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The Sacred Journey of You

Chances are you are here because you identify with the energy of transformation. That despite all the challenges of life, the trials and tribulations, you have found a way to be triumphant! You are here because of your courageous nature and the sacrifices you make for the greater good. Even when the problems seem overwhelming, you find your way, your path, your strength.

Your bravery is admired and you are on a quest of great honor. A journey to overcome and move through the moments in life that hold great difficulty. You work incredibly hard to respect your enemy and realize being true to you is a path you remain highly committed to even with the chaos that entails. You are here as you are not satisfied with a surface level experience and are curious about the spiritual expression of life as a whole. I admire and respect you for being exactly who you are and appreciate you for being a great student of life, the body, mind and soul.

These are all qualities of the yoga student as well. You arrive on your mat hungry to move and connect to the deeper layers of yourself. To breathe into areas that feel restricted and contracted. You engage in moments that challenge you, stress you and perhaps even expose perceptions, thoughts, and feelings that then offer information regarding the atmosphere of your experience. Yet you remain steady with the practice as you know you return, revive and restore your true essence.

The time you spend on the mat allows for acceptance of what is and appreciation for your capacity to transform and realign with your values and beliefs. You gain powerful insight regarding your own experience and can then adapt to the situations of the life around you. The practice informs your behaviors, the way you show up and the feedback offered supports you. This support is welcomed when stepping forward as it provides  a strong, sacred sense of connection to your whole self. How amazing is it to feel inspired and know you will be guided in your ability to show back up for the greater good!?!

For me, Yoga provides the indisputable connection between our mind, our body, our spirit and our environment. We gain an awareness of how the one impacts the other. We connect back to the commonality that we are being supported by something greater and yet also support that something greater individually. Each time we practice evidence accumulates in the ways the internal world impacts the external and the external word impacts the internal.

When we make patterns with the body we reveal the patterns that are present in the mind. This discovery reconnects us to a part of ourselves that seems to be present and deserves some attention. This presence holds great wisdom and insight in the ways we can be exactly who we are while feeling united with the bigger picture of life and consciousness. This sense of belonging is a major source to draw inspiration, to bring meaning into our life and navigate the terrain of being human.  When we are in touch with this presence she calls at us to make a change, to positively improve and be of service to the greater good. 

Another aspect of yoga for me is that it asks us to surrender. We let go. We realize that there are patterns not serving us. Patterns in the body, the mind, and buried within the heart that are negating our experience of our truth and our life.

We pause to engage with our whole self and these subtle impressions of our past come to the surface. It is not always comfortable and can feel rather humbling. However when we work with our level of awareness and our intentions, we begin to cleanse and nourish which creates transformation. 

Our awareness grows and we discover the contents of our innermost self  informing our perception. We realize we can take responsibility to and create a level of change. We align with a willpower and experience subtle shift that transforms our experience radically. When this happens we find a deeper connection to our sense of purpose and find ourselves wanting to be more generous with our personal fortune. 

When we know this it is easier to move inward and do the inner work. We make shapes with the body and give direction to the mind. We step into the crevices of our essential self with honor and respect. We allow our awareness to align from a higher vantage point and evolve. Yoga provides a practice that integrates will, alignment and inspired action.

The will power that moves us forward resides in the depth of the heart. Being able to go inner ward and do the work is the real truth of the yoga student. The recognition that your will power is united or connected with the divine will of the universe gives you ground to surrender into. 

When you surrender you learn to lean into the source that is greater than you. Bringing your actions into alignment with this divine source, you are able to overcome the obstacle of you, the monster of darkness, make friends with the unknown, live in the mystery and be motivated in the search for identity and wholeness. We become a conduit to aid in life calling forward the good in humanity.

When you have found that the journey inward reveals your ability to be a hero to your own light, then you find you are ready to share this wisdom with others. You find your commitment to the path of remaining true, bringing forward the good in humanity, and want to share this self-transformation and bring this vision into the world. To bring your light to life.

The quest shifts and you realize a deeper call to inspire, uplift and help evolve communities, cultures and consciousness as a whole. You find your faith in a deeper alignment with the intelligent flow of life and you want to share, impart your wisdom to help people live life connected to their own potential and truth. 

To me this is the sacred journey from student to teacher. The practice of yoga allows you to remain an eternal student of life, your wisdom, body and essence. When you discover that you want to share, uplift, inspire and be a positive influence that has a valuable impact on the world around you, then you get curious about teaching yoga.

You get involved in a wisdom tradition that has historically helped humanity evolve and expand consciousness. You begin a new practice of connecting with the patterns of your body, mind and heart finding yourself ready, with compassionate guidance, to share this inspired perspective. It is a path, a practice and a sacred art that helps support individuals in their path of self-transformation and contribute to the innovation of the collective evolution. Simply put, you step into a role that helps people move and be moved. 

As we deepen our connection to our truth, there comes a time where we transition to sharing this wisdom with the world. If you are wanting to learn the art of teaching yoga, then join me in this next adventure!

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In Service of Your Light

When we are asked – what is your purpose or your mission – the answer is honestly so simple. We are here to BE. To BE present, tuned in and conscious of our own great light and it’s ability to shine. By BEing we then can Bring our gifts to life and BE of service.

We each hold a unique gift that is in service of something greater. You might find you need to dig deep to understand what it is you are hear to share, but by Being present with yourself your true gifts reveal themselves. Whatever your gift is, it is here to be shared, embodied, and when you are aligned this are unique offerings that support the highest good for all those concerned.

If you are gifted at listening to loved ones, then honor your ability to hold space for them. If you gift is to make amazing meals and share them with hungry souls, then please feed them. If you gift is cleaning up the rubbish and hauling it away to make spaces more beautiful, then please don’t let it all pile up because you are waiting for the right device to haul it all away. If your gift is to discover how to cure cancer, then please just begin!

Showing up for life requires us to just begin and discover. Be with yourself, compassionately, and trust that you hold a perspective, talent, offering, and the world is waiting for you. No need to wait for the perfect moment or time but rather open yourself to the higher energy that sits deep within and kindly ask it to come forward. 

Our intuition is always ready to guide us and is not interested in the right time or place. This deep wisdom wants to flow forward and guide our way in life and be of service. Over thinking and analyzing can paralyze any action and kill a beautiful gift that the world needs. Trust your gut and take action from this grace filled space. Letting go of the expectation that it is supposed to be some grand explosion of an idea and offering and rather enjoy the fulfillment of showing up for yourself and engaging with a sacred expression of you. 

When we have allowed for a recognition of our authentic truth, we will want to organize, align  and embrace this sacred beauty so when we share we are actually in service of the highest. Here are four ways you can choose to engage with your unique offering. They are here to help you feel a level of ease amidst the vulnerability of bringing your beauty forward.

Ground Your Beauty. As we navigate and make our sacred expression visible for the world to see, we want to lean into the supportive energy that is unconditional. What grounding means is slowing down, being more intentional, even writing out your dream or vision is a means of grounding. Eating food that is of the season to feel nourished and supported will also keep our energy more grounded, supports our digestive system and allows us to rest well. All of this creates a sense of clarity and connection so we can receive the compassion.

Create Healthy Boundaries. When we realize that our unique perspective on the world is going to be of service by sharing our authentic expression to support the collective consciousness, it can be easier to be just who you are just as you are. The anxieties and insecurities that surface can inhibit our ability to make a genuine contribution. When exposing our sacred beauty having clear boundaries will keep us feeling safe, supported and also bring forward a sense of freedom. Boundaries are ways of containing the energy and holding space for your sacred light.

Awaken Your Spirit – Daily. When we want to bring our light forward we will want to connect to our spirit on a daily basis. Yoga, meditation, nutritious foods and supplements, self care, journaling, are all examples of holding space for your higher self to come forward on a daily basis. Connecting in simple yet disciplined practice awakens the energy and inspiration connected to our soul that then guides us to integrate our intuition into our lives. What is amazing is that this is a practice that will continue to ground your beauty and create healthy boundaries.

Value Your Light. You are already enough and contain all you need. By allowing presence into your life on a daily basis you may discover that there are wounds that are calling to be healed. Everyone has areas that require healing, it’s part of our humanness. Our imperfections are what make us human. Fortunately, the healing reveals more of your potential and perfection. By valuing who you are you can easily share with the world because you are in a space to receive the support, recognition, and love that comes with connection. 

When we decide to put our feet on the ground, bring order to our dreams, tend to the details and take real good care of your health – inside and out, then it is easy to connect with what matters most which is seeing your light come to life. Being able to be of service without becoming depleted is the energy of this season. Give yourself the room to connect with your intuitive intellect. Receive the love and beauty that is around you.You get to design your life so  being able to co-create with your connection to the valuable nature of your light you’ll discover your dreams are aligned with your soul.

What ways are you bring for the layers of yourself that sit deep within forward to share with the world?

What will keep you motivated on a daily basis to spark joy?

What core values can you acknowledge and let them be the foundation of your boundaries?

What grace filled growth is surfacing that is bringing your sacred beauty to life?

Yes there will be moments of ‘now what’ and the need to clear the clutter, but by staying connected to the above suggestions and contemplating the questions you’ll find renewed enthusiasm that crystalizes your light. Moderation is always a good practice and expanding your perspective while doing the research and investigation regarding the deeper layers of your being will put you in a place of strength, ambition and inspired action. 

Share with me the ways that knowing yourself more deeply through a practice of presence has been of service to those you love.

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A Fresh Start

A fresh start..sounds good to me. So, first, thank you. If we are going to start anew – it is worth a pause and creating the space for clarity. This lets you focus on what you want to show up for this month, cycle, phase, season, this moment. This is the energy influencing my own intention for this new cycle: Pausing to cultivate clarity layered with focused action creates effective productivity that remains aligned with my heart. It feels good to have direction that still allows for spontaneity, fun, and authenticity.  

There is such an excitement for newness, the freshness, the possibility and the potential within and for all of us. Shoot the birds were even singing this morning. It can also be overwhelming and a bit daunting – if you aren’t anchored in your own clarity…connected to the truth of your heart.

This time a year ago life was happening fast – all good stuff, and there was a huge momentum to it. Things in my personal life were shifting at a rate that I was conscious of but not able to comprehend fully the impact it was going to have. It felt as if everything was coming together smoothly, with conscious effort, until it didn’t. When the ease got intense, it honestly felt like a major jolt to the system. You know, when your car shifts from 4th gear straight to 1st gear. That feeling when the transmission and engine rev up with intensity, the car jerks, and you wonder if you messed with the infrastructure. Then everything slows down drastically while the oil pressure light goes off and things don’t smell so great. Then before you know it your at the mechanic investing in realignment. Not the worst thing, just could have potentially been a little more prepared if you had been more present to the energy of the operator…

Been there before? Can you relate? The bumps and the hurdles have been doable but coming fast and sometimes just out of left field. Knowing that stuff surfaces in life, and we have this beautiful capacity to grow and attune to our deeper essence that is sacred (all of which sounds pretty and really is just uncomfortable) I decided to show up and dig deeper. Yep, invest in my own realignment.

My tool kit was strong, and I found that even my growth was bumpy and I was getting exhausted quickly. I took my first solo trip as a mom, joined a group of woman that are invested in living a more energetically aligned life, showed up to the energetic currents in the cosmos and created a lot of room to dig, honor and nourish at a whole new level. 

What happened, all kinds of evidence surfaced. Which it seems to do frequently when you listen to your heart and lean into the guidance of the highest. What comes forward and through is amazing especially if you are a bit patient. A little glimpse of the evidence…a potent year of growth, radical acceptance, grace-filled clarity,  and a renewed enthusiasm to be the light I am authentically aligned with and allowed to be. In terrestrial terms, a beautiful family, wonderful home, opportunity to be a mom with a side gig, and a strong connection to the abundance available to us all.

One of the ways the good fortune surfaced without playing the lottery or gambling on horses… with all the wild energy of last year I stayed with my intention which was to teach via the lunar cycles – every class honoring the phase of the moon and how that show’s up on the yoga mat and in our life. While it sounds a bit out there it actually is a very grounding practice as it continued to anchor my heart and give me direction when I would choose to see things differently – again and again. Full disclosure there were quite a few times where I just didn’t want to have to f’in choose again. But the moon’s cycle waxes and wanes, hangs out with the sun and sits in total opposition. Trying to keep it linear only made it worse. But the only way I could work with this fluctuation was it meant I also had to pay close attention to the emotional quality of my life as the moon reflects the cycle of our emotions. When you tune into the aspects of the sky you end up tuning into all the other amazing planets as well.

Teaching this way is something I learned early in my teaching journey, and if you know me from way back when you probably remember.  Deepening this intention of looking to the sky’s pattern, so much became potently ‘crystal’ clear. Studying the planets, welcoming the depth of the moon’s influence and aligning more of my work with this energy, specifically mom and guide on the side. Dang – let me tell you one more time (my sun sign is Gemini after all) – the clarity is soul satisfying.

In rekindling my study’s of the cosmic influence (celestial energy) in relationship to my life and those I engage with regularly – both on and off the mat so much made divine sense. The bumps came with more ease and I began to pick up on a lot of energetic patterns that were similar even when everyone’s experience of it was unique and individual. It also gave me permission to guide with more supporting, loving, commitment – starting with my self.

One more thing that happened is I remembered how renewable our energy is if we slow down and allow. I like to think of it as mindfulness embodied, where you actively focus on scheduling more time to renew then take charge. I also call it sacred self care. I had to eliminate what wasn’t on my top 5 priority list. (One reason I haven’t written in a while). I still showed up and presented classes on the power of building resilience, the importance of slowing down, being present and living from our center, and being able to ask for help – which I think is the biggest accomplishment. More on that later.

I continue to teach yoga classes based on the collective energy and witness powerful transformation for those showing up. I am watching my one on one clients experience amazing shifts. It’s the subtle ‘baby’ steps that create radical transformation. They are shifting are based on personal reflections of how to back off, reassess, release, restore and ultimately feel renewed, re-inspired and ready to rise up. So no one is stopping with the engagement of life, rather showing up to honor their sacred light and honor those around them.

Here’s the fresh start that comes with all this reflection. As I write we are entering a new cycle. A new moon, even the Chinese Lunar New Year, and the sun and moon sit together in the sign of Aquarius. Just real quick – I am not an astrologist – it’s just that the Sky is my Altar – always has been. 

Each planet represents a part of ourself – there is nothing to be afraid of – and each sign represents an aspect of our life. Looking to the sky is like checking the weather before heading out for the day – you get to decide how you want to engage with the forecast and are invited to live with greater harmony, coherence and authenticity. Besides we are star dust anyhow.

Looking to the stars we can tune into the energy that is operating within us. The cosmos always give you free will as you still get to choose how to engage. It’s almost as if they wink at you and whisper ‘you can be skillful or unskillful’. 

This Aquarius Lunar Cycle reminds us that our vitality sits in the company of an individualistic concept that’s interested in looking to the future and improving humanity.  Translation – the only way we can improve humanity is if we sit and improve the relationship within our own self. Reminder – I am a long time yoga teacher, graduate student of mental health and a transformational coach that is focused on Grace Filled Growth. Pause and remind yourself what you are showing up for and how it is influencing those you engage with on a day to day basis.

A new moon happens when it aligns with the sun in the cosmos. It’s as if they are one and that ball of fire is hanging out in the sign of Aquarius. The sun travels through each zodiac sign at the same time every year. Making it the perfect opportunity to recommit, renew, and return to what matters most to you. It’s an embodiment of the idea that in the dark night, you can welcome the light and be guided by the great love that sits deep within. Honoring the lunar cycle you gain clarity and know that there’s a bigger picture guiding you forward, a greater energy that is cheering you on, cheering us all on and calling humanity forward. The Aquarius energy reminds us to honor our own way and allow others the room to find their way as well.

With the winter solstice I created a year long intention to be a stronger guide in helping people come home to their hearts. To understand what it means to drop into their heart, the ways you can tune in and the energy it does take to pause, while also holding space for a direct experience in the powerful ways it enhances your overall appreciation for life. While I have being doing it on the mat and with my clients, I am finally here writing it out and sharing it with you. Being able to know how to tune in gives us an understanding in the way we can live in relationship with the highest version of ourselves, the way we can engage while we are on our yoga mat, the way we are in relationship with those we love and the ways we allow others to also find their way. The result – an opportunity to deeply enjoy the good fortune we all hold.

Thank you for allowing me the space to renew on a much deeper level. To gain clarity, focus and be a bit more efficient in this offering.

I am excited to begin this conversation again, to feel a clarity of my own focus that can potentially help you show up for the brilliance that you are as well. I will be articulating more on the influence of the stars, the power in shifting to a life that is cyclical (you already are living it FYI – we all are) and sharing more potent life skills that can support the authentic alignment within your own heart and reduce the commotion that can confiscate your joy. 

If you are interested in learning ways you can live from your heart’s light, ways to track the energy for yourself and tune into your inner landscape, embracing, engaging and enhancing your experience of life…comment bellow and let me know. We are all collectively being invited to gain even more clarity, more focus, and the great heart/light that shines for all of us.

From my heart to yours – XOXO