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Right? That’s the idea of yoga, to learn how to be present or this present moment is a gift… Well it turns out that at this moment -I’m wide awake and I’ve been up since 4:30AM. Yes, I should be tired, but yoga has also taught me how to utilize my energy and be more in the flow, aligned with the currents entering the life that is flowing threw me, as me, as this moment. So here I am, almost an entire year later writing on this blog.

What took me so long? Life happened. I wrote the first ten pages of a book reflecting on the past ten years and it occurred to me that I hadn’t truly processed the fact that I almost died. That day someone else’s path collided with mine I was in and out of consciousness touch and go. Ten years later I realized I hadn’t taken the time to sit with it. Yes it motivated me. You could say I’ve been on a 10 year energy drink. Yes, I have faced many of the physical aspects and even spiritual aspects, but not the subtleties of reality.  I was not in a position to process or even strong enough to stare at my own truth. To seriously encounter the fire pit of my heart, it wasn’t the right time then. So…I’ve been processing, accepting, allowing, and now here I am acting, co-creating.

Though the clock has struck midnight, I don’t consider the day over until I’ve slept and so today I am committing to 108 days of sharing my contemplations. A teacher in town has created a challenge if you will, 108 days of yoga. I meditate everyday, teach a good bit, do asana a lot, so I’ve decided to do something that scares me…write. Yep, write in a way that affords you an opportunity to bring forward the truth of your own heart. I’m dedicating it to my grandmother who on this first day of May 15 years ago had no idea that it would be the last May of her life. Besides, she always told me that I really needed to write IT down.

Gilda Joann Albano Poppleton, this is for you!

Mistakes & all…

2 thoughts on “In the moment…

  1. Good for you, Theresa. Remember the road and people who helped shape you and your future. Thanks for all you do in teaching yoga.

    1. Thanks MK :). If you only knew how many people have helped me along the way…usually those that amaze me the most are those that courageously step on the mat totally uncertain of what is to come!

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