sense of worth

A concept that I am grateful is gaining great popularity. Or perhaps I am motivated more and more to help people realize that they are completely worthy of enjoying life. Seriously though if you aren’t surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and if you aren’t believing in your own potential then please, make a serious change in your life. You’ve got this one opportunity to live. I don’t care if you believe in past lives or pre-determined existence, as far as I know, this is all we’ve got so why would you waste it feeling unworthy and being down on yourself. Alright, we all have moments where we feel less than stellar (look at my last post) but breathe, settle and remember that you’ll be encouraging a good life for yourself and others by cultivating a sense of worth. There is only one of you, that in of itself is of high value and is pretty darn amazing. Since you are here living this life, go make it a good life!

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