Don’t get off the train

Keep the course and the landscape will continue to change. A teaching of my teacher in regard to the practice of meditation, but I have also taken it to regard the nature of our life. We get caught up, myself included, but we forget that with the passing of time that it will fade, it will pass. Sure there are things you can’t change, the events of your life are uniquely yours, but taking those experiences and allowing them, or finding ways that they support the journey rather then hinder ~ that is the work.

Actually doing the work is another conversation completely. It’s uncomfortable, but the discomfort is temporary then it reveals a greater joy ~ delight in the process. Some would say, if you don’t figure it out this life, it’s certain to show up later. (I have mixed feelings of the who reincarnation ~ not so much that I am opposed to it, but I feel you are so much more than a past).

Next time the road gets rocky, just settle in, breathe, eat some yummy food and know that soon the view will shift.

3 thoughts on “Don’t get off the train

  1. Thanks, I needed that this morning. Work kept me away from my class this week and I am having to deal with the feeling that something is wrong. But like you say it is only temporary.

  2. Hi Greg, work can get in the way. Not certain what you feel is wrong, but make certain you trust yourself. Also, you are going to have to come to Mission to find a yoga class with me. Since I am in graduate school, (and processing a different component of my life as well) I am trying to simplify. I’m in Kentucky next week and should be at the cow July 29 for my last class.

  3. More out of place than wrong. I get into a routine and when I fall out of it things feel wrong. I am a creature of habit I guess. I stumbled across your name at Mission a short while ago and wondered what was going on. I found their webiste and began scanning through the instructors and said “hey I know her” Simplify is good. I am making some changes and a big one may be on the way for me shortly. It would change my schedule and not permit me to make it to your HCY class. Look how thing work out of you go with the flow.

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