sometimes it grabs you and takes over…
somehow it is Monday night and I am exhausted, should have been in bed an hour ago and tomorrow’s alarm is going to feel early at 4:30am. but I’ll get back in the groove.
something happens this time of year, days are longer, schedule is jam packed.
i’m grateful to be busy, juggling the different aspects, people, events and commitments. i couldn’t do it though without my meditation. not even certain I could ride the fast pace waves of life with out the skills that yoga has brought me. sure an arm balance is fun and builds confidence, but it’s seeing clearly when everything is coming quickly, maintaining awareness when it feels a bit blurry, knowing how to find a connection to your breath amidst the chaos, this is the gift of meditation.
benefits abound really. it’s so simple, but it requires a commitment. a wonder filled commitment to sit with the love of god everyday. it doesn’t save you nor does it have all the answers, but it gives you a small moment in your day to plug in and connect with the great absolute. it becomes a stabilizing force, a inner circuitry that you tap into, know that you can reach for, even when you’re not certain you’ll ever get it all done.

2 thoughts on “life…

  1. So true, no matter how short it sometimes is just taking a moment in my day to sit quietly and meditate makes all the difference in the world.

  2. Amen!

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