Quality time…

With family, specifically sister’s and their kiddos, really is tough to beat. It definitely puts the importance of the bigger picture at the forefront…why are we doing all this? To love and be loved. My oldest niece who is 14, saw the name of my upcoming retreat…love the flow. She’s an instagram professional and I posted a photo saying ‘love the flow, be the flow’ ~ I don’t think she’s stopped laughing. Even when I mentioned that yoga teacher’s live to say funny and catchy things, she still is laughing. This honestly makes me happy. That we get to share this little glimpse of our lives and well that we just get to be in each other’s lives. This is the flow, and yes I am learning to love it more and more.

2 thoughts on “Quality time…

  1. I also laughed because I thought “Be Progressive, go with the Flo.” Sorry bad pun. Great thoughts though.

  2. I don’t instagram, but my son does, and I can see how it has created a whole new place for him… For me, my flow is living and accepting. That to me is my flow. Thank you for sharing… m.

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