathing a little deeper and sometimes it takes just a little bit more work. Regardless, if we align with ourselves then we can step into a frequency that we approve of, accept and courageously bringing forward in the world.

Being able to become who we are is quite an opportunity, some people have said the opportunity of a lifetime which is a privilege available to everyone that chooses to engage more deeply. If that sounds too complicated, it really is about coming home to who you already are – an energetic being that has what it takes to come alive!

What would it be like for you to pause and celebrate life, on some level on a daily basis? Yes, a bit of an undertaking, but getting into a positive frequency makes it easier to create and allow for an enjoyable experience of life – even when it is hard or painful. (If doing it on a daily basis seems overwhelming what about a season or a cycle or even just a few days)? It would fill our ‘resilience tank’ which would then give us the capacity to handle adversity when it comes. For those living in daily adversity, then this is a free accessible tool to reconnect you to the potential that is available to access a new reality.

In the energy of being ourselves we have to allow ourselves permission to be who we have always wanted to be. (While respecting the story of where we have come from). It may take a change in habit and routine, but you can start buy honoring the energy of you. Could you take time everyday to really tune into your uniqueness, your talents, gifts, even your story? By honoring it on a daily basis you give it more energy which allows you to stand more fully in your personal power. It requires a little bit of vulnerability but if you approve of you it is easy to take a little risk and share your light with the world. Which by the way the universe is anxiously awaiting to see you come alive!

There are external energies influencing you as well. Some of them we can shift and change, and sometimes the reality of life seems so unbearable we aren’t certain we have the resources to even begin to make a shift. Pain and adversity is real and it heavily influences how we engage in our life. This engagement is the energy we bring forward to express our experiences. In my opinion there is no real way to get rid of the pain, but we can transform it back to peace. Back to a simple joy and choose to live from that connection which in time can help heal the wounds of our heart. (If you want help with this, please reach out, to me or someone you trust and value).

One thing we want to do is allow ourselves permission to enjoy rather than deny ourselves the connection to the simple celebrations of life. Being able to laugh, getting lost in the light of our hearts, and being able to appreciate the people that show up to support, love and connect with us in our life (or our dreams). Sometimes we just have to appreciate that the breath was there for us when our life depended on it.

When we compassionately engage with the energy of ourselves we know ourselves on a deeper level. This awareness connects us to the core of our being creating value, confidence, and authenticity. What I believe is that when we connect to our individual energy then we honor the energy of the collective. At the same rate if we honor and appreciate the collective it can be easier to step in and honor the energy of the individual.

If you find the energy of the collective to be discouraging, connect back to what inspires you and engage with this energy regularly so you can bring forward your gifts in subtle ways to make a radical difference over time. In the same effort if you are inspired by the energy around you, connect back to the energy of yourself that appreciates this reflection, engage with it on your own terms and add to the inspiration of the world.

What energy of life lights you up right now? What energy are you bringing to life? Tell me cause I love to know the energy of you!

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Action – Movement – Episode 47

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As we take action in our life it helps to have awareness and alignment in the process. When we bring all of this together we create direction in our life. Sure it is not entirely up to just our individual action there is an entire collective energy at work as well. Hence why Awareness truly is everything. Our intention is so powerful but if we just wait around we are going to be disappointed. The other piece is that action is not a place of control but rather discipline. This is where yoga holds so much as the practice in of itself is discipline. You have to decide to show up for yourself, slow down, breathe, connect to your whole self and allow for the union of the body, mind and spirit.

This week’s episode is all about movement which of course is action in of itself. Poses that will surface in the flow included standing forward fold, lunges, triangle, down dog, cobra, bridge pose, reclined twist and legs up the wall. What!?! So when you practice you will want to practice in a way where you can have wall space to put your legs up. Please note you are responsible for the actions you take! If you need guidance on what the pose looks like you can visit the Sacred Essence Facebook page for a little tip on how to get into the pose.

Next episode will guide you inward which wildly holds so much action even though it appears we are doing nothing more than closing our eyes. But for now, grab your mat and connect your breath with your movement!

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Without A Doubt

There are not many moments we enter where it is easily said….without a doubt. But there are moments and these moments affirm the certainty which than carries us through uncertain times. Trust, faith and conviction all help as well as having practices and tools that keep us integrated to our center. Aligned not so much with the chaos but the mystical potency our highest being holds. There are things for me that I know to be true without a doubt. That every single one of us are sacred at our core. Yes, even the ones I might not agree with completely. That love is real. My vision and clarity of where I am headed aligned with faith in the present moment is much more serving and supportive than questioning everything. That the sun's light is steady and that somehow things always work out…you know…everything is going to be ok. There is an energetic forecast that reveals a heightened intensity for this month. (Personally I feel I have been in this intensity and am so grateful to those from whom I turn to for healing, growth, inspiration & support). Being able to care for yourself daily in ways that keep you in tune, grounded and clear are essential. If you have been in a place of surrender, ecstatic expression, challenge, sad, on fire, it's going to continue to be extreme. Freaking out won't really help anyone, thing or yourself so recognize how you are choosing to participate. Cultivating practical processes that keep you connected to your highest expression of love & light will feed the faith that banishes doubt. This months podcast theme is all about sustenance, so perhaps its time to be committed to personal clarity so we can be supportive of the collective.