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Teaching yoga is just what I do. Sure that sounds a bit arrogant, but it is in my blood, my Vedic chart, the stars and my life have literally directed me to share the power of love on the yoga mat. I lean into both knowledge and experience to help you feel grace filled on and off the mat. For me, when we feel grace full, we feel the power or potency to bring to life a deeper elegance and connect to all of our blessings that allow us to move with poise in life. I strive to recognize and respect the different journey everyone is on, and prefers to customize my offerings based on the group’s energy to facilitate a practice supporting the individual and uplifting the group. Each class holds intelligent sequencing and alignment that is intentionally woven with a theme to support an elevated vision of each person no matter age or ability.

Tuesday at Hot Yoga Louisville
9:30-10:45am, Therapeutic Flow

Saturdays at Hot Yoga Louisville
10:30-11:45am, Soul Flow


Finding Your Center – Navigate with Grace
 Infinite Bliss Yoga – Louisville, KY,
1:30-4:30pm, $75 per session
This 3 Part series utilizes Teresa’s gifts where she will move you and you will be moved. This series is an opportunity to understand your inner workings to embark on a discovery of your true self, your best self. Practical life skills that offer access to clarity as well as an understanding how Grace supports your ability to life a life aligned with the potential of your highest self at the forefront. The group energy provides a supportive process over a period of time to utilize knowledge and personal experience to cultivate grace inspired wisdom and learn how to integrate it into your everyday life. Navigating the challenges, moments of overwhelm and despair with clarity, ease and confidence will create lasting change and shift your approach to life so that you easily live in alignment with your highest on a regular basis.
Part 1 – Divine Dance – June 24
Understand how energy influences our engagement with life individually and collectively. Gain insight into your patterns and tendencies to live with more ease and grace
Part 2 – Ignite Your Heart – July 22
Learn how your inner world influences your experience of life. Utilizing emotional intelligence and relating it to the 9 Rasas of Yoga to navigate with clarity.
Part 3 – Trust In Yourself – August 26
Allowing the revelatory power of grace to be more accessible in order to lean into the extraordinary aspects of life in order to live with confidence and experience more joy.
Each session is $75

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