Doubt as a form of Grace

We tend to believe…that faith is unshakable. But the only way it can’t be rattled is when you’ve done the inquiry, yes, when you have doubted your own faith, your own beliefs. In saying that we still want to avoid any tests of a concept that involve harming yourself physically, mentally or emotionally as well as avoiding taking anyone else down along the journey.

But this is a wild idea, but when you doubt, not so much yourself, but question what is being presented, you avoid giving your power away for one, and two you don’t conform to any idea that doesn’t support optimal expression of your truest or best self. So even if you are off a little from everyone else, at least you are exploring. If you intentionally are aligned with everything in your external environment and what matters most deep in your heart – then – NICE!

The next time someone throws something your way (Especially if it is someone asking you to do as they say, but not as they do) let them know you need to know why.  If they only tell you it’s good for digestion, then keep asking questions. With questions you begin to integrate your belief and work on deepening your internal connection external self so that when you offer your explanation to another being ultimately allowing you to be anchored in a positive regard of yourself. Even when the potency of  grace is hard to face.


1 thought on “Doubt as a form of Grace

  1. Interesting. I will give it some more thought today. Thanks.

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