"With Teresa I can go deeper in my practice and leave feeling uplifted.” ~ Thelma

"I am 64 years old and Teresa has given me the gift of a new understanding of the physical movements of yoga. Her thorough knowledge and understanding of the body is always evident. She has given me powerful insights on the abilities and limitations of my body along with a new gratitude for all that my body CAN do!” ~ Barb

"Teresa has the sensitivity to understand the needs of a diverse class and sum up the mood of a class on any given day. Her knowledge of body mechanics allows her to create a class specifically geared to a body with sensitive knees, shoulders, and backs. No two classes were ever alike in strengthening, stretching and relaxing.” ~ Rosalind Walman

"I am a 71 year old student that has been moving her body for 54 years and retired from a profession of teaching teachers how to teach. Teresa is clearly the best yoga teacher I have ever had. Her knowledge of the body, generosity and ability to explain to each individual student allows everyone to reap the greatest benefit. She is constantly learning, open to suggestions and takes everyone seriously. Her offering is exemplary, she cares and it shows.” ~ Carole

“Every yoga session is unique-you bring to it the talents you have that particular day. Teresa enables you to realize which "you" you've brought to class and how to appreciate every moment you and you have together.  You will work incredibly hard and yet hardly grasp the intense workout you've been through. If you appreciate strength and grace, then Yoga with Teresa should be a welcome part of your week.” ~ Mary Vaananen, Horticulturist

“Every week when I would come to your class it helped me cultivate grace, peace and strength in my life and practice. You’ll notice the first letters of these three words create the acronym GPS. Your classes helped guide my heart to being open to all of life’s possibilities even in the darkest moments. Many times when I doubted my ability to make the right decision about something that was going on in my life, I would come to your class and you provided the compassion, guidance and love I needed to find my way. Thank you for teaching me to trust and love myself even in the moments when I feel lost and afraid!” ~ Hope, Executive Coach

“Initially trained as a psychotherapist, I have worked the last 7 years as a full-time mother to my two energetic children. Although deeply rewarding, this shift has been the most physically, mentally, and spiritually demanding time of my life. Having just had my first baby and having just moved across the country, I stepped on the mat of Teresa’s yoga class feeling vulnerable. She then ushered me through prenatal yoga to prepare for the birth of my second child. Her warmth, playfulness, and intuition united seamlessly over the years with her extensive knowledge of body mechanics, mythology, and meditation to co-create a strong and whole practice for me. Teresa has helped me to align with the highest expression of myself, thus allowing me to better connect to the world around me with gratitude, patience, and love.” ~ Kristina, mother of 2

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