My ole Kentucky home

This past weekend me and my two dogs drove some 8 hours to meet up with my husband back in Kentucky. A little time away that’s taken me back to where I came from. This trip I’ve been the girl who grew up in Lexington and married a boy from Frankfort. These two character’s haven’t had much time together. We are more of the college kids from Charleston whose separate world travels landed both of them back in Louisville, KY.

An interesting detail is that I left after high school with no real plan to return, not because I didn’t like Lexington, but because there was a whole wide world out there that I couldn’t wait to explore. Even my time in Louisville, 9 years almost, wasn’t what I had intended. Actually, I had to be in Kentucky for physical therapy and a monthly osteopathic visit in order to function both mentally and physically after being t-boned by a huge pick up truck. International travel was out of the picture, partly because September 11 had changed the ease of travel as well as nearly dying. Louisville became the alternative to a new adventure that kept me close to home, but still very far from the girl who grew up in the bluegrass. Which by the way, this July the grass is more blue than I can ever remember.

This trip I am not the girl who’s been teaching yoga for 10 years. It’s been tough to be so close to seeing my yoga support group (you know who you are) and it’s really hard not being that person, but it’s great getting in touch with the girl that cruised through Lexington in her cabriolet smoking cigarettes and being so totally innocent to what life would offer. Today has offered chances to be with people that I spent most of my childhood romping around with, being silly and now…we are all grown up dealing with grown up stuff. I haven’t seen these friends in years, and certainly haven’t been able to stand in a kitchen with kiddos in the background, but it was just like old times. But when you get older, these moments somehow are even better than old times…as I think I didn’t know how great it was to have such good friends growing up…and now I cherish the two brief hours we got to catch up…as adults with all of our adult stuff…and knowing that not as much time will go by before we get to do it again.

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