Do any of you think about how amazing life is while peeling a banana? Yes, these are thoughts that went through my mind as I peeled and froze bananas tonight. This happens to me a lot with food. I am ever curious to who decided to eat the banana? The garlic? The sweet potato? I then proceeded to think to myself of how many people don’t believe in the divine, god, the greater whole, and that made me sad.

There is such a correlation, pattern, basic flow that moves us in such a way we feel compelled to freeze bananas. (I also made rotisserie chicken salad and was sad that though free range and all natural chickens don’t get to fly like an eagle or even like a crow).  Yes, I think, a lot, but it brings me to a point of gratitude and I then continue to offer thanks to all the food that sits before me. I give thanks to the individual that thought the banana would be a good thing to eat. I give thanks to the idea that nature provides just what we need.

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