Keep it real…

I don’t do well with false fluffy bull sh**. Yes I realize we are all navigating the waters of life but please is it necessary to pretend or even fake it? It seems that yoga is everywhere these days and something that bothers me is the commercialization. Perhaps it’s a good thing as long as whatever is being offered, whoever is offering it is held accountable.

Yes I am all about opening your heart seriously, but I’m gonna stick with you as you discover the swampy crude that hides your truth. It isn’t all unicorns and rainbows even if it appears that way and you may even start to notice more pots of gold in your life. When you continuously open yourself to new discoveries you get comfortable in the discomfort. You realize that you don’t need fancy pants or mat. Instead you just need a willing heart.


(this could easily sound like fluffy bs, but it’s just who & how I am)

1 thought on “Keep it real…

  1. So true! It pains me when people say they can’t do yoga because it’s too expensive. Aggressive advertising suggests you need lots of gear, but you don’t. All you need is your body – and motivation. 🙂

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