Please refuel

Are the tides high or low? Are the leaves falling from the trees or are they budding vibrant beauty? Is your heart full or empty?

Today, processing an element in my life, my heart felt shattered in a million little pieces. When I sat in the center it was and is so incredibly scary. It almost felt like I was free falling in the center of my being with not a single limb or anchor. There I was in what felt like the middle of no where, with me, and all my stuff. My physical body started to shake and I had no choice but to get a grip. Then there was this little beep, I looked at the dashboard, please refuel and it even gave me a range. It was as if my own inner heart was asking for a fill up. You’ve got this much more left in you, then you are completely empty. I started regulating my breath, focusing on what I needed to accomplish today, looked out at the amazing scenery that surrounded me. My heart still aches, but it’s no longer in a free fall.

Later when I got fuel for my vehicle, I realized I had averaged 40 miles to the gallon, pretty darn efficient. But even my trusty wagon lets me know when I need to refuel. Nature stops feeding nutrients to the branches and the plants sleep for the winter. Shoot, some frogs even freeze for the winter with their own built in antifreeze. Wonder why it isn’t so obvious to us humans when we need to refuel our heart and soul….

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