Getting Quiet

The frogs are in full effect and it’s amazing that they can be so synchronized that when one stops, they all get quiet together, and when one begins it’s in harmony with all the others, truly amazing. Today I had someone ask, since I tend to spend a good bit of time thinking on life how do I get quiet. This is a great question really!

The only time my mind is ‘quiet’ is when my body hurts. If, like today, there is a trigger with my neck, my brain becomes so dull and throbs with pain that it actually hurts to think. But everything is out of alignment and for me, this isn’t the idea. However, I can be in a place like meditation and everything resonates in such a way there is a harmonious wave of thoughts (or no thoughts) that flow freely. That is the continue to flow without me getting caught up in the details and they become so fluid that they make their own sound, hum, or on some level sound like the frogs out my window. The vibration of sound looses it’s distinct form of words and coherent thoughts, but reminds me of the life that still flows…that I continue to pulse with life. Some refer to it as resonating stillness, or that the dynamic nature of being comes into such alignment that it appears steady.

This is meditation of course. For me this dull feeling I have right now isn’t the idea, it’s just all my energy is going to restore the muscles that have been tweaked. I don’t want my mind to flatline, I hope the serenity comes from knowing the tune of consciousness that hums through me as me.

1 thought on “Getting Quiet

  1. I find it hard not to think. I usualy end up thinking about not thinking and my mind runs at full speed. Instead I try to think about something simple like rain, the wind or warm sunshine. After I think I imagine the feeling and feel instead of think and my mind drifts away. That’s what works for me.

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