Yoga Soul Flow


What an honor to have a practice that weaves together the physical, mental, experiential and spiritual. To move and be moved is the power of yoga. It is a process that awakens us to our truth and provides a direct connection to the spirit of our essential self. It has saved my life and carried me through some of my darkest moments. Being able to witness the transformational power it has had on so many others is an opportunity that I continue to respect and value since first beginning to teach in 2003.

Yoga is a platform to connect to our soul, exploring both our inner and outer worlds while allowing for a dynamic relationship between the two. I teach straight from my heart where I deliberately weave the intellect with the intuitive to bring forward an integrative, supportive and uplifting practice. I encourage a positive belief in oneself and humanity as a whole. I strive to know my practice and life deeply while remaining real and true to the people I share space with as they find their way off and on the yoga mat.

When Teresa teaches she connects to everyone in the room. We all feel seen, supported, and feel like we just had a therapy session with a full body massage.

yoga soul classes

Group Classes

Currently all group classes are being held VIRTUALLY due to the global pandemic. Come join in on the fun as Tuesday and Thursday! Class Saturday is held via ZOOM and Hot Yoga Louisville.

Tuesday/Thursday, 12pm ET

Saturday, 10:30am ET

yoga soul privates

Private Sessions

Working 1:1 is powerful when beginning your practice, healing from an injury, or wanting to deepen and refine your overall connection.

Currently all private sessions are being held VIRTUALLY due to the global pandemic.

yoga soul trainings and mentorships

Trainings & Mentorship

When you love yoga, you just want more! Immersions, Retreats, Teacher Trainings and Mentorships are all powerful ways to deepen your ability to embody your light and live brilliantly.

Yoga Soul Flow Immersion

Yoga Soul Flow Teacher Training

Move and Be Moved Mentorship – Coming Soon!

There are some challenging times, some tough transitions which seem like you will never make it to the other side. Reaching out to someone who can guide you through effectively and with great care is the light at the end of the tunnel. Working with Teresa helps you realize the light was there with you all along.