Full moon rising…

Three lunar cycles ago at the end of my meditation I had The Doors on my mind. My thoughts were with how the setting moon comes with the night turning to day…we find ourselves on the otherside. It was early, 5am, and I had the house to myself. I turned on pandora creating a new station, Jim Morrison radio…there it was, you know you can hear it now…

duhn duhn duhn da duhn duhn duhn da…night becomes the day, day becomes the night . .. Break on through to the other side….break on…break on…wow ah!

for those of us on the east coast the lunar eclipse hits 26 minutes past twelve in the am, May 25. It’s powerful in that its the third eclipse in a row. The first one a chance to let go, the next one, solar this round, an opportunity to receive, and now time to give birth to our authenticity. (I’m not an astrologer yet this is a summary of what I’ve read).

Who knows what’s waiting for you on the other side…but break on through!

3 thoughts on “Full moon rising…

  1. You just keep getting better and better or maybe a more accurate way to say what I mean, is that your words recently have touched me in a way very close to “home”. Thank you Teresa. Thank you. And I love that this is the closest I’ve felt to you and all you have to give, which I miss so much, since you moved from the ‘ville. All my best girlfriend!

  2. We are but Riders on the Storm. I too am loving reading what you write. I had to take a week off (opened that hip just a bit too much) but I am back up and running now and will start again on Monday. I have started my new beginning already and people are noticing. I owe some of that leap of faith to yoga friends like you. I also moved to a new blog. Thanks Teresa.

    1. Congratulations on the new beginning! It’ll probably have a few bumps on the way but I hope it feels in line with your heart.
      I’m taking Monday off from teaching so I will see you next week!

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